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After Bai Jinyao picked a guest and her fans gradually calmed down, the head maid received another instruction from the chief director. She rushed upstairs and told the three people there that Bai Jinyao was killed.

[? Am I really watching a love variety show?]

[Is it so exciting in the morning?]

[I can only say that fortunately this happened in the morning. If I watched this live broadcast at night, I would really not be able to sleep, thank you.]

[I understand, isn’t this a script killing without a script?]

[! So true! I got it too!]

[I’m so scared, I won’t watch it.]

When the barrage was attacking the chief director, Ruan Qiu had followed the head maid to the door of Bai Jinyao’s room and opened the door.

The audience was also very curious about what was in Bai Jinyao’s room. The chief director fully understood the psychology of these audiences saying “won’t watch” which meant that they didn’t want to “see”, and immediately asked the shooting team to show Bai Jinyao’s room.

[There is nothing, not even a bit of blood.]

[If there is, this show will not pass the trial.]

[To be honest, I am supposed to be at ease that there are no bloodstains or a corpse. But seeing someone scream that a person is dead, but nothing is left, I feel really scared.]

[It should be done by humans, not ghosts or something, right?]

[It must be done by human beings. Radio and Television requires programs not to engage in feudal superstition, so there can be no ghosts.]

[Da*mn, it makes sense.]

Ruan Qiu looked at the clean room, and was about to turn around and ask the head maid how she realized that Bai Jinyao was killed, when she saw an obsessive smile on the head maid’s face as she murmured, “This is a miracle, this is a gift of an angel. It must be the lady who came and took Miss Bai away. Miss Bai is so happy that she can go to heaven with her…”

It was clearly April, but Ye Xingyu had goosebumps when he heard the words of the head maid, and everyone else was feeling numb.

[Is this manor a little abnormal?]

[No loss to the director who makes thrillers, and no one can make a love thriller like him.]

[I want to see it now but I dare not, who understands?]

[I understand, I understand too much! I just want to see the sweet love plus the dog blood Shura field, and learn how to chase a wife. But who am I offending? Why are you scaring me so much?]

As if they were not afraid enough, another maid emerged from behind the head maid, and said to everyone with a disgusted expression, “How can she go to heaven?! She would leave her husband in order to marry a rich man, abandon her son, and pretend to be a single noble lady. How can she be worthy of letting the lady take her away?!”

Everyone present was shocked by the amount of information in her words.

The head maid looked back at her and rebuked, “Don’t say that! Madam is benevolent and kind. Since she bestowed the Holy Light on Miss Bai, then Miss Bai should go to heaven.”

As soon as the head maid said that it was Madam who wanted to do that, she immediately lowered her head and put away her jealousy, “Yes, you are right, Madam will never be wrong.”

Ye Xingyu couldn’t stay any longer.

Although he knew that they were filming a variety show, and these were performed by group performers, he was still frightened by the brainwashed performance of these people. He quietly glanced to the side, and found that Ruan Qiu and Xue Wu were alone in thought and expressionless, and his steps stopped.

Neither of them was afraid, nor could he be afraid. That was the dignity of being a man!

But when he saw Qi Yingying, whose face was pale behind the head maid, who had listened to the conversation for a long time, as if he had found an organization, he immediately walked to Qi Yingying’s side and sought her approval, “It’s scary, isn’t it?”

Qi Yingying nodded like a puppet without a soul.

Not long after she got up, she heard the news that someone had died in the manor. She finally dared to come and have a look, and was frightened by the conversation between the head maid and the maid.

[Is Ye Xingyu concerned about Qi Yingying? Will the CP of the noble lady and the housekeeper live, or will they die?]

[Ye Xingyu was not sad at all when Bai Jinyao “died”, I was eating fake candy, woohoo!]

[Ye Xingyu is looking for the next one soon. Such a scumbag!]

[Bai Jinyao and Ye Xingyu have no clear relationship… It’s okay for Ye Xingyu to do that, right?]

Since the barrage was supporting Bai Jinyao and Ye Xingyu, the new CP formed by Qi Yingying and Ye Xingyu did not gain the support of many people.

Ruan Qiu walked around Bai Jinyao’s room, and the others also searched with her, but they almost turned the bed over, and still couldn’t find any clues about the murderer.

Bai Jinyao’s room was very clean, there was no trace of struggle in the room, and the flowers on the bedside table exuded a faint fragrance. Ruan Qiu opened the tightly covered curtains to let the sunlight in, then opened the locked window and looked at the window sill. There were no footprints on it, indicating that the murderer did not come in through the window.

There were no stains on the clothes in the closet. According to the head maid, only the nightdress was missing, and the shoes beside the bed were also missing. That only meant that Bai Jinyao probably got out of bed, walked out of the room, and was killed.


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