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Ye Xingyu just wanted to let the western chef who made dessert the previous night go to the kitchen, but Jiang Yan immediately stretched out his hand, “Wait, I can do it, let me do it!”

He really didn’t want to be there anymore!

The kitchen was also a public area, Ye Xingyu thought about it and agreed, “Yes, but at least one person needs to be with you…”

“I’ll go,” Ruan Qiu volunteered.

She knew that Jiang Yan was not the murderer, so it was not dangerous to be with him. Moreover, Xue Wu was sitting in the dining room. She didn’t leave very far, and it was still safe within that range.

Also, she was a little hungry.

Xue Wu, who had been expressionless, glanced at Ruan Qiu after hearing her words, but Ruan Qiu did not notice Xue Wu’s gaze and followed Jiang Yan into the kitchen.

Xue Wu retracted his gaze, still showing no expression, but the audience across the screen felt his unhappiness.

[It’s the Shura field, goodness!]

[Emperor Xue: Oh, woman, you promised to follow me one second ago, and then followed another man the next?]

[Emperor Xue, your wife ran away with someone else!]

[Pure love warriors are furious! No love triangle, don’t!]

[Hahahaha, what is it?!]

[Seeing that Emperor Xue is unhappy, I’m actually feeling great. What’s the matter with me?! Am I a hidden Taurus?!]

Jiang Yan’s fans were in a very complicated mood now. They had long lost their dislike of Jiang Yan and Ruan Qiu’s CP at the beginning. But now that they saw Emperor Xue unhappy that Ruan Qiu left with their idol, they were inexplicably proud.

Jiang Yan, who entered the kitchen, was very grateful to Ruan Qiu, he said while facing her, “Sister Ruan, thank you…”

Ruan Qiu added more flour, raised her hand and rubbed the black hair that fell beside her ear, and turned to look at Jiang Yan who was talking.

Perhaps because of waking up early, Ruan Qiu’s ponytail was a little twisted and loose. The hair around her ear fell on her white and pink face, and it was a little itchy. Ruan Qiu subconsciously raised her hand to rub it, but a white streak of flour was left on her face.

Ruan Qiu looked at Jiang Yan and listened carefully to what he said.

Jiang Yan’s words of thanks were stuck in his throat.

Being looked at so earnestly and attentively, as if she only saw him in her eyes, no one could refuse such a special preference, Jiang Yan thought in a trance.

Ruan Qiu tilted her head, “You’re welcome?”

Hearing Ruan Qiu’s voice, Jiang Yan regained his senses and stammered with red ears, “Ah, Sister Ruan, you…”

He originally wanted to reach out to help Ruan Qiu wipe off the traces of flour on her face, but he lost his courage when he raised his hand halfway, and shrank back embarrassedly, then said, “Your face is stained, stained with flour.”

“Thank you for the reminder,” Ruan Qiu smiled at him, then turned around and went to the water pipe. She washed her face with clean water, dried it with a tissue, then tied her hair again, and put on the maid’s hat.

When Ruan Qiu was doing all that with her back to Jiang Yan, Jiang Yan stared blankly at her back, feeling both regretful and tangled in his heart. In the end, Jiang Yan comforted himself, if he rashly stretched out his hand, the other party might hide far away. Now that was fine. Anyway, there were still a few episodes to come. When he could slowly approach her later, there would definitely be a day when he would help her tie her hair in a fair manner.

The audience was so excited when they saw Jiang Yan raise his hand, and now they hated that iron was not made of steel. (m. to feel resentful towards sb for failing to meet expectations and impatient to see improvement (idiom))

[You had a chance, but you didn’t fight for it! Jiang Yan, are you a man?!]

[Ah, such a good opportunity, why are you so cowardly, Jiang Yan?!]

[The atmosphere they had just now was really good, I’m supporting this CP of the kitchen team, and I won’t change it.]

[? Don’t! The CP of the master and maid is the best! Ruan Qiu, have you forgotten about Emperor Xue in the dining room?]

[Thanks for the invitation, Xue Ruan pair is already crying and fainting in the toilet.]

The mood of Xue Wu’s fans was more complicated than that of Jiang Yan’s fans. They didn’t want to admit Ruan Qiu and their idol’s CP, because they felt that Ruan Qiu was not worthy of Xue Wu in any way, but now the barrage was holding high the banner of Ruan Qiu and Jiang Yan, leaving Xue Wu aside, and they were again not happy anymore.

Brother Xue was much better than Jiang Yan, right? Aside from his career achievements, Brother Xue had no bad habits, and he was not interested in anything other than acting, and Jiang Yan, who was in the rap circle, must smoke, drink, and swear. Could Jiang Yan rap pure live rap? Their brother Xue had never been in love, okay? If he was more virtuous than other men, he may not win!

… Wait, so why did they want Brother Xue to be more virtuous than others?!

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