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However, energy-powered vehicles couldn’t sustain long journeys, so the later improved version of these carriages, essentially an upgraded version of horse-drawn carriages, became popular.

Tamed high-speed mutant horses pulled sturdy carriages, making them very fast. When tired, the mutant horses could rest for a while before continuing to run.

Anyone with abilities would have their own high-speed mutant horse. Even if they couldn’t get a sturdy carriage, they could ride on the back of the mutant horse directly.

Of course, the safety level was not as high as that of a carriage, especially when surrounded by a horde of zombies.

Inside the carriage, a man and a woman sat facing each other.

The woman was very beautiful, even in the apocalypse she looked dazzling. Her hair was tied neatly behind her head, her complexion rosy, and she exuded a strong aura, with a fierce killing intent apparent in her gaze.

She was fundamentally different from those women who relied on men to survive.

Clearly, she was a capable and ruthless person.

At this moment, the woman was glaring fiercely at the chubby man in front of her.

“Lin Ran, you granny, can you stop glaring at me?” The chubby man wore a pained expression. “It’s not like I ordered that old man not to return to the fortress.”

Lin Ran, a high-level ice-type ability holder, was the deputy fortress lord of the First Fortress, with a very high status.

And everyone in the First Fortress knew that Lin Ran liked Ji Lingbai.

When Ji Lingbai didn’t return after going out, everyone wasn’t particularly worried, but this woman was extremely anxious.

Dragging him along, she ran out to find Ji Lingbai.

“I’m afraid he’s in danger. Why didn’t you agree to let me go with him at the time?” Lin Ran said discontentedly. “If I had gone with him, it would have been safer!”

Zhang Tao couldn’t help but sneer.

What good would it do to be safer? That old man clearly didn’t want to go out with you. Who in the fortress would dare to agree?

They could only persuade this granny by saying it would be more convenient for everyone if they all agreed on one person to go.

But thinking about it, Zhang Tao’s words were still sweet, “Oh, Granny Lin, Brother Ji will definitely be very happy to see you.”

Lin Ran pursed her lips, saying, “Whether he’s happy or not, I don’t care. I’m happy, and that’s all that matters.”

Actually, she was worried that Ji Lingbai would be attracted to other women outside.

After all, some women would stop at nothing to hook up with powerful men.

“Let those energy-powered horses run faster.” Lin Ran frowned.

Ji Lingbai didn’t know that the person coming from the fortress was the one he disliked the most.

At this moment, he was quietly sowing the seeds he brought back the previous night in a newly prepared patch of soil.

It was fortunate that the villa and the yard were both spacious; otherwise, it would have been a problem to find a place to plant them.

After sowing, he looked at the thick fog around him. The prediction from the rose was indeed accurate.

The visibility in this heavy fog was probably only around fifty meters.

Mutant animals relied much more on vision than ability holders did. This situation was indeed suitable for going out to capture large mutant animals.

And with the fighting force gathered around San Wu, capturing mid-level or even high-level mutants shouldn’t be a problem.

“Xiao Bai? Up so early.”

San Wu yawned as she walked out of the house, but when she saw the fog around, she smiled.

“Poor visibility.”

She had already made up her mind. She would let Luo Bo take the lead in searching for mutant animals. After receiving the message, she would directly command the Xiao San to attack.

After drinking fish soup the previous night, a flower had bloomed on Luo Bo’s head. Following Luo Bo’s intention, San Wu brewed tea with the flower and drank it. After that, Luo Bo could communicate like Kui Ku.

She even gave Luo Bo a name, simply calling it Xiao Luobo, to distinguish it from ordinary radishes.

“Kui Ku, you stay here to guard the house.” San Wu poured two ladles of water for Kui Ku. “I’ll stew fish soup for you when I come back.”

She walked over to the chicken coop, and sure enough, the hens and ducks were laying eggs like crazy.

In the nest she made the previous day, there were three chicken eggs and two duck eggs. The chicken eggs were as big as fists, and the duck eggs were even larger than the chicken eggs.

San Wu boiled the five eggs and distributed one to each, keeping one for herself.

“Egg! Egg!”

Xiao San was very clever and immediately ran up to her to beg for food.

There was no refrigerator, so they had to eat the food right away.

She had been thinking about digging a cellar, but she hadn’t gotten around to it yet.

Even though Xiao San was just a small zombie, children always looked more adorable whether they were human or zombies.

So San Wu stuffed the remaining chicken egg into her pocket. “Here, it’s your snack.”

Ji Lingbai received one of the larger duck eggs and was feeling quite satisfied.

He jumped onto San Wu’s shoulder, yawning lazily, and lazily rested his paw against her face.

“Ah!” Hug him!

This little guy seemed to have gained weight recently.

Hugging him made her feel somewhat comfortable.

San Wu took them out, deciding to bring a knife along after some thought. Even though she felt that holding Ji Lingbai would be safer than carrying a knife.

She adjusted Ji Lingbai’s position and said, “Xiao Bai, have you gained weight?”

“You’ve gained enough meat to use as my backup rations.”

Ji Lingbai instantly exploded with anger and was about to scratch San Wu’s face.

But he happened to touch San Wu while she was adjusting her posture.

He stepped directly on San Wu’s chest… When he realized where he had stepped, Ji Lingbai’s tail exploded, slapping San Wu’s wrist with a snap.

“This is more comfortable to hold.” She adjusted her posture, holding the little kitten in front of her chest. It wasn’t very warm that day, so holding him felt warm and cozy.

But Xiao Bai didn’t cooperate, struggling to climb onto her shoulder.

San Wu was unhappy and grabbed his tail, saying, “If you want to be held, then stay put. My shoulders hurt when you squat on them.”

The feeling from the tail made Ji Lingbai shiver all over. This woman didn’t understand what he meant!

You can’t hold me like this! The previous posture was better!

“Just hold like this! If not, then I won’t hold you. You can walk by yourself.”

San Wu pressed down on his back.

This little kitten seemed a bit shy and inexplicably restless. He buried his head in her arms, his ears drooping softly, his paws resting on his head, and his back stiff.

San Wu couldn’t help but think that this kitten’s temperament was really strange.

She hugged the kitten and walked slowly towards the direction of the thorn forest.

As they walked, Xiao San got hungry again. She took out the chicken egg from her pocket and cracked it open, some egg yolk spilling onto the ground. She didn’t care and continued following San Wu ahead.

About ten minutes later, a pale hand with blackened nails slowly picked up the egg yolk.

He held it in front of his nose, sniffed it, and then licked it with his tongue.

Afterwards, his cloudy white zombie eyes slowly widened, and his hands slowly cupped his stiff, expressionless face. He made a gesture that could be called ‘joyful’ without any expression.



Translator’s note:


San Wu: The kitten is just being dramatic!

Ji Lingbai (blushing): No! No shame!


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