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The female lead getting injured during filming was never a good thing, especially when it was Qin Yi. The crew members were all quite fearful.

Chi You stood on the side, looking in that direction. The frown on her face did not ease.

Seeing that the people who had just crowded around were dispersing, and Qin Yi was being assisted to the resting room by her assistant, He Xing arranged for someone to call a doctor for an examination. It seemed they would have to wait a while before resuming filming.

Although this area was a bit cool, it was still hot. Yang Qirou turned her head, intending to ask Chi You to go back and rest to conserve energy. However, when she turned her head, she realized that the person behind her had disappeared at some point.

Qin Yi was assisted into the resting room.

She had fallen quite heavily just now, her clothes stained with mud, and her leg grazed. Every part of her body felt uncomfortable.

After sitting down, she wore a cold expression, not uttering a word. The little assistant beside her nervously asked if she needed water.

Seeing the assistant’s anxious appearance annoyed Qin Yi. She frowned but remained silent.

Late the previous night, she became a hot topic again on social media. Someone exposed a female celebrity who used foul language on the set, and netizens immediately associated it with her. Qin Yi had been dealing with public relations until the early hours of the morning. However, she had an early morning shoot, so her complexion visibly suffered.

The assistant noticed her stern expression and dared not speak up. She retreated, wishing she could stick herself to the corner of the wall.

Although Qin Yi had a bad temper and was prone to outbursts, she had never mistreated the people around her. She couldn’t understand why these people were so afraid of her. As for those netizens online, she didn’t know what they were saying. Weren’t these people around her aware of the truth?!

Fuming with anger, the door of the resting room was suddenly knocked.

Qin Yi coldly said, “Come in.”

The next moment, the door was pushed open, and Chi You, who had already done her makeup and changed her clothes, stood outside with Senior Qin’s assistant. She blinked and gestured towards Qin Yi with the ice pack in her hand, speaking very obediently, “Senior Qin, shall I help you apply some ice?”



The resting room was well-air-conditioned, and miraculously, Qin Yi’s low pressure seemed to dissipate a bit.

Watching the girl who walked in and sat beside her, Qin Yizhi, with slightly narrowed eyes, asked, “Isn’t it your scene the next one?”

Chi You lowered her eyes, responding while gently holding her fingertips, “Director He is finding a doctor for you. The next scene will start a bit later.”

Seeing her taking the initiative to hold her hand, Qin Yi was momentarily stunned, only vaguely sensing the pain in her wrist.

During her fall just now, she had used her hand to support herself, unexpectedly resulting in a sprain.

Qin Yizhi half-raised her eyes, feeling the cold tingling sensation on her wrist.

She hadn’t noticed it herself, and her assistant beside her hadn’t either. However, Chi You actually…

The resting room remained quiet. Chi You’s long eyelashes flickered a few times. Qin Yi, expressionless, stared at her for a moment before instructing her assistant, “You go out first.”

The assistant almost hesitated, immediately saying, “Okay.”

She left, closing the door behind her. Qin Yizhi’s gaze returned to Chi You’s face.

She was quite satisfied with Chi You’s appearance. She had appreciated it at first sight, and now she felt even more pleased.

“What do you want to gain from me?” Her voice was cold, gently reaching Chi You’s ears.

Holding the ice pack, Chi You paused slightly at her words. She half-lifted her eyes, looked at Qin Yi’s cold and delicate face, and suddenly smiled, “Can’t Senior Qin tell? I really want to establish a good relationship with you.”

The girl’s voice was soft, carrying a hint of a smile. The tingling sensation in her wrist had already subsided. The ice was cold, and when applied to the skin, it seemed to calm one’s emotions.

If it were someone else saying such things to Qin Yi, she would have immediately retorted, making the other person realize that not everyone is worthy of establishing a good relationship with her.

However, at this moment, under the gaze of Chi You’s smiling eyes, she awkwardly pursed her lips, raised her chin, and remained silent.



It was almost noon when they finished shooting one scene.Yang Qiruo went to negotiate the afternoon scenes with He Xing, while Chi You went to get some water by herself. However, she accidentally bumped into someone’s hand.

Before Chi You could react, the person beside her recoiled as if avoiding a snake or scorpion.

Seeing this reaction, Chi You didn’t need to lift her head to know who it was.

Feeling amused, she raised her head and smiled at Song Yan without much meaning, picked up the water, and turned away, ignoring him.

Song Yan’s arm stiffened, and he looked at Chi You’s back with some unease. He pursed his lips and took the water, then turned and went in another direction.

Bao Yihong also witnessed the scene. After Chi You approached, he couldn’t help but come closer and whispered, “What did you do to him? He hasn’t had a good expression towards you from the beginning.”

Chi You unscrewed the bottle of iced water and took a sip, then she shook her head, saying, “I don’t know either. It’s the first time we’ve met.”

Bao Yihong became even more puzzled. He scratched his head, saying, “It’s really strange.”

If someone like Qin Yizhi attacked everyone indiscriminately with the same attitude, he wouldn’t find it strange. However, Song Yan usually had a colder expression, but his attitude wasn’t that bad.

Just like Qin Yi who rarely showed a good expression to Chi You, Song Yan seemed to treat her the same way.

Bao Yihong couldn’t figure it out, so he stopped thinking about it. He lightly patted Chi You’s shoulder and said, “It’s okay. When I first debuted, I was also isolated by seniors in the crew. Our crew is considered good. In some crews, if the lead actor takes the lead, others won’t even acknowledge you.”


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