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After reading the rules, netizens understood.

——The director is telling us plainly that these stars are not there to fall in love, they are there for business!

Facing online comments like “It’s better to just film directly”, “Is this worthy of being called a love variety show?”, “The dog show group doesn’t understand love at all”, “I won’t watch this rubbish” and other remarks, the chief director was not affected. Looking at the increasing popularity, he smiled slightly, and felt a little smug in his heart, knowing that these people would say that it was “really fragrant” soon.

What was wrong with doing it for business? He wanted to let the audience know that the couples were fake. After the show, if these “couples” were a good match, they could shake the world to death. Once they were untied, it had nothing to do with them. The audience and fans just needed CP to eat dog food, the stars just needed to do business to make money, the program team only needed to gain popularity and praise, and the world where no one could get hurt would be complete.

Who said he didn’t understand love?

The chief director consciously grasped the true meaning of love, turned his head and said to the assistant director, “Add the suspense elements we prepared earlier to give them a suspension bridge effect. [Note 1] When the hero saved the beauty, her heart beat rapidly. Has it come out yet, who dares to say it’s not sweet?”

Looking at the chief director who made his debut in thriller films, the assistant director fell silent.

Are you sure that what you think is sweet is the same as what the public thinks is sweet?

On the day of the variety show recording, the chief director asked the show crew to turn on the live camera early, and a luxurious medieval-style manor appeared in the lens. The rapidly scrolling barrage was stunned for a moment, and then densely covered the screen.

Fans cheering on their idols were still working hard to swipe the screen, and passers-by expressed that they were surprised by the generosity of the show team. But the harmonious situation did not last long, and a large barrage of “Ruan Qiu Get Out of the Entertainment Circle” suddenly appeared on the screen. The passers-by were too frightened by their fierce language to speak, and quietly began to eat melons.

The chief director said that it was the first time he had seen an actress who was so miserable, and the barrage was full of scolding, and even some people who didn’t know her before began to hate her. Didn’t she have fans to support her?

Ruan Qiu, who was at the center of public opinion, was still on her way.

She also saw that there were suddenly more comments scolding her on the Internet, which was more serious than she thought. Being attacked by black fans was also one of the reasons for triggering death. After thinking for a minute, Ruan Qiu chose a Weibo that scolded her with the most likes, and then forwarded it with the text: “It’s all fake.”

The black fans were accustomed to Ruan Qiu’s silence for the past six months, and they were all stunned for a while, and then frantically rushed to Ruan Qiu’s new Weibo, starting a new round of abuse.

Ruan Qiu: …It seems to have had a counterproductive effect?

Sister Lin next to her frowned fiercely. After getting along for half a month, she was absolutely sure that Ruan Qiu was definitely not the kind of person mentioned in the black materials.

Unlike the incompetent Yang Cheng, Sister Lin had figurd out the person behind Ruan Qiu’s rumors- Cheng Tianya, a popular first-line actress now.

Sister Lin’s time in the industry was not short, and she also knew how popular Cheng Tianya was. Cheng Tianya got married to the Qin family’s prince as soon as she debuted. The other party did not want her to marry someone else, and the two were indeed in love. In addition, Cheng Tianya’s appearance and acting skills were not bad. She was able to catch the resources that the Qin family’s crown prince gave her, and she became popular very quickly.

The beginning of Cheng Tianya’s grievance was when Ruan Qiu accidentally picked up the room card dropped by the Qin family’s prince. When she returned it to the other party, she was photographed by the paparazzi, and a “third party” hat was quickly buttoned on her head.

Although Ruan Qiu had already clarified, the Qin family’s prince obviously thought that a little star was not worthy of his attention, and did not respond. At that time, Cheng Tianya faced the reporter’s question, smiled gracefully and said, “I believe my husband, this kind of low-level temptation is useless to him.” 

In addition, the hotel suddenly said that the surveillance had been deleted, and Ruan Qiu’s identity as a third party was firmly placed on her.

A popular first-line backed by capital, a reluctant third-line without any background, fools knew who they should not offend. So there were more people hating Ruan Qiu, and anyone could step on her, while Cheng Tianya was hugged by fans and passersby.

When Sister Lin thought about that, she got angry. The prince of the Qin family really treated himself as a prince. How hard was it to open his mouth? The hotel surveillance was deleted so coincidentally? Cheng Tianya knew the truth by looking at two more photos taken by the paparazzi. She deliberately ruined Ruan Qiu’s reputation!

Sister Lin patted Ruan Qiu on the shoulder lightly and told her seriously, “Ruan Ruan, I will definitely find a way to clear your reputation before you quit the circle.”

Ruan Qiu blinked, “Thank you, Sister Lin.”

Sister Lin smiled and touched Ruan Qiu’s head. She felt that Ruan Qiu was much prettier than Cheng Tianya. Thinking of what kind of blood would be caused by one of the participants, Sister Lin’s smile faded a little, and she said to Ruan Qiu worriedly, “Ruan Ruan, among the guests invited for this show, there is Cheng Tianya’s friend Bai Jinyao, she may embarrass you, you must be careful.”

Ruan Qiu blinked again, “Okay.”

Bai Jinyao was the female lead of this world.

Ruan Qiu had already read the list of the guests, and there was only one difference from the plot given by the system.

Xue Wu also came.


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