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Ruan Qiu made up her mind to live well, so she cherished this hard-won opportunity to be reborn, and her attitude was very firm, “Anyway, my contract period is only a few months, and I will not renew it.”

Yang Cheng glared at her, unable to believe that Ruan Qiu, who was usually submissive, would actually say such a thing.

“If there is nothing more, I’ll leave first,” Ruan Qiu said, then turned and left.

Yang Cheng still stared at her, until Ruan Qiu’s figure was about to disappear at the end of the corridor, and then he used all his strength to shout, “You will regret it!”

After shouting these words, Yang Cheng had a gloomy face, turned and walked toward the exit of the corridor opposite to Ruan Qiu.

When Ruan Qiu heard Yang Cheng’s words, she ran away from him without looking back.

She would never regret it because nothing was more important than being alive.

Ruan Qiu’s footsteps were so soft that they were barely audible. This was a skill she had honed in  the world of Infinite Flow, and she could avoid monsters.

So when she came to the corner, the person leaning against the wall obviously failed to react.

In fact, with the amazing perception ability that Ruan Qiu had also practiced in  the world of Infinite Flow, not long after she transmigrated, she noticed that someone had stopped not far away.

This was a luxurious restaurant. The place where she talked to Yang Cheng just now was the observation deck behind the private room. The person probably wanted to come to see the scenery and just bumped into them.

Although she didn’t know why the other party didn’t leave, but chose to stay where they were and listen to their conversation, Ruan Qiu didn’t feel that the other party would pose any threat to her, so she continued to walk forward without looking sideways.

Xue Wu was stunned for a moment.

He thought the agent was too annoying just now, so he went out of the private room to come over to breathe, but he didn’t expect to hit the unspoken scene.

He originally wanted to leave, but he didn’t want to go back to face the agent’s nagging, so he simply leaned against the wall, preparing to go over by himself when they all left.

Hearing that the girl said that she was going to quit the circle, Xue Wu raised his head and smiled silently.

He had seen too many people who said that they wanted to quit the circle, but they couldn’t give up the money and fame in the entertainment industry. The arm was not a match for the thigh, even if the girl really wanted to leave, her company would definitely hit her hard before the contract ends, asking her to participate in some programs that were completely insulting, or to pave the way for the younger generation.

(Tl note: The arm is not a match for the thigh; the weak can’t match the strong.)

Could she bear it?

Xue Wu was thinking, when a person suddenly appeared in front of him. He glanced at the other party subconsciously, and was stunned for a second, inexplicably feeling that she was familiar, as if he had seen her somewhere.

But what did that have to do with him?

Xue Wu lowered his eyes and took a step forward, passing by her.

But he forgot that he hadn’t eaten for almost two days. He got up too quickly just now, and the symptoms of hypoglycemia suddenly occurred. As soon as his eyes darkened, he was about to fall forward.

A pair of hands held him firmly.

After leaving and returning, Ruan Qiu helped the person up, and then said to him with a complicated expression, “Young man, your body is so weak, it’s strange…”

She habitually wanted to say “you can’t run away when the monsters come”, but she quickly realized that she was no longer in  the world of Infinite Flow, so she silently swallowed the second half of the sentence and let go of the other party’s arm.

Because he became famous at a young age, Xue Wu, who had long been a top actor, was called “weak” in person for the first time, and the other party obviously did not recognize who he was. He suddenly wanted to laugh a little, and for the first time seriously took off the mask of disguise in front of a stranger, and said his thoughts in a joking tone, “Thank you for helping me, but I don’t want to live anymore.”

After saying that, he saw that the girl on the opposite side looked like a cat with blown fur, and her originally glamorous face showed something completely inconsistent with her style, like an old mother looking at her son, “Why don’t you want to live? Don’t say such depressing words!”

Ruan Qiu looked up and down at the person in front of her. Xue Wu was inexplicably nervous when he saw her serious eyes, and then he heard her say, “Pale face, cold arms, bloodshot eyes… You are sick.”

Xue Wu couldn’t help defending, “My face is pale because I haven’t eaten and my blood sugar is low, my arms are cold because I turned on the air conditioner just now, and my eyes are red because I stayed up late last night. I’m not sick and I’m healthy.”

After Xue Wu finished speaking, he felt that something was not right.

Why did he talk so much to a stranger? The other party was still in the circle.

However, Ruan Qiu’s eyes narrowed, “You didn’t eat, is it because of lack of appetite and you don’t want to eat human food?”

Xue Wu’s body tensed for a moment.

Although the term “human food” was a bit strange, he could still understand the meaning of the other party’s words——

This girl was asking him if he was anorexic.

There were only two people who knew that he had anorexia, himself, and his manager, not even the assistant who had been with him for several years.

So, from where did this girl in front of him get the news?

Having been in the entertainment industry for so many years, Xue Wu had also experienced a lot of things like being drugged, betrayed, and smeared. Although they failed, Xue Wu never let go of his vigilance.

He had said enough, no matter whether the person in front of him was saying that intentionally or not, he was not ready to accompany her anymore.

Xue Wu’s expression turned cold, and he was about to lift his feet to leave when he heard the person on the opposite side say to him seriously, “I suspect that you are infected with the zombie virus.”

Xue Wu: “…”

Xue Wu: “Huh?”


Xue Wu felt that the person in front of him was not normal.

Ruan Qiu also felt that the person in front of her was not normal.

Xue Wu was thinking, “Is this a new type of threat routine?”

But looking at the other person’s very serious eyes, Xue Wu was in trance, feeling that he might have been infected with the virus.

So why was he being led astray by her?

Seeing that the man opposite was silent, as if admitting her guess, Ruan Qiu took a deep breath and quietly took a half step back.

She knew that the Infinite Flow system didn’t want her to feel better.

Although the Infinite Flow system promised to send her to a world free from zombies to live the rest of her life, this system often concealed important information in the past and prevented her from passing through customs. Who knew if there was any potential danger in this world now that it wasn’t mentioned by it?

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