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Chi You was a newcomer, and that was her weakness, but also her advantage.

He Xing had his plans.

Taking advantage of the break before shooting began, he took out his phone and said, “You two stand together; I’ll take a few pictures for Weibo.”

However, he felt it wasn’t appropriate and called for the male and female leads to join as well.

When Qin Yi and Song Yan came over, many people greeted them.

Although Chi You had limited interaction with them, she still greeted them politely.

Unlike before, when she greeted them like this, Qin Yi would respond with a slight acknowledgment.

The male and female leads naturally stood in the center. Chi You and Bao Yihong could only stand on the side. When a staff member adjusted their positions, Chi You unintentionally ended up standing next to Song Yan.

Chi You noticed Song Yan immediately shifted away, avoiding any slightest physical contact with her. Without reacting, she took a step back.

On the other side, Bao Yihong was already standing beside Qin Yi, grinning broadly and laughing. Qin Yi, on the other hand, suddenly turned her head to look at him.

Bao Yihong: “??”

Worried that he might have offended the senior, he immediately asked in a low voice, “What’s wrong, Senior Qin?”

Qin Yi, with a face that exuded nobility and elegance, and makeup that only her face could carry, raised her chin slightly. “Move to that side.”

Bao Yihong didn’t understand and, turning his head, immediately scurried over.

Beside Chi You and Song Yan, there was almost enough space for one more person. He Xing lowered his head to adjust the camera settings. When he looked up, he saw Chi You standing next to Qin Yi.

Without giving it much thought, he said, “Look at the camera! Look at the camera!”

Bao Yihong chuckled as he leaned towards Song Yan, wondering what Chi You had done to upset this guy.

After taking the pictures, they were about to prepare for makeup. Chi You followed behind Qin Yi, softly thanking her. Qin Yi didn’t show any expression, just cast a quick glance at her, then turned and left.

He Xing, who had some experience in photography, posted the pictures on Weibo.

Although he was just a director, he had quite a few fans on Weibo.

After the confirmation of the male and female leads for “Watching the Tides”, many fans from both sides also began to pay attention to him.

After he posted the pictures, almost immediately, people started liking and commenting.

[1L: I’ll take Senior Yi away from the front row!~]

[2L: Song Yan, can you smile in the pictures?! Who owes you money anyway?!]

[3L: Upstairs, mind your own business about the cool guy.]

[4L: Can’t handle it. Bao Yihong, your big grin compared to Song Yan is so obvious, hahaha!]

[9L: Am I the only one who noticed the beautiful lady next to Qin Yi? She’s so fair!]

[10L: Yeah, and standing next to Qin Yi, she wasn’t overshadowed. Is she the second female lead? @DirectorHe]

While getting his makeup done, Bao Yihong glanced at the comments, and as the makeup room was relatively quiet, he asked Chi You, “Earlier, Senior Qin asked me to switch places with you. Was she trying to outshine you, or did she notice something…?”

Bao Yihong didn’t explain clearly, but he gestured towards Chi You, winking suggestively.

Chi You suppressed a smile, but her eyelids couldn’t help but flutter twice.

Liu Manni was so angry that she wanted to slap Bao Yihong.

“Don’t tease her! If her makeup goes wrong later, Director He will scold you again!”

Bao Yihong wrinkled his nose. “Oh! Got it!”

Chi You’s faint smile faded, but she couldn’t help but think of Song Yan avoiding her like she was a snake.

She furrowed her brows slightly.

The pictures posted on Weibo were also shared on He Xing’s Moments.

Gu Jingxu happened to see them during a break.

He opened the post, and his gaze lingered on Chi You’s face without any change.

After a while, he remembered adding her but receiving no response in the chat.

He had tried to send a message, but every time he typed something, he recalled Chi You’s ambiguous expression.

Gu Jingxu pursed his lips and set his phone down, hands clasped as he gazed outside.

Assistant Wang stood beside him and couldn’t help but ask, “President Gu, do you have something on your mind these days?”

Gu Jingxu’s eyes were deep; he paused for a moment before responding, “Hmm.”

Assistant Wang didn’t expect him to actually answer and immediately inquired, “Then what is it? Maybe I can help you.”

The man’s gaze slightly lowered, a moment of confusion appearing on his stern face, “Lately, I’ve been wanting to see someone.”

Assistant Wang widened his eyes; he knew it; President Gu must have a situation!

“What kind of person is it?”

Gu Jingxu glanced at him.

Assistant Wang quickly amended, “Why do you want to see her? Maybe I can help you.”

Gu Jingxu withdrew his gaze, pondered slightly, “After seeing her, I always have a familiar feeling, as if a long time ago, facing another person….”

Assistant Wang was shocked.

He tried to understand the relationship between them.

“Could it be that you see this person as that person? So after seeing her… you have the same feeling?”

Gu Jingxu frowned, instinctively wanted to refute, but involuntarily thought of his childhood.

He pondered.


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