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Chi You, who was still holding the contract, was suddenly grabbed by someone. She looked up at the person in front of her, whose eyes were shining, hesitated for a moment, and took a step back.

The assistant director was startled, fearing that he might scare the young girl. He hurriedly rushed over, “Director He—”

He looked at this 1.8-meter-tall person with a flushed face for a second, hesitated, and also took a step back.

He Xing didn’t think for a moment that his behavior seemed like he had just come out of a mental hospital. His excitement was overflowing, and his eyes were filled with Chi You’s eyes and beauty mark.

“Are you… here for the audition?”


He Xing: “Change clothes!”

Chi You: “?”

Assistant Director: “…”

The makeup artist was about to finish her work and was not in a good mood when she was called back. The staff explained that the director suddenly had the idea to cast a girl who wanted to play a maid as the supporting female lead. The makeup artist’s mouth twitched, but when she entered the dressing room and saw the girl sitting with her back to her, she was unexpectedly intrigued.

She had been in the entertainment industry for a long time and had seen countless beautiful faces. With that day’s advanced technology, there were many real and fake beauties, and sometimes she felt visual fatigue.

However, when she saw the girl in the dressing room with her back turned, she felt her eyes light up.

The girl smiled at her through the mirror, and her eyes were bright.

She had already changed into the costume of the supporting female lead, a complicated ancient outfit that usually required specific makeup to complement it. But the girl in front of her looked very suitable.

Shi Yue had other commitments in the afternoon, so Chi Yu let her go first. Although she was worried about her, Shi Yue was a newcomer who had just graduated a year ago, and even on weekends, work kept her busy.

Chi Yu looked obedient when she didn’t speak, and even with such a stunning face, she gave off a comfortable and easygoing vibe.

When the makeup artist gently pinched her chin, she heard the artist say her skin was excellent.

Chi Yu didn’t move, slightly closed her eyes, and felt that after a short while, when she looked back in the mirror, there was a hint of astonishment in her eyes.

Her peach blossom eyes were more clear, with a slightly elongated eyeliner and eyebrows that carried a hint of charm. The makeup artist was evidently satisfied and artistically drew a peach blossom on her forehead.

“So beautiful.”

The makeup artist nodded, “I’ve done this makeup for many people, but you are the most suitable. This role is tailor-made for you.”


Chi Yu, with a face full of makeup, thanked her with a sweet smile. Then, she went through the script He Xing gave her.

The script was different from the one she had seen before. The plot and character details were more elaborate. After digesting the content, He Xing was already pacing by the door, anxiously asking if she was ready.

Chi Yu looked up and nodded.



He Xing’s new drama was called “Watching the Tides”. The story revolved around an unloved Crown Prince and Princess Consort, who joined forces to change the Emperor’s mind about deposing the prince and ultimately defeated the antagonist, securing the throne for themselves.

It was a conventional script, with the male lead being a just and caring Crown Prince who loved the people and cherished his wife. The female lead, the second female lead, played a pivotal role in supporting the male lead and solving his problems. The collaboration between the two was the main highlight.

The character that had been a headache for He Xing in terms of casting was the second female lead, who played the antagonist’s wife, Song Anying.

The antagonist was a prince with ambitious and cunning intentions, but he was deeply devoted to his consort. However, compared to him, Song Anying was more attracted to power. In the later part of the story, realizing that her husband was unreliable, she set her sights on the Crown Prince and even dared to flirt with him in front of her husband.

A typical malicious supporting female character who despised the one who treated her well, harbored ambitions, and ultimately committed suicide with the antagonist.

Chi You looked at the script in her hands, then glanced at the second male lead who had been called in after receiving several phone calls from He Xing. Finally, she turned her head, and He Xing vigorously nodded at her.

Holding a megaphone, He Xing exclaimed, “Yi Hong, what are you daydreaming of?! Hold her hand!”

The actor playing the male second lead, Bo Yihong, was initially a bit unhappy. He had gained some popularity recently, starring in two well-received dramas and a movie. If it weren’t for the fact that the male lead in this drama was an industry senior, the director wouldn’t have called him to play the male second lead just for an audition.

He Xing, holding the megaphone, was annoyed, “Bo Yihong! Try blushing a bit more! Now!”Chi Yu raised an eyebrow with a slight tilt of her eyelids, making Bo Yihong blush.


It was five in the afternoon and the audition for the second female lead of “Watching the Tides” was still going on. 

Many people had auditioned, and those who came to audition all had formal training, and their acting skills were excellent. However, each of them lacked that certain something that made their performance truly alluring.

When Chi Yu heard him say this, she inexplicably gave him a glance.


He Xing immediately exclaimed, “Yes, yes, yes! Maintain this state! It’s exactly this kind of speechless yet restrained feeling!”

The assistant director and makeup artist beside them couldn’t help but chuckle, and He Xing turned his head and glared at them.

The scene was arranged such that after knowing the Emperor had abandoned the idea of deposing the Crown Prince, Song Anying turned her face coldly to her husband.

Although it was just an audition, He Xing also turned on the nearby camera.

He looked at the camera screen and said, “Begin.”

Chi You, who had been looking down slightly, slowly raised her head nonchalantly.

[Song Anying slowly raised her eyes to look at her husband standing beside her.

Her red lips slightly opened, “Say it again?”

As soon as she said this, the tall and imposing Prince immediately closed his mouth. The one who had only kneeled before the Emperor and Empress bent his knee and quickly grasped the Princess’s hand after kneeling.


Song Anying forcefully shook off his hand, revealing a fierce expression on her face that was incompatible with her beautiful appearance.

She raised her hand to pinch the man’s chin in front of her, a flash of disgust and dissatisfaction in her eyes, suppressing her anger, “When we got married, you spoke so sweetly, coaxing me to marry you. Now you say that the Emperor favors the Crown Prince even more. Do you want me to be the princess forever?!”]

The tone was very aggressive, as if scaring the kneeling man out of his wits.

Not only Bo Yihong, but also those watching from the sidelines were stunned.

After finishing her performance, Chi You wanted to retract her hand, but He Xing remained motionless for a while, so she didn’t move either.

This scene was played so brilliantly that He Xing never expected Chi You’s acting skills to be on par with those trained actors, and her delivery of lines was unexpectedly outstanding.

Surprisingly, the seemingly obedient girl portrayed such a character with such a strong sense of identification. They were all a bit startled by Chi You’s performance just now. When everyone came to their senses, He Xing suddenly hesitated and spoke, “Chi You, can you do it like that…”

As he spoke, he made a gesture of brushing back his hair with his hand.

Everyone: … What strange thing is he doing again?

Chi You blinked, and since Bo Yihong had not stood up yet, she placed her fingertips on his forehead, slid them along his hair, leaned close to his ear, and said something in a cold expression.

Seeing that, He Xing jumped up with a red face, saying, “That’s it!”

Everyone was shocked: Did he really find someone who can understand him? Also, why is his face as red as a boiling teapot?!

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