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Ruan Qiu didn’t know that because the guests paid attention to her affairs, the Shura field centered on her expanded again. The CP fans were very lively. She looked at herself, who looked like a ghost in the mirror, kept silent for two seconds, then washed her face, changed into a sportswear that was convenient for movement, and prepared to go out.

She also deliberately wore sneakers so that she could run away at any time if she encountered any danger on the road.

Sister Lin, who came to pick her up, looked at her outfit, patted her shoulder hesitantly, and motioned her to get in the car, thinking that this child really didn’t seem to care about Xue Wu. She looked like she was going out for a night run.

Lin Jie suddenly gloated a little at the misfortune. Ruan Ruan was the most difficult to understand. If Emperor Xue wanted to catch up, he had to work hard.

After Ruan Qiu got into the car, she began to routinely check whether the death conditions would be triggered.

She couldn’t avoid participating in the main storyline, there was danger, but she avoided it; she had maintained her identity as a passer-by in the show and was temporarily safe; she didn’t need to pay liquidated damages or borrow money, so she was completely safety; no toast to the gold master, so everything was fine so far; the issue of the Shura field was put aside for the time being, he needed to remember to do business with Xue Wu next time she recorded the show; even the anti-fans were almost invisible, and there were a lot of compliments in the comment area…

Ruan Qiu nodded contentedly. Compared with the dangerous dungeons in Infinite Flow world, she was now very safe.

When Ruan Qiu felt her phone vibrate, she opened Weibo and found that the official Weibo of the program she followed not long ago had released a new video.

The content of the video was that of the guests choosing their favorite guest. The program team only released Bai Jinyao alone, and explained that the videos would be released in the order of leaving the manor.

Ruan Qiu was also curious about who Bai Jinyao, the female lead in the original book, would choose. She clicked on the video and was about to watch it with other netizens when the car she was sitting in stopped.

Ruan Qiu could only put away her phone temporarily and follow Sister Lin into the private room where Lin Hong invited her for dinner.

The store chosen by Lin Hong was very private. It only accepts regular customers, and the paparazzi couldn’t get in at all. Ruan Qiu met many waiters on the way, but they passed by without squinting, and didn’t care who the guests were.

Ruan Qiu pushed open the door of the private room, and looked at Sister Lin and Lin Hong behind her strangely, “Aren’t you coming in?”

Sister Lin said to her, “No, Xue Wu…he has something to say to you alone.”

Ruan Qiu nodded, closed the door, and sat down opposite Xue Wu.

Xue Wu wore a slim-fitting shirt that night, revealing his figure. His naturally curly hair swayed slightly as he raised his head, and he showed a gentle smile to Ruan Qiu, “The menu is at your hand, you can order whatever you want.”

But Ruan Qiu’s eyes did not fall on the menu, but instead looked at the boy in school uniform next to Xue Wu.

The young man looked like Xue Wu in five parts, but his eyes were bigger and brighter when he looked at people, and he was looking at Ruan Qiu curiously at the moment.

Xue Wu introduced to Ruan Qiu, “This is my brother, don’t worry about him, you can order what you like.”

The teenager glared at Xue Wu angrily, then turned to Ruan Qiu and said, “Hello sister, my name is Xue Nanjing! Are you my sister-in-law?”

He also watched the clip of the show that day, and his brother’s eyes seemed to be glued to her. If his brother said he was not tempted, he would be the first not to believe it!

Ruan Qiu almost choked on a sip of water, waved her hands repeatedly and explained to Xue Nanjing, “No, no.”

Xue Wu patted Xue Nanjing’s head and asked him with a smile, “Do you still want me to sign?”

Xue Nanjing saw the hidden “killing intent” from his brother’s smile, and was caught by his words. He was so obedient as a quail that he shut up and didn’t dare to speak.

Xue Wu smiled at Ruan Qiu, and then said ruthlessly to Xue Nanjing, “It’s none of your business. Follow Brother Lin, he will take you to dinner. I’ll go back and sign for you at night.”

Xue Nanjing originally wanted to fight. He wanted to stay there and talk to Ruan Qiu, who was likely to become his sister-in-law. But when Xue Wu looked at him, he picked up his school bag and ran away.

Ruan Qiu watched Xue Nanjing go out, and then turned her gaze back to the menu.

The speed of serving the food was very fast. Xue Wu helped Ruan Qiu heat the chopsticks. Ruan Qiu took it and whispered, “Thank you.”

Xue Wu said to her, “Xue Nanjing is my brother.”

Ruan Qiu was stunned for a moment, then nodded, “Well, I can see it.”

“I think, before I go [straight into business] with you, I should confess some of my own situation to you.” Xue Wu breathed a sigh of relief, “As you can see, I have only one younger brother and no parents, so I need to take care of him.”

“I have a severe anorexia, and I have been actively treated, but it has not been cured.” Xue Wu continued, “I am still continuing treatment, but my psychiatrist told me that I need to cure my mental illness first. But please don’t worry, my condition is fairly stable and I won’t hurt anyone.”

Xue Wu said with a smile, “I made you misunderstand before that I was…something strange, but it’s not easy to explain in the show, so I’m only telling you now, sorry.”

Ruan Qiu took a sip of water to suppress her shock, and then asked Xue Wu with nervous eyes, “So, that, you are not a vampire?”

Xue Wu laughed, “No, I’m not a zombie either.”

Ruan Qiu slowly put down the cup and covered her face.


What had she done before?!

Ruan Qiu covered her hot face, which was about to become red, and she couldn’t stop replaying the conversation between her and Xue Wu for the first time. Not only that, but she said those words to Xue Wu’s agent so seriously!

Xue Wu couldn’t help but let out a light cough. He was about to leave for a while thoughtfully to give Ruan Qiu time to think, when he saw Ruan Qiu raise her head with a blushing face, and asked him seriously, “Is it false that you said you didn’t want to live?”

The smile on Xue Wu’s face disappeared.

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