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Seeing the white thunder approaching her head, San Wu grabbed the nearby zombie and ran outside.

After running a few steps, the zombie reacted, extending a hand to protect San Wu’s head.

The person who cooked for him couldn’t be struck by lightning.

Thunder light entwined in the sky like a snake.

San Wu, accompanied by the zombie, distanced herself. A few mutated cicadas panicked and bumped into her, huddling in a corner, trembling in fear.

The thunder continued for a long time before finally stopping, leaving the air filled with an unpleasant smell.

Seeing no movement from that direction, San Wu took advantage of the panicked cicadas, and used her iron rod to knock them to death one by one and let the zombie hold them.

No zombies were in sight, but there was now a deep pit in the yard.

Smoke continued to rise from the bottom of the pit.

When San Wu saw a white figure covered in blood curled up at the bottom of the pit, she poked it with her iron rod.

“Ah!” A roar of pain and anger came from inside, but it sounded weak.

“This little thing looks quite pitiful.” San Wu poked it again. “This must be… painful.” How painful must it be?

The zombie next to her suddenly tugged at San Wu’s sleeve and then pointed to the vegetables she had planted.

San Wu turned her head and was suddenly shocked.

“My vegetables!”

Half of her vegetables had been damaged by the lightning!

“You little rascal!” San Wu felt a sharp pain, unable to breathe.

Her hand holding the iron rod was shaking.

“These needed to be plucked, cooked, and fed to the zombies!”

“Ah!” Even though the little guy was covered in blood, it turned its head and bit San Wu’s iron rod.

Its limbs trembled as it stood up unsteadily, and a faint lightning glowed on its body.

“A mutated cat?” San Wu squinted. “I don’t know if it’s valuable, but it seems like a combat-type mutated cat.”

There were strong and weak mutated animals.

The mutated cicada was the weakest among them.

As for this kitten… San Wu felt it certainly wasn’t too weak.

The white cat had long limbs and a pair of wings larger than its body on its back.

Perhaps feeling offended by San Wu’s scrutinizing gaze, the cat’s wings ignited a deep blue flame.

“I thought it was a lightning type, but it’s actually dual-type?”

“I heard that high-level mutated cats can understand human speech.” San Wu glanced at the zombie beside her and then at the cat, whose claws were tightly fixed on the ground, staring at her.

Given the current state of this cat, her zombie should be able to handle it.

Before San Wu could come to a conclusion, the cat, which had been bluffing, suddenly fainted.

When Ji Lingbai regained consciousness, he immediately felt a hand touching his wings.

The roots of his wings were being touched in a way that sent waves of numbness through him.

Ji Lingbai was shocked and angry. Since gaining the abilities of mutation and Thunderfire, no one had dared to touch him like this.

After the second awakening, his abilities had greatly increased. After gaining fame as the Reaper of Fortress One, he was practically untouchable.

But this person actually dared to…

Not only did that hand caress his wings, but it also trailed down his waist, seemingly attempting to open his legs!

This person was simply looking for death!

Ji Lingbai struggled to wake up, wanting to slap this person who dared to be so presumptuous.

“Ow!” What came out of his open mouth was a cooing sound rather than a furious roar.

Ji Lingbai: “…”

In the battle with the King Zombie just now, all the abilities in his body had been depleted.

It was rare for Ji Lingbai to be in such a weak state.

Even in Fortress One, where people treated him with reverence, even if it took several days for his abilities to recover after being depleted, he had reliable teammates guarding him, preventing others from approaching.

However, he never expected that the promised zombie had already evolved into a King Zombie and there were not just one but three King Zombies.

With the wrong information, he was surrounded by three King Zombies, barely escaping with all his might, only to fall into the hands of this woman.

With no strength left and unable to transform into his human form, he was stuck in this cat form.

This was going to be a dark chapter in his history!

“Oh, little one, you’re quite feisty.” San Wu chuckled as she touched the little creature. “I wonder if you’re a male or female.”

As she petted the creature with its fierce expression, San Wu pondered what it had been eating to make its fur so smooth.

Seeing the fierce look of the little creature, San Wu stood up straight and stared at it, saying, “You crushed my vegetables. I don’t know if your smooth fur can compensate for the loss of my vegetables.”


Ji Lingbai suddenly raised his head, looking at this overly thin but bright-eyed woman.

Where did the vegetables come from?

Even if she was a plant-based ability used, awakened individuals usually manifested combat-related plants. Where did these vegetables come from? What nonsense was she talking about?

After confirming that this mutated creature had no combat capability, San Wu made a decision.

“Zom…” She wanted the zombie to take care of the mutated creature, but saying “zombie” repeatedly didn’t sound right.

“Since you’re staying with me, I’ll give you a name.”

After some thought, San Wu said, “Let’s call you San Yi.”

San Yi had no objections.“If you are useless, we’ll just consider you as a backup food source!” San Wu clapped her hands.

After saying this, she saw that the mutated kitten was still dissatisfied, but it didn’t roar as before, only giving her a cold, icy glare.

It was as if she were just a stone stumbled upon on the roadside.

The disdainful look in those eyes didn’t seem like that of an ordinary mutant animal.

Staring at her with such eyes, San Wu began to hesitate.

Could this mutant animal be high-level? When it recovers, would they be unable to handle it?

The intelligence of this creature seemed unusually high.

The mutant cicadas from earlier were piled up in the corner; their wings had been cut off a while ago, chopped into pieces, and ground into powder for later use.

Ji Lingbai also caught a whiff of the powder.

It was a hemostatic agent.

He glanced at San Wu.

Unexpectedly, this woman, who talked tough, turned out to be soft-hearted in reality.

Well, if she were the ruthless type who had long been numb to killing, she should have cut off his head when he fainted just now.

Ji Lingbai surveyed the surroundings; it was a fairly large courtyard.

As a casual dweller, living in such a place should be quite comfortable.

This was good; if he went outside now, a weakened mutant creature could easily kill him. At least he would be safe with this woman.

Ji Lingbai figured things out and stopped struggling.

On the other side, San Wu made a decision.

“San Yi, go rest on the side.” San Wu put down the cup of hemostatic powder in her hand, turned around, took out a small kitchen knife she had found,  grabbed Ji Lingbai, who had already relaxed, and put the knife to his neck.

“I think this mutant animal might be high-level. When it recovers, it might hold a grudge and try to kill us.”

“So, I’ve decided to kill it now!”

Ji Lingbai, “…?”

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