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Zhou Ping looked at the scrolling news, gritted her teeth, and struggled to say the next sentence, “I think we may have misunderstood her.”

The next second, Zhou Ping found that she had been removed from the group chat.

Zhou Ping’s mind went blank for a moment, but when she recovered, she was surprised to find that she was not as sad as she thought. Zhou Ping looked at the blank interface, and in her mind came the experience since she became a fan of Cheng Tianya until now. She found that she didn’t know when it started, her simple love for Cheng Tianya became a task, and she had to do it every day. She went to the other party’s Weibo to comment, if the other party had any news, she needed to go to support as soon as possible. If it was one step late, other people in the group would question whether she really liked Yaya so much.

It was like being brainwashed.

Zhou Ping broke out in a cold sweat at that realization. The friend who liked Cheng Tianya at the same time had come to ask her what was wrong and why she said that. If Zhou Ping was being carless, she would ask the administrator to add Zhou Ping back at that moment.

Zhou Ping looked at the messages that the other person kept sending, and suddenly felt very tired. She replied, “Those are my sincere words.”

“I will continue to participate in the recording of the variety show in the next episode.” Zhou Ping said, “If I am sure that Ruan Qiu is not that kind of person, I will leave the fandom.”

If Ruan Qiu was really wronged, Zhou Ping would not dare to imagine Cheng Tianya’s real face, who they always thought was kind and gentle. Cheng Tianya must know how hard it was for Ruan Qiu, who had just entered the circle and was on the rise, to be hit by such a hat as being a “third person” in a relationship. As long as she had the heart, it was not difficult for her to know the truth from her husband. If she knew the truth, but still said that…

The friend was stunned by her words and did not reply.

Zhou Ping was about to put away her phone when she saw that her beautiful and rich roommate, who was studying in the same acting department as herself, came back.

When her roommate saw her, she raised her eyebrows high, “Zhou Ping, did you sign up for a group performance, the one with Emperor Xue in it?”

“Yes.” Zhou Ping thought for a while, and added, “This show is very good, and Ruan Qiu’s performance is very exciting.”

Her roommate raised her eyebrows. She didn’t expect that Zhou Ping, who had always been silent, would take the initiative to give her an answer. And then she remembered, wasn’t Zhou Ping a fan of Cheng Tianya? Did Zhou Ping actually praise Ruan Qiu just now?

The beautiful roommate became a little interested, clicked on the phone, searched “Please Fall in Love with Me”, and the first clip that popped up turned out to be a clip released by an UP master with millions of fans. The other party expressed his liking with a striking title: [I will be sad if anyone doesn’t watch “Please Fall in Love with Me”, OK?]

The roommate felt that the content edited by the UP master with millions of fans should be guaranteed, and there were many comments below, but she didn’t read it carefully, and clicked on the video first.

At the beginning of the video, the head maid played by Zhou Ping screamed in horror at the camera, “Miss Bai is dead!”

Roommate: Who died?

She noticed something was wrong, and stopped the video. When she made sure that it was “Please Fall in Love with Me”, she clicked in again with doubts to continue watching.

As soon as the screen turned, the screen went black, and a subtitle in red appeared, [The night before].

The blood-red subtitle slowly disappeared, and a gorgeous manor appeared in front of her. The camera zoomed in and moved from the endless green lawn to the greenhouse, as well as the luxuriously decorated living room. The servants in the living room were busy preparing the dinner party..

But the UP master took the lead in throwing out the mystery that someone was killed, so people watching the video had been worried. Even watching that harmonious scene, they felt that there was a problem, for fear that a terrible murderer would jump out in the next second.

The roommate looked at the changed scene. The sky outside quickly darkened, and the living room was finally decorated to welcome its owner and that night’s guests.

The roommate admired Xue Wu, who was wearing a British suit, and then praised Qi Yingying and Bai Jinyao in her heart. She felt that the courteous housekeeper Ye Xingyu was also very good. But when the scene moved to Ruan Qiu, who was in the middle, the roommate was stunned.

She couldn’t help asking Zhou Ping, “Zhou Ping, is this Ruan Qiu? She used to look like this?”

“It’s her.” Zhou Ping looked at her phone, nodded and whispered, “I actually feel that Ruan Qiu is more confident than before… Maybe it’s because of her temperament. She was also good-looking from what I have seen from her old photos.”

The roommate couldn’t help but glance at Zhou Ping and wanted to ask if she was really a die-hard fan of Cheng Tianya, why was she helping Ruan Qiu with every sentence?

Zhou Ping understood the look in her eyes, but she didn’t explain, and said to her roommate, “Watch it first, I’ll wash up.”

The roommate nodded and continued to watch the edited video.

Jiang Yan, who was working as a chef, was also given a shot. The UP master thoughtfully used subtitles to mark each guest’s current apparent identity when they appeared on the stage. The roommate continued to watch while remembering their respective identities.


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