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Cheng Tianya’s fans were going crazy when they saw these barrages, but they couldn’t directly insult people. Yaya had told them not to pursue that matter anymore. They were so kind that they couldn’t recruit evil for Yaya.

After Ruan Qiu walked out of the door, the staff waiting outside the door and the camera brother were suddenly hit by the beauty. They were also stunned for more than ten seconds before they came to their senses.

The staff looked at Ruan Qiu, thinking that after the end of this period, they must ask Ruan Qiu for a signed photo. The staff smiled and said the theme of the variety show, “Now, please use your new identity, put aside everything before, and indulge in love!”

Other guests also arrived at the recording site one after another, selected their identities, and changed into clothes that matched their identities.

Although the program team claimed that the guests needed to use a new identity to fall in love, this was just a new shell to make it easier for the audience to eat CP. The characteristics and habits of the guests would not change, which was very convenient for the people who were not actors.

However, in order to prevent the guests from doing behaviors that did not match their identities and undermine the harmony of the variety show, the chief director ingeniously arranged many people to perform to remind the guests of what they should do, so as not to lose their identities.

The other guests had already received hints from the program team, so they were very relaxed.

Except for Ruan Qiu.

She didn’t receive any prompts from the program crew, and cautiously maintained her maid status, and was going to go down to the first floor to find some work she could do, and inquire with the NPC, no, group performers.

The cameraman and the staff who originally followed her had quietly left, and the next filming would be completed by all the high-definition cameras in the house, providing an immersive environment for the guests.

The chief director in the background could see the real-time traffic flow of each guest’s live split screen. Since other guests appeared, Ruan Qiu’s split screen traffic had become lower, and all that remained were some who kept attacking her. The chief director thought about it, and directed a person to act.

Upstairs, Ruan Qiu walked through the long corridor. There were very textured oil paintings hanging on both sides of the corridor, and the wall lamps were slightly lit.

Suddenly, a woman also wearing a maid outfit appeared at the end of the corridor, holding a mop in her hand, and walking toward Ruan Qiu aggressively.

Ruan Qiu stopped subconsciously and was ready to run away at any time. After realizing that the other party was no threat to her, she relaxed and heard the other party say to her arrogantly, “Ruan Qiu, even if you are the master’s personal maid, I’m still the head maid here, you still have to listen to me!”

“Now,” said the head maid, shoved the mop into Ruan Qiu’s hand, looked at her contemptuously, and said, “Hurry up and help in the kitchen. A distinguished guest will come to the manor to dine with the master tonight. If the guest is not satisfied at all, it will be your fault!”

[Thank you, the sense of substitution is very strong, I have already started to get angry.]

[Ruan Qiu, quickly hit her face with a mop. Can you bear it?]

[can’t you smash it? The position of the maid head is still very high. If Ruan Qiu does it now, she might be shut down / Black / house. What about the story after that?]

[Can’t she hit her? The position of the head maid is still quite high. If Ruan Qiu does that now, she may be locked up. What will happen to the plot after that?]

[Ruan Qiu, hurry up and leave. It’s annoying to look at her.]

With the stimulation of the head maid, the number of viewers of Ruan Qiu’s live split screen increased suddenly. Under the audience’s eyes, Ruan Qiu held the mop in her left hand, and picked up her skirt with her right hand, lifted it gently, and bent her legs slightly, made a curtsy, then passed the stunned head maid, and walked downstairs, ready to go to the kitchen to complete the task.

Although she had left the world of Infinite Flow, Ruan Qiu was still very sensitive to the tasks issued by people like NPC, and quietly divided the main and side quests of the variety show in her heart.

Main quest: Stay away from the Shura Field, maintain your identity as a passerby, and find the murderer.

Side quest: 1. Complete the task of helping the cook.

With that goal, Ruan Qiu was very motivated and went downstairs happily, not knowing that many people were amazed by her curtsy.

[Wow, Ruan Qiu’s curtsy is so elegant.]

[Coach, I also want to learn this.]

[The program team treats them too differently. Bai Jinyao and the others are all sitting in the living room downstairs chatting and drinking tea, but Ruan Qiu has to work with a mop?]

[I’m afraid that you forgot Jiang Yan who is cooking in the kitchen.]

[Why is this head maid still in a daze? Are you stunned by Ruan Qiu’s beauty?]

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