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[I’m more scared now, woohoo!]

[What kind of person can commit crimes so cleanly?]

[I feel that the perpetrator is not human…]

The chief director stood with his hands folded and watched Ruan Qiu and the others react with the barrage, and laughed madly. He thought to himself, there was no evidence, Bai Jinyao was called out by the staff and left. It would be strange if Ruan Qiu and the others could find clues to the murderer.

The greatest joy of being a director was, of course, making fun of the audience!

Xue Wu suddenly asked the head maid, “Who has the key to Miss Bai’s room?”

The head maid was stunned for a moment, then shrank her neck and replied, “I, I have a spare key.”

She opened the door with the spare key that morning.

Everyone’s eyes immediately focused on the head maid, and she quickly distanced herself, “The head servant also has a spare key, we took them from the previous head maid and head servant who had left the manor, and we only clean the room at ordinary times. It’s a special situation this morning. I called Miss Bai to wake her up, but she didn’t answer when I knocked on the door…Miss Bai must have been taken away by the lady!”

“Does Madam still have anything left?” Ruan Qiu suddenly asked.

The head maid and the other maid did not answer when they heard her asking the question.

“Answer her,” Xue Wu said.

The head maid then gave Xue Wu a frightened look, then lowered her head quickly, and reluctantly said to Ruan Qiu, “Thay all burned.”

After she finished speaking, she quietly glanced at Xue Wu again, and everyone present understood that the things belonging to the former owner were burned by Xue Wu, the current manor owner.

Ruan Qiu took a step forward, approached the head maid, looked directly at her and asked, “Didn’t you secretly leave a portrait behind?”

The head maid didn’t expect them to find that clue so early, and the chief director didn’t have any instructions, so she could only bite the bullet and answer, “Yes… Yes.”

Qi Yingying watched Ruan Qiu ask for clues so forcefully, which aroused her competitive spirit. Qi Yingying was not afraid for a moment, and said to the maid proudly, “Where is the portrait?” ”

“In the attic,” replied the head maid.

Qi Yingying’s good family background had made her a competitive little princess. After knowing that Ruan Qiu may have found other clues and left her behind, she pouted in dissatisfaction, “I want to see it too.”

“We need catch the murderer first.” Xue Wu glanced at Qi Yingying and said, “We have already seen the attic.”

[“We”, he said “we”, did you hear?]

[I have now evolved to the point where I can take whatever Emperor Xue says.]

[Can Qi Yingying stop making trouble now? I want to see them find new clues.]

[Qi Yingying doesn’t know that they have looked for clues. Don’t be so malicious. I think Qi Yingying’s character is very cute.]

Xue Wu didn’t believe the nonsense that the deceased former owner of the manor would come back and take people to heaven. He said to everyone bluntly, “Check who left the room last night, or who came to Bai Jinyao’s room.”

The head maid nodded quickly and left with the maid behind her. Ruan Qiu also wanted to follow along to find out the clues, but she felt that it was the safest to stay by Xue Wu’s side now. Feeling her hesitation, Xue Wu turned to her and said, “Follow me.”

Ruan Qiu immediately stopped being tangled, and prepared to hug Xue Wu’s safe golden thigh with peace of mind.

[He said “follow me”!]

[The two of them and the others really have a wall, Ye Xingyu and Qi Yingying can’t get in at all.]

[Ye Xingyu is not good enough, I originally wanted to eat the love triangle.]

Qi Yingying tilted her head. She knew that she had been ignored by Xue Wu, but she was just arrogant and not stupid. She would not choose to lose her temper and become awkward at such a time, which would slow down the progress of the show, make Xue Wu’s impression of herself worse, and destroy her own popularity.

She originally came to participate in this love variety show, and her goal was only one person – Xue Wu, a child star debut, a top-notch movie star with a grand slam award in the entertainment industry, and she only felt that Xue Wu was worthy of her. Even if Xue Wu’s attitude toward her was different from what she expected, wouldn’t it be more fulfilling to conquer a man who didn’t have feelings for her at first, and even hated her a little bit?

But she couldn’t understand why Xue Wu was treating Ruan Qiu in a special way. She admitted that Ruan Qiu was better-looking than her, and maybe she was better at cooking, but compared to her family background, fans, and achievements, Ruan Qiu couldn’t compare to her.

The more she thought about it, the more she felt that it was not worth it. She turned her head and glanced at Ye Xingyu next to her. She felt that although he debuted in a boy group, he had a lot of fans, a good development prospect, and he looked okay. She simply changed her goals and prepared to form a CP with Ye Xingyu.

Qi Yingying raised her chin and said to Ye Xingyu, “Let’s go.”

Ye Xingyu just didn’t want to get involved with Ruan Qiu and Xue Wu anymore, nodded, and went downstairs with Qi Yingying.


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