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After shaking hands, Xue Wu leaned back on the back of his chair, turned his head to look out the window, and thought to himself, wasn’t it very common to have a real relationship in a business CP, he had time to turn their partnership into a romantic relationship.

The assistant who had listened to the whole process in front had only one thought: Tsk tsk tsk, his own artist is really stupid, why didn’t he realize that Xue Wu was such a person before? If you don’t want to form CP with other people, why don’t you just not participate in this show? And Brother Lin Hong also said that Xue Wu only needs to participate in one episode.

In order to deceive the little girl and his own CP, he actually offered the “deal” statement he hated the most, bah!

The assistant looked at Xue Wu through the rearview mirror with condemning eyes, but Xue Wu just happened to catch him. Seeing Xue Wu’s half-smile but not smiling eyes, the assistant shivered, for fear that Xue Wu would get revenge and deduct his salary, he hurriedly drove seriously, and did not dare to utter a word.

Ruan Qiu in the back seat sent Xue Wu’s words to her assistant, Sister Lin, and after waiting for a while, the other party replied, “Yes”.

After replying to Ruan Qiu, Sister Lin looked at her cousin Lin Hong with a complicated expression, and asked him, “Isn’t your movie star really interested in our Ruan Ruan? Don’t you stop it?”

“What should I stop?” Lin Hong asked confidently, “How old is he? It’s time for him to fall in love.”

Lin Hong was suddenly silent for two seconds, and then lowered his voice and said to Sister Lin, “Cousin, to tell you the truth, I am selfish. Xue Wu debuted as a child star.I was not his first agent, but I was the one who followed him the longest.”

“I learned from the former agent that Xue Wu has lost his parents since his debut, and he has to go to see a doctor regularly every week… He doesn’t seem to be interested in anything, even filming was just accidental.” Lin Hong said, “He finally has someone he likes now. I sincerely hope that they can become together. Maybe Xue Wu’s illness will be much better.”

Lin Hong said vaguely, but Sister Lin understood what he meant, frowned and said, “You mean that Xue Wu has a mental illness? That’s not good. What if he hurts Ruan Ruan?”

Lin Hong hurriedly stopped Sister Lin from sending a message to Ruan Qiu, and said, “Sister, don’t worry, Xue Wu will not hurt others, he will only hurt himself… Alas, I’ll invite Ruan Qiu to dinner tonight, tell her all these things, and let her choose, okay?”

Sister Lin was relieved, stared at Lin Hong and sent Ruan Qiu a dinner invitation message, and then said to Lin Hong, “I’m going to sue those two paparazzi. We can’t make a move against Cheng Tianya for the time being.”

Lin Hong nodded, “I’m preparing, I’ll make a statement this week.”

He had already classified Ruan Qiu as his own, of course he would not be vague.

Ruan Qiu, who received Lin Hong’s message, blinked, handed the phone to Xue Wu, and asked him, “Is this your manager’s number?”

Xue Wu also received news from his agent. He glanced at Ruan Qiu’s phone screen, nodded to confirm, and asked nervously, “Are you going?”

He didn’t expect that his slow-moving plan would be suddenly disrupted by his manager, and he suddenly felt a little uneasy in his heart. He didn’t want Ruan Qiu to know his real secret that night.  He wasn’t sure if Ruan Qiu would feel terrible, and then alienate him and hate him.

Ruan Qiu nodded, “I’ll go, I have nothing to do tonight anyway.”

And the restaurant that Lin Hong mentioned seemed to be delicious.

The car slowly stopped at the gate of Ruan Qiu’s house, Xue Wu turned his head and exhaled softly. When he turned his head again, the usual gentle smile was put on his face again, “See you tonight.”

“See you tonight,” Ruan Qiu waved at him and turned upstairs.

There were now discussions about the love show “Please Fall In Love With Me” everywhere on the Internet, and many fast-handed masters had released the creative clips, which had pushed the popularity even higher.

Ruan Qiu also saw the original plot video released by the program team, and saw that many people in the comments below were praising her for her greatness, and the corners of her lips curled a little embarrassedly.

Just as the heat continued to spread, #Qi Yingying Follow Cheng Tianya# and #Qi Yingying Follow Ruan Qiu# quietly climbed the hot search again.

It was Sister Lin who called Ruan Qiu on the phone to inform her. 

When Ruan Qiu, who was trying her best to learn makeup, learned about it, she hurriedly returned to Qi Yingying.

Qi Yingying sent an apology private message to Ruan Qiu, saying that she had misunderstood her before, and then asked Ruan Qiu’s private contact information and added her as a friend.

Facing netizens’ inquiries, Qi Yingying only proudly replied t to the reason for dismissing Cheng Tianya——

[She doesn’t deserve it.]

One stone caused a thousand waves, but Cheng Tianya, the other party involved in the incident, was closing down the filming and had no idea about the grand occasion of eating melons on the Internet, so netizens had no chance to witness the follow-up development of the incident for the time being.

Seeing the hot search, Xue Wu also followed Ruan Qiu’s Weibo.

In less than a minute, Ye Xingyu and Jiang Yan also followed Ruan Qiu one after another. Netizens found that among the people participating in the love show, only Cheng Tianya’s good friend Bai Jinyao did not pay attention to Ruan Qiu.

On the other side, Bai Jinyao held the phone, looked at her chat interface with Cheng Tianya, met the concerned eyes of her assistant and manager, and smiled palely, “I’m fine.”

She looked at the news she sent without a response, and thought to herself, she had to trust Yaya, and she had to wait for Yaya to tell her the truth in person.


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