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“How do I handle this?!”

For a moment, San Wu’s brain went blank. The advanced-level zombie outside was definitely not something she could deal with.

But soon, she regained her composure.

The zombie outside was a power-type advanced-level zombie. As long as it wished, it could easily push open the door in minutes. The sturdy lock for her was as fragile as tofu to this zombie.

There must be something in her room that it needed, but it didn’t rush in immediately…

“Stop!” San Wu tentatively spoke in a low voice.

Originally, she was just trying her luck. Who would have thought that the zombie outside actually stopped, but its nose kept sniffing inside.

Did it really listen to her?

Advanced-level zombies were also classified into different levels: Soldier Zombies, General Zombies, and King Zombies within fortresses.

Soldier Zombies could already understand human speech.

It was said that King Zombies could even speak human language again, but San Wu had never seen it.

The evolution of these zombies began to gradually become ‘human-like’, which itself was a terrifying and threatening development for humans.

“Do I have what you want?” She was sure that the zombie outside was at least a Soldier Zombie, or even a General Zombie.

The zombie outside nodded slowly.

San Wu’s expression changed, “What? Do you want to drink my blood?”

After she asked such a question, she tightly gripped the stick.

“Hmph!” It snorted, seemingly disdainful of what she said.

Knowing that it wasn’t interested in her blood as an ability user, San Wu breathed a sigh of relief.

In the current apocalypse where zombies dominated, many ability users, who were not strong themselves, began to trade with those highly intelligent advanced-level zombies.

Humans needed the protection of zombies, and zombies needed human blood to survive. Among them, the blood of ability users was particularly favored.

So, after some negotiations between humans and certain zombies, the road of ‘raising’ zombies began.

However, San Wu felt that this kind of thing was not a long-term solution for humans. The progress of ability users who had to donate blood every now and then was slow, but their zombies evolved faster.

A “Boom” sound echoed. The zombies outside seemed dissatisfied with her distraction.

“Wait!” Since her door couldn’t hold back the zombie anyway, and seeing that it showed no intention of attacking her, San Wu made up her mind, gripped the stick, and opened the door.

At least, with the door open, it would be convenient for her to escape when the time came.

While opening the door, San Wu immediately retreated a distance quickly.

Her hand gripping the iron rod was sweaty. She stared at the zombie, afraid that it might suddenly try to kill her.

Fortunately, the zombie had no interest in her at all. It went straight to the pot with the remaining soup.

Lifting the iron pot, the temperature had no effect on it.

The entire pot of soup went into the zombie’s mouth. It even extended its tongue to lick its purplish-black lips, turned its head, and looked at San Wu with an unsatisfied expression.

Like… not satisfied, as if it hasn’t eaten enough.

The thought scared San Wu, giving her a shiver.

A zombie was actually eating human food!

She couldn’t believe it, but the unimaginable was happening right in front of her.

The zombie walked towards her holding the pot. San Wu watched it step by step, cold sweat flowing down her forehead, her heart pounding like a drum.

But it showed no intention of harming her.

Instead, it handed the pot to her, shaking it a bit.

“Do you still want to eat?” San Wu tried to understand its intention.

After about half a minute, the zombie slowly nodded its stiff head.

This guy should be a Soldier Zombie, able to barely understand some of her simple words.

However, a Soldier Zombie eating vegetables and meat was something she had never seen before.

“No!” Suddenly, San Wu thought of another possibility. “It might not be about eating… Maybe it’s about consuming purified food?”

San Wu hesitated between these two thoughts and then immediately ran, uncertain about the outcome. Even if she escaped, encountering zombies outside would make survival difficult.

If she didn’t run, she might find out why the zombie wanted to eat her food, but she could also end up being killed.

San Wu gritted her teeth, “Forget it, fortune favors the bold!”

She took two basins, one filled with her unpurified water and the other with purified water, and handed both to the zombie.

It sniffed with its nose, slapped away the unpurified one, and lifted the purified water to drink.

“It really is because it’s purified.” San Wu couldn’t believe it and took a step back.

She had always thought that finding reliable companions would be good. But she never expected that before human companions arrived, a zombie would show up first.

It hadn’t eaten enough, and after waiting for about a minute without San Wu adding more food, it started banging on the bowl.

“Don’t bang! Other zombies will come.” San Wu’s head was tingling from the banging. She immediately added some water to its bowl and it started to eat again.

Zombie roars came from outside, making San Wu clench her teeth, walk over, and close the door.

After all, she couldn’t outrun advanced zombies.

“Hey, do you still want the meat soup from earlier?” San Wu tried to communicate with the zombie.

It wiped its mouth and, after a while, nodded slowly to indicate its desire to drink.

This zombie’s behavior was really peculiar.

Wait, do zombies have preferences? San Wu silently wondered.

“But I don’t have any food at home.” San Wu cautiously moved away from it. “How about this, you go catch some mutated animals in exchange for food, and I’ll cook for you.” In reality, she only needed to cook some vegetables, but she wanted to see if she could make this zombie obedient.

She only wanted to try, but unexpectedly, the zombie immediately put down the bowl and ran outside without a word.

It was much more obedient than people.

Watching its rigid figure, San Wu slapped her own cheeks.

This zombie… seems to really listen to her.

If she could raise zombies in this way, why bother looking for teammates?

In another sense, zombies raised like this were obedient; she just needed to feed them until they’re full. But human greed was not limited to just being satiated.

During San Wu’s hesitation, it quickly ran back.

In its left hand, it held a mutated cicada, and in its right hand, a mutated duck about the size of a dog.

The duck’s neck was twisted, but its hind legs were still twitching.

She had never caught a mutated duck because after mutation, they could freely soar in the sky—they could fly!

“You actually caught a mutated duck?!” San Wu exclaimed.

“Could it be that zombies also know the value of certain things?” San Wu looked at the zombie with her head tilted.

The feathers of this mutated duck could be used to make clothes and warm blankets, much better for insulation than the feathers of ordinary ducks, making them popular in the fortress.

It pushed the items toward San Wu, indicating for her to hurry up and cook.

San Wu looked up at the pitch-black sky.

It was already the middle of the night.

Just as San Wu was torn about whether to have another meal, an earth-shattering sound erupted from the nearest mountain top.

Several lightning bolts struck from the sky.

San Wu’s ears buzzed from the shock. She covered her ears and looked towards the mountain top.

Were advanced zombies fighting with ability users?

San Wu turned to the zombie standing by her, seemingly guarding her like a soldier. She had to be cautious.

But just as she was entertaining these thoughts, she suddenly stared wide-eyed.

“Why is the lightning coming straight at my head?”

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