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The darkened fans on the barrage seized the opportunity and started to work again.

[Hehe, you are definitely the first to die.]

[Die early and be eliminated as soon as possible. No one wants to see you participate in the variety show at all. You will be an insult to the CP team.]

[? I don’t know which death the black fan upstairs is talking about.]

[Can’t the black fans stop? You are talking viciously.]

The staff handed Ruan Qiu the maid outfit she was going to wear next in this episode and motioned her to go upstairs and put it on in her room.

At this time, Ruan Qiu officially entered the residence.

The staff led the way in front, Ruan Qiu followed the other party into the house, and looked at the internal structure again. The first floor was the living room, and the dining room was located in two different areas. The kitchen was at the back, and the flower room was on the left. The second floor was a variety of rooms specially prepared for guests, and the third floor was the room of the owner of the manor.

Because Ruan Qiu was the exclusive maid of the owner of the manor, her room was not arranged on the wet first floor, but had a small room of her own on the third floor.

The audience also followed the cameraman’s camera to tour the interior of the house, and praised the generosity of the program team.

Ruan Qiu entered her room with the maid’s clothes, but the cameraman didn’t follow up because there were two cameras in the room. Ruan Qiu glanced at the location of the cameras, then turned to observe the furnishings of the small room. There was only a small bed, a small table and a wardrobe in the room, there was not even a spare chair. It was very shabby, which formed a sharp contrast with the luxurious decoration inside the manor.

The black fans attacked Ruan Qiu again, saying that she was only worthy of that kind of room, and everyone else was annoyed by the black fans. It happened that Bai Jinyao and Xue Wu opened the split screen again, so everyone left Ruan Qiu’s live split screen to see the top actor and the popular flower.

After Ruan Qiu finished observing the room, she turned around and opened the bathroom door. According to the regulations, no camera would be installed in a private place like the bathroom, but Ruan Qiu was used to being cautious, so she checked it again and changed her clothes after confirming that it was safe.

While changing clothes, Ruan Qiu’s brain was not idle, and she sorted out the identities of the other people who participated in the variety show in the plot of the original book this time.

If Xue Wu who replaced the veteran actor obtained the identity of the owner of the manor, then the identities of others should not change.

According to this line of thinking, the female lead Bai Jinyao would still be an aristocratic lady, the distant cousin of the owner of the manor.

Another female guest was called Qi Yingying, a female singer with a somewhat arrogant personality. She was good at singing, especially good at high notes. The album account she released had become popular. Her status was no lower than Bai Jinyao’s. In this episode of the show, her identity was the banquet performer invited by the manor’s owner. She was given that role by the staff behind the scenes.

In addition to Xue Wu, there were also two male guests, one was a facade member of a popular idol group, who was exquisite in appearance and was also the main dancer. He had a large number of fans. He was called Ye Xingyu and had an easy-going personality. He was the housekeeper.

The last male guest was a rap singer named Jiang Yan. He was a bit naive. He used to have a band, but he went solo and signed with the current agency. Because he didn’t have many fans, his identity in the manor was only a little better than Ruan Qiu. He was a cook.

Because the plot given by the system to Ruan Qiu was in text version, and only from the perspective of the female partner, the original owner was eliminated very early, so Ruan Qiu didn’t know who the murderer in this show was, but only knew that she was eliminated in her sleep.

Ruan Qiu frowned in distress. She hadn’t slept once in the world of the Infinite Flow. After she came to this world, she finally slept well for half a month, but now she was forced to stay awake to prevent someone from harming her during her sleep.

After changing clothes, Ruan Qiu reached out and patted the edge of the maid’s skirt and walked out of the bathroom.

The moment she raised her head, the scrolling barrage stopped instantly.

Ruan Qiu in the shot was wearing a black base, a white apron, and a maid outfit with complicated lace trims. Even if the skirt was ankle-length and the neckline was close to the neck, it still couldn’t cover her good figure, which was good. The waist seemed to be able to be held with one hand, and the skin was so white and glowing.

Her hair was tied into a ponytail and she wore the same black-and-white lace maid hat, which added a bit of loveliness to her originally gorgeous face.

The skirt swayed with her walking movements, making people’s eyes follow her footsteps unconsciously. When Ruan Qiu opened the door of the room and temporarily disappeared from the camera lens, the audience came back to their senses.

[Ah, ah, she looks so good, I announce that she is my new wife!]

[I can’t figure out why would Ruan Qiu seduce the Qin guy? He doesn’t deserve it, okay?]

[She is a personal maid, is she a serious maid? If not, I have a bold idea…]

[Don’t go there!]

[Didn’t Emperor Xue draw out his identity as the owner of the manor? Ruan Qiu is his maid, d*mn, I’m so envious.]

[No, just because Ruan Qiu is good-looking, you don’t care about her being a mistress?]

[I am a pure passer-by. To be honest, as long as you look closely at the photos taken by the paparazzi at that time, you can clearly see that Ruan Qiu was wronged. I’ll put a link here for you to see for yourself.]

[I have seen it, and it is indeed unfair. I don’t know how Ruan Qiu offended Cheng Tianya. Could it be because Cheng Tianya was jealous that Ruan Qiu looked better than her?]

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