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Ruan Qiu walked out of the hotel, and her face was still red. Sister Lin glanced at Xue Wu suspiciously, but she didn’t see anything from his fake smile. She couldn’t ask Ruan Qiu what they said and what Ruan Qiu thought. But she could only swallow her words and drive Ruan Qiu home.

Xue Wu on the other side also returned to his residence. He signed Xue Nanjing’s homework, and heard Xue Nanjing ask, “Brother, have you eaten in front of Sister Ruan Qiu tonight?”

Xue Nanjing didn’t know about Xue Wu’s anorexia. He just thought that his brother was a picky eater. Seeing that Xue Wu didn’t speak, he said to Xue Wu earnestly, “Brother, I think girls on the Internet now like specific men, you know? It’s the kind of man with big chest muscles, he’s relatively strong, not like you. You’re not good enough, your type of surface gentleman is outdated…”

Xue Wu resisted the urge to hit him and glanced at him, “You can go.”

Xue Nanjing was about to pack up and go back to school. He had a physics competition to participate in the next day. Before leaving, he finally looked back at his brother, and found that the other party was still sitting on the sofa without turning on the light. He was immersed in the darkness, his hand holding the schoolbag tightened, and he said loudly, “Brother! I want to see you and my sister-in-law welcome me back!”

After he finished speaking, he ran away, afraid that Xue Wu would hit him.

Xue Wu sat on the sofa, stunned for a while, then let out a low laugh, then returned to the bedroom.

The cool-toned bedroom was connected to the study room. Xue Wu stood at the door and looked at the glass case full of trophies, but he still didn’t understand the “meaning” of the person who had brought him into the industry.

Xue Wu unconsciously touched his pocket and took out the seal he didn’t return to the show team at the end of the shooting. The wooden seal felt smooth to the touch, and Xue Wu recalled the soft touch in his hand when he took the seal from Ruan Qiu.

Xue Wu stretched out his hand and placed the seal on the head of the bed. Seeing it was illuminated by the warm yellow lamp, his heart suddenly calmed down.

Maybe he could get a good night’s sleep that night.


It was late at night, but the enthusiasm of the netizens to discuss had not diminished.

In the following video, Qi Yingying and Ye Xingyu chose each other very tacitly, while Jiang Yan chose Ruan Qiu without hesitation. So netizens pulled Bai Jinyao into the Shura field again, and made up a dog blood drama that he loved another person, she loved him, and he didn’t love her, which attracted a large number of pure CP fans who only stood in one of the pair of CPs. 

Some people fished in troubled waters.

Netizens: Very immoral, very happy.

After Xue Wu’s fans saw that their idol was following Ruan Qiu, they fell into a brief silence. Previously, Xue Wu’s Weibo followers were all directed by directors or screenwriters, as well as some senior actors. He had never followed anyone other than these people, so Ruan Qiu seemed very abrupt in the follow list.

But they also understood that Xue Wu didn’t need to use business to boost his popularity now, so him paying attention to Ruan Qiu could only be explained——

He may really want to fall in love with Ruan Qiu.

Xue Wu’s fans were basically old fans, and most of them were more rational. They quickly maintained the situation within the fans, and began to pour into Xue Wu and Ruan Qiu CP in an organized manner, adding to their popularity.  

The number of Xue Wu’s fans was very large. The chief director looked at the popularity of Ruan Qiu and Xue Wu’s pair and decided to shorten the competition time from one week to three days.

Now the control was relatively strict, and the head office had put an end to all the phenomenon of swiping votes, so the chief director did not dare to let the audience vote, but used the degree of discussion and the number of some second-generation works to assess the overall popularity.

The director also carefully stated that the variety show “Please fall in love with me” would only be broadcast live, and would not release the recorded version, so the videos circulating on the Internet were all edited spontaneously by netizens, and many people had watched the editing. They all regretted that they didn’t see the live broadcast, and they all said that next time they would squat in the live broadcast room the whole time, and not miss any of the highlights.

Amid the heated discussions, Cheng Tianya’s fan base seemed particularly lifeless.

Zhou Ping returned to school, and cautiously sent a message to the group, “Sisters, I’m back.”

Someone immediately asked her, “Sister, did you go to record that variety show before? You are the head maid, right?”

When Zhou Ping replied with a “yes”, Cheng Tianya’s fans came to life instantly, and kept asking her if Ruan Qiu was as annoying as the legend, whether the show gave Ruan Qiu a script.

Zhou Ping looked at Ruan Qiu’s name that kept coming in the group chat, and moved her hand on the keyboard. The torment in her heart made her unable to fight Ruan Qiu with them as usual, and she replied weakly, ” Without the script, Ruan Qiu’s performance is real, she is not so annoying…”

But the people in the group didn’t believe it at all, and were still scolding Ruan Qiu with more ugly words.


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