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Ruan Qiu had cleared the tasks.

For nearly ten years, she had been involved in  the world of Infinite Flow. She had been forced to fight monsters and ghosts. Every day, she was either running for her life or preparing for it. She had missed death countless times. She had met people who wanted to hold her back and even received help from good-hearted people.

And at this moment, she had finally transmigrated.

Ruan Qiu opened the door in front of her without hesitation, ready to welcome her new life.

The next second, her eyes turned black.

“Ruan Qiu, I warn you, stop pretending to be a virtuous woman!”

“As long as you are willing to have a drink with Mr. Wang, Mr. Wang will promise to help you clarify those black materials and clean them!”

“Don’t be ignorant, I’m your agent, will I still harm you?”

The chunky man was sweating, staring viciously at the girl in front of him, trying to convince her to seize the opportunity to please President Wang.

The girl in front of him was pale at this time. She lowered her head slightly in fear, not daring to look at him.

Yang Cheng knew that Ruan Qiu’s appearance could be called amazing even in the entertainment circle with countless beauties, but such a girl with a beautiful face was a timid but rotten good girl.

It was unknown which big guy she had offended. In the past six months, the black material had hit her one after another, forcibly turning her from a barely third-tier actress to an18th-tier one. Now the only heat was from black material.

Yang Cheng became angrier the more he spoke, and he reached out his hand to force Ruan Qiu into the private room, “This is your last chance, follow me…”


Yang Cheng staggered two steps, looked at his red arm, and looked at Ruan Qiu in disbelief and shouted, “You dare to hit me?!”

Ruan Qiu silently retracted her hand and said sincerely, “I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were so weak.”

If it was a monster in  the world of Infinite Flow, it wouldn’t lose blood if she beat it like this.

Yang Cheng: ?

Ruan Qiu didn’t notice the twisted look on Yang Cheng’s face, she was a little dizzy now.

As soon as she transmigrated, the system filled her mind with the plot. Before she could sort it out, the man reached out and pulled her, so she subconsciously hit the other person’s arm. If she hadn’t remembered that she had come out of  the world of Infinite Flow, Ruan Qiu would have knocked out the man who threatened her to prevent him from attacking her again.

Yang Cheng, who didn’t know he had escaped a disaster, began to curse. His words went in Ruan Qiu’s left ear and out from the other, and she began to sort out the plot.

The new world she transmigrated to was a love story in the entertainment circle. She was now an actress full of black material, and she was the third female supporting character. She would be pulled by her agent Yang Cheng to toast the gold master. After being taken advantage of by the sponsor, she finally got rid of a part of the black materials and successfully participated in a popular love variety show, which was the main variety show in the book.

According to the plot, she originally wanted to be a heartthrob in the variety show, but she was too low-minded, so she could only be a low-end Sea King, and then she was slapped in the face by the straightforward and lovely female lead. She failed miserably in the love Shura field and was rejected by all the guests, making her unable to walk in the entertainment industry.

(Tl note: “Sea King” is a Chinese internet slang for unfaithful partners and their manipulative tactics.) 

The previous cooperative brands had requested to terminate the contract. She lost a lot of money because of that, which had caused a negative impact on the company and lost a lot of money, violating the original contract. In the end, she was forced by the company’s huge liquidated damages and black fans to commit suicide by jumping off the building.

Ruan Qiu: ?

She watched the plot again and was sure that her final ending was suicide.

The Infinite Flow system really was not good-hearted, and did not want her to live safely!

Seeing Ruan Qiu standing motionless and being scolded obediently, Yang Cheng thought she had learned to be obedient, softened his tone, and said to her with a threat, “You know how complicated this circle is, how can you get ahead without a little help? It’s just a toast, you can get a lot of benefits from it. But if you don’t go, you won’t be able to mix in the entertainment industry!”

“Then don’t mix,” Ruan Qiu said.

“Just figure it out… What? You don’t want to?!” Yang Cheng’s tone suddenly rose, staring at Ruan Qiu and shouting, “Do you dare to say it again?”

Ruan Qiu then repeated, “I said, I want to quit the circle.”

Just now, she habitually followed the rules of  the world of Infinite Flow and carefully confirmed the triggering conditions for death. The major plot was to participate in the love variety show. That was the main storyline. As long as she avoided it, the ending of death could basically be avoided. The small plot was that the original owner couldn’t recognize her own female matching position, so she had to grab a man with the female lead. She had no money to pay the liquidated damages, borrowed money and hit a dead end; got insulted, followed, and attacked by black fans.……

The last straw that crushed her was the video of her toasting to the golden master.

She had a bad reputation, and she became so stinky that even the last few fans left. She walked up the tall building in despair and jumped down.

Ruan Qiu was sure that with her strong psychological quality, it was absolutely impossible to jump off the building, but in order to ensure her own safety to the greatest extent, she decided to avoid these plots.

Therefore, she quit the circle directly, which meant that she didn’t need to participate in the love competition, and did not go to toast, and the risk of death would be greatly reduced.

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