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The car smoothly traveled on the road, and it was very quiet inside. Despite the early morning heat, the air conditioning was on, making the temperature a bit chilly. Chi You wrapped herself in a small blanket, sitting in the back seat.

She raised her hand to stifle a yawn silently. Due to having to work that day, Gu Jingxu didn’t go too far the previous night. He didn’t overdo things, considering she needed to rest for the upcoming workday.

Yang Qirou sat beside her, noticing her small movements. She pondered whether she should say something.

Having returned from maternity leave, Yang Qirou found herself assigned a new artist due to the extended absence of her previous talents. Although she wasn’t known for being harsh, her meticulous approach made many artists cautious around her.

Not sure about the appropriate approach to the artist under special care, Yang Qirou observed Chi You’s actions. Soon, Chi You, feeling extremely tired, leaned on Yang Qirou’s shoulder, wrapping herself tighter in the small blanket.

Yang Qirou, moved by her exhaustion, thought about her own baby at home and couldn’t resist gently patting Chi You’s hand.

“You can sleep for ten minutes. I’ll wake you up when we arrive,” Yang Qirou suggested.

Chi You, almost asleep, softly responded, “Okay.”

After about ten minutes, they arrived at the filming location. In this short time, Chi You had fallen into a deep sleep. Yang Qirou, observing Chi You’s exhausted state, couldn’t help but wonder what she had been doing the previous night. She paused, suddenly realizing it wasn’t her business.

A surprised voice broke the silence. It was He Xing, who had worked with some artists Yang Qirou previously managed. Seeing Chi You and Yang Qirou together, He Xing expressed his surprise, “Are you her manager?”

Yang Qirou maintained a professional smile and replied, “Yes, Miss Chi is now with our Gu Group.”

He Xing’s surprise didn’t diminish; he smiled and said, “Artists under Boss Gu’s management are indeed good.”

During this time, He Xing and Chi You had become acquainted. After chatting for a short while, he urged her to go for makeup and change clothes.

Due to taking leave the previous day, Chi You had more scenes to film that day. Upon reaching the dressing room, she discovered that there was an early morning scene for the male and female leads.

As a renowned makeup artist in the industry, Liu Manni had crossed paths with Yang Qirou. Seeing that Gu Group had assigned her to look after Chi You, Liu Manni was surprised and exclaimed, “It seems Gu Group really wants to promote you.”

Chi You allowed Liu Manni to apply makeup to her face using small brushes. Her role’s makeup requirements were high, so Chi You came to the set with a bare face every day, allowing Liu Manni to work more effectively.

Standing behind her, Yang Qirou, holding the script for “Watching the Tides”, replied with a teasing smile, “Gu Group wants to promote every artist they sign.”

However, Chi You was somewhat special as she was personally signed by Mr. Gu himself.

After a while, the dressing room became busier. They shifted the conversation to other topics, chatting for a while. After finishing makeup and changing into the costume, Chi You’s stunning beauty couldn’t be concealed, even in Yang Qirou’s eyes.

Chi You was truly beautiful.

Although Chi You had submitted her information beforehand, Yang Qirou remained skeptical about the two-inch ID photo. Many artists in the industry had attractive ID photos, but without seeing the person in real life, it was challenging to fully believe in their beauty.

Seeing Chi You in person that morning was truly impactful for Yang Qirou.

With a simple and natural face, her long eyelashes appeared as if she were born with eyeliner. Her skin tone was excellent, fair and even, and her beautiful expressive eyes were enhanced by a distinctive beauty mark under them.

She looked fragile in just the right way, adding a touch of vulnerability to her appearance. After the makeup was applied, this fragility seamlessly blended with her otherwise cold and aloof demeanor.

Even upon arriving at the shooting location, Yang Qirou couldn’t help but look at Chi You’s face.

Having become accustomed to such scrutiny, Chi You didn’t feel offended. However, she couldn’t resist asking, “Are you satisfied with my makeup?”

She thought Yang Qirou was checking if her makeup adhered to the character and persona.

Yang Qirou was more than satisfied. she felt that she was like the character she had seen in the script, coming to life.

“Every artist signed by Gu Group is meant to be promoted,” she replied with a smile.

Chi You thought about this statement for a moment, hesitated, and then nodded.

Only after some time did they notice the ongoing filming not far away. Yang Qirou observed the male and female leads, and after a brief pause, she softly advised, “I’ve had some interaction with Senior Qin Yi before. She has a quirky temper and is infamous for her bad mood in the industry. Have you had any contact with her recently?”


Chi You pondered for a moment and hesitantly shook her head.

Yang Qirou reassured her, “As long as you don’t have to interact with her, it’s better.”

After a pause, Yang Qirou noticed Song Yan not far away. Despite being expressionless most of the time, he seemed particularly focused when acting. After a moment of contemplation, Yang Qirou said, “It seems that there haven’t been any rumors about Song Yan. He should be a bit easier to get along with.”

Chi You’s gaze finally shifts to Song Yan, and she raises her eyebrows slightly, recalling his avoidance of her.

The scene over there had already been filmed, and He Xing shouted for Song Anying to prepare. Chi You lowered her head, lifted her skirt, and was about to walk over when suddenly, not far away, there was a burst of exclamations accompanied by panicked shouts.

Chi You looked up and saw many crew members rushing over. The central area was surrounded, making it unclear, but faintly, she heard someone shouting “Senior Qin” in panic.

Qin Yi, who had just finished shooting, stumbled and fell accidentally.

Chi You frowned, and everyone held their breath. Concerned voices occasionally came through, but after a while, a sigh of relief was heard, as if there was no serious injury.


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