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In the plot of the original book, it was another veteran actor who came to participate in this variety show, not the current top actor Xue Wu.

It stood to reason that Xue Wu did not need to participate in this variety show to gain popularity, and he did not like the rewards given by the show team. Although Ruan Qiu didn’t know why Xue Wu came, it did not prevent her from being happy.

Because of the arrival of Xue Wu, the plot of the original book would inevitably be shifted, and the risk of death would be greatly reduced!

And Xue Wu hadn’t turned into a zombie for so long, so he could definitely live well.

Seeing that Ruan Qiu was not nervous, and was still a little happy, Sister Lin didn’t want to ruin her good mood, and silently swallowed the rest of the words.

Among the six guests in this variety show, Ruan Qiu had the lowest popularity and the most black material, and was likely to be embarrassed by the show team and deliberately would use her to create a hit for the show.

The only thing that could comfort Sister Lin was the camera. Since it was a live broadcast, there would be no problem of editing, and each guest had their own split screen, so she didn’t have to worry that Ruan Qiu had no camera at all.

They had arrived at the variety show recording site, and Ruan Qiu finally waved goodbye to Sister Lin and left with the show crew.

The cameraman followed Ruan Qiu, almost slamming the camera into her face, but he just couldn’t find any flaws.

Ruan Qiu was the first to arrive at the scene. As soon as her split screen was turned on, a large number of people poured in. Many people wanted to quit when they saw her, but they were attracted by her beauty and suddenly stopped.

[Ruan Qiu is so beautiful, isn’t she? There are no pores in such a close shot.]

[The skin is so good, and the eyelashes are so long,no, I can’t help it, beauty Stickers!]

[No, no, you don’t know that she’s a mistress, do you? Does she deserve to be called a beauty?]

[One thing to say, Ruan Qiu is really good-looking. I don’t quite understand why she has to be a mistress. To put it bluntly, there are more unmarried people who are richer than Prince Qin. She really doesn’t need to seduce others.]

[Don’t try to clean her reputation. Ruan Qiu has been hammered a long time ago. If you don’t believe it, go and see it.]

Seeing that Ruan Qiu alone brought so much traffic, the chief director nodded with satisfaction, feeling that he really did not choose the wrong person.

The second person to arrive was Bai Jinyao. She was a popular little flower. The TV series she starred in was currently being broadcast. As soon as she appeared on the camera, her fans immediately occupied the screen.

[Yaoyao stickers! Work hard baby!]

[Looking forward to Yaoyao’s new variety show, my baby must choose a good “boyfriend”!]

[I think Emperor Xue is very good, I can finally eat your CP in an open and honest way!]

Although she couldn’t see the content of the barrage, Bai Jinyao took the initiative to raise a smile and greeted the camera and the audience: “Hello everyone, I’m here to participate in the variety show!”

The people suddenly became excited- 

[Yaoyao, look behind you, Emperor Xue is behind you!]

Xue Wu also saw Bai Jinyao standing in front of him. He wanted to take a detour, but the other party had already turned around and shouted in surprise, “Senior Xue!”

Xue Wu habitually put on a fake smile and nodded to her, “Hello.”

During their journey into the manor, Xue Wu endured the irritability and kept smiling politely, occasionally saying “um” to perfunctory Bai Jinyao. The smile slowly disappeared.

He and Lin Hong had already agreed that they would only participate in one episode of the show, but now he suddenly felt that he might not be able to hold on to even one episode. Lin Hong said that falling in love could heal people’s hearts, but he didn’t believe that anyone could cure his disease at all.

Since the mobile phones of the guests had been handed in and the barrage was not visible, Xue Wu didn’t know that during the journey he and Bai Jinyao walked together, their CP fans were already happy as if they were going to celebrate the New Year.

[He is smiling while she is talking. Woo woo, they are so sweet.]

[I take back what I said before, this show is really fragrant.]

[Has no one noticed that Emperor Xue is actually very irritable? He has been rubbing his index finger knuckles with his thumb.]

[Emperor Xue said that he likes to walk quietly. Bai Jinyao is too noisy, and she doesn’t look like a junior at all.]

[Although it is said that this show is for everyone to eat CP, it is not necessary. She is talking too much, so he is annoyed and wants to hide.]

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