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The car fell into silence.

In the old and worn-out residential area, some streetlights were malfunctioning. The light beside the car flickered a few times, dimming significantly in an instant.

Gu Jingxu hadn’t expected his emotions to be so obvious. He felt like Chi You had seen through him, yet he also felt an inexplicable palpitation.

Chi You wasn’t looking at him anymore but hadn’t mentioned getting out of the car. Instead, she silently waited for him to speak.

His throat felt slightly dry, and he calmly said, “Never happened.”

Chi You turned her head, asking, “Hmm?”

“I’ve never interacted with other girls before.”

His voice was hoarse, but the tone was steady, sounding sincere.

Chi You raised an eyebrow, giving him a scrutinizing look.

The original novel didn’t make it clear, but because he could casually propose financial support to someone he barely knew, Chi You had always thought he had done this many times before.

It wasn’t until this moment that she took a slightly more serious look at the man in front of her.

Half of Gu Jingxu’s stern face was concealed in the shadows, his gaze dark. After uttering those words, he paused and said, “If I offended you, I apologize.”

The original story depicted a male lead as cold and aloof, lacking sentiment, yet here he was, sitting in a small space in the car, slightly lowering his eyes to apologize to her.

Chi You stared at his face for a while, then vaguely uttered, “Hmm.” She didn’t express whether she felt offended but leaned slightly towards him.

The outside streetlights made a buzzing sound, suddenly increasing in brightness at a certain moment. Gu Jingxu observed Chi You’s expression and saw the smile at the corner of her mouth.

Her mood visibly improved.

Gu Jingxu wasn’t even aware that he had subconsciously sighed in relief. Next, he heard Chi You’s gentle voice, “Mr. Gu, do you know what you should do next?”

This “Mr. Gu” was softer than any time before, making Gu Jingxu’s ears tingle. It took him several seconds to respond somewhat slowly, “What should I do?”

Chi You tilted her head. “You should ask for my contact information.”

At that moment, Gu Jingxu could be certain that Chi You was aware of his feelings towards her.

The girl didn’t say anything. With a faint smile on her face, she had already seen through his actions.

Looking at her slightly curved eyes and the mole at the corner, Gu Jingxu couldn’t help but wonder when she had found out.

Was it when he visited the set twice?

Or was it when he drove her to the Chi family?

Or perhaps right after she left, and he followed her.

Chi You didn’t show a different expression due to his silence. Her mood was even better than what she revealed. Thus, Gu Jingxu heard her continue, “Mr. Gu, if you don’t want to directly ask for my contact information, do you intend to go back and ask Director He?”

“Since you’re so capable, I’ll wait a bit longer—”


The girl’s delicate and fair wrist was subconsciously held by the man. Gu Jingxu’s movements were somewhat hurried, lacking control.

However, the smooth and cold skin in his palm made him regain his senses. He watched as her other hand was already on the door handle, seemingly about to get out of the car. She looked back at him with a teasing smile, leaving him somewhat perplexed.

This feeling was rare in his life, but he had experienced it twice that day.

If the current situation were more appropriate, Chi You might burst into laughter.

If, previously, Gu Jingxu’s attractiveness to her was ten points, now she suddenly found his personality quite interesting.

When Gu Jingxu didn’t let go of her wrist, she said, “Give me your phone.”

The phone, which hadn’t been unlocked for a long time, was handed over to Chi You after it was unlocked.

Gu Jingxu didn’t ask why and just complied with her request. Chi You input her number, let the phone ring, and then hang up.

“This is my contact information. My WeChat is the same.”

Chi You handed the phone back to him.

“Thank you for your company today.”

After a moment, she added, “Mr. Gu, bye.”

The girl closed the car door and walked away. Her graceful figure was beautiful, and her voice lingered in his mind. The car seemed to still carry the faint scent she brought, making him instinctively want to take a deep breath.

Gu Jingxu slowly withdrew his gaze, his expression silent. His long and narrow black eyes fell on the phone that the girl had held.

Chi You closed the door, turned on the light, and a notification sound echoed in the quiet rented room.

[Friend request from x.]

Early the next morning, both Chi You and Bao Yihong arrived at the filming set at the same time.

There were already quite a few people on the set at this hour. Bao Yihong rushed over when he saw her.

“Chi You, did you see that our crew trended on hot searches last night!”

Chi You asked, “What happened?”

Bao Yihong handed his backpack to the assistant and reminisced, “It seems like Senior Qin posted pictures from the set last night, and then we trended on hot searches.”

He Xing came from behind, giving his shoulder a not-so-light pat and said, “If you have that much time, why not think more about your scenes? Try not to NG in your next scene with Chi You!”

(NG m. = No good: It’s a term commonly used in the film and television industry to indicate that a particular shot or sequence did not meet the desired standards and needs to be redone.)

Bao Yihong, scolded early in the morning, pouted unhappily, then remembered something else. “Director He, Chi You still doesn’t have a Weibo account. When should she register?”

Chi You was a newcomer, and although the cast had been announced, fans were still unaware of who would portray Song Anying.

He Xing shook his head, saying, “There is no rush.”

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