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Although He Xing was already a renowned director with the support of the Gu family, he seemed to have no airs. He paid no attention to the open disdain from some assistant directors, blushing as he finalized the contract with Chi You. Excitedly, he then posted a message on his social media.

[He Xing: Fortunate to be favored by the goddess of luck!]

His social media was a mix of various people, including some competitors, so he didn’t reveal any information about the new drama.

Feeling unsatisfied after posting, he turned to chat privately with Gu Jingxu.

[He Xing: Lao Gu!! I found a treasure today!]

[He Xing: Image]

[He Xing: She’s stunning!!]

He Xing, being from an artistic background, tended to view attractive people through a filter. Chi You looked gentle, but once in character, she exuded a fierce determination that He Xing found appealing.

So, his compliments weren’t just about her looks; they also praised her acting. In short, it all condensed into one sentence for He Xing.


However, Gu Jingxu, bombarded with information, didn’t respond immediately.

He sat in the top-floor office at Gu’s, and at a certain moment, he suddenly looked up at the floor-to-ceiling windows.

His assistant, a bit puzzled, followed his gaze.

The city lights were dazzling, and from the top floor, it seemed like everything could be seen.

Having worked at Gu’s for a long time, he was immune to such scenery, but at this moment, he wondered why President Gu seemed a bit out of sorts.

“President Gu?”

He returned to his senses, lowered his eyes to the documents in front of him, and didn’t respond.

After a while, he closed the few pages he hadn’t read, lifted his hand to pinch the bridge of his nose, leaned back with some fatigue, and spoke with a slightly hoarse voice, “You can go home first.”

After the assistant left, Gu Jingxu looked out the window, and his dark eyes flickered a few times before picking up his phone lying aside.

Moments later, a subtle change appeared on the man’s usually calm face.

After sharing the audition results with Shi Yue, Chi You returned home by bus. Upon arriving, she saw a message in the class group that tagged all members.

The original wonder had just graduated from the fourth year, and luckily, she had completed her thesis defense. Otherwise, Chi You might have faced some troubles.

The message in the class group mentioned the next day’s graduation ceremony and the attendance of a significant figure.

Although the audition was completed, He Xing hadn’t mentioned the shooting schedule yet. Therefore, Chi You had time the next day.

The second female lead’s pay was a figure that satisfied Chi You. Without checking her meager account balance, she was about to put down her phone and take a shower when she received another message.

[Class Advisor: Chi You, the graduation ceremony is tomorrow. We want you to pin the badge on Mr. Gu. Can you make it?]

[Class Advisor: I know you’ve been busy lately. If it’s not possible, just let me know. We won’t insist.]

Chi You looked at the advisor’s message.

She was sitting in a rented room at the moment, with cracks on the ceiling and a dim light hanging precariously.

The original owner excelled academically, loved astronomy, but her parents insisted on enrolling her in finance. Despite not liking the major, she worked hard. However, after graduating as the top student, the reward was getting kicked out of the house.

The money in her account was enough to support her until the shooting started, so Chi You didn’t need to work part-time jobs for the time being. She pursed her lips, looking at the advisor’s message. She hadn’t replied yet when she received another voice message from her senior.

She played it.

“You You, I heard from my friend working at Gu’s that Mr. Gu will be coming back to the university. It’s great that he’s coming back to his alma mater. We can even invite him to attend the graduation ceremony…”

Chi You’s expression froze.

Only at this moment did she realize that the “Mr. Gu” mentioned in the advisor’s message referred to someone specific.

The President of Gu’s Group, the male lead of the original novel, Gu Jingxu.

The senior sent two more voice messages, but Chi You didn’t listen immediately.

She returned to the chat with the advisor.

[You You: Teacher, I’m free tomorrow. Thank you. See you tomorrow.]


A university was a long-established prestigious institution. The original owner put in a lot of effort to be admitted, and now Chi You stood outside the campus, watching the passing students with a somewhat inexplicable sentiment.

She didn’t go to university in her past life. After graduating from high university, she didn’t pursue further education. However, she was particularly curious about university life, so after becoming popular, she took on many roles set in university settings.

The original owner seemed to have a good social circle. Although her current situation wasn’t public, she didn’t deliberately hide it. The fact that the heiress of the Chi family was kicked out after returning had almost spread around the campus.

However, her phone still received many messages of concern.

Chi You replied to them all the previous night.

Shi Yue knew that Gu Jingxu was coming to the university and reluctantly went there.

Most students in the finance department idolized Gu Jingxu. When Gu Jingxu was at A university, he majored in finance. Later, he expanded the Gu Group, donated two buildings to his alma mater, and his photo was still on display on the university’s plaques.

Standing in front of the display, carefully examining the face that flashed by the previous day, Chi You’s lips curved up slightly.

The male lead was truly the typical domineering president.

Even during his student days, his face was cold to an astonishing degree—jet-black eyebrows, high-bridged nose, and thin lips, making him seem unapproachable.

Novel male leads were often portrayed this way.

But now, it was concretely presented before her.

With these cold eyes imprinted in her mind, Chi You looked up to see Shi Yue already walking over.

The graduation ceremony was held in the university’s new auditorium. When the two approached, many students were already in front of the auditorium.

Coincidentally, it was the graduation season, and students had a lot to say when together. After saying goodbye, the most mentioned topic was the VIP coming that day.

Chi You was too lazy to listen to their worshipful tones. After meeting with the dean and counselor, she sat in the front row.

Shi Yue’s position was a bit behind, and the two didn’t sit together.

Before the graduation ceremony began, music played in the auditorium.

Chi You sat patiently in her seat, waiting.

Before long, she saw the principal approaching with a figure in black.

The black suit complemented his figure, and his long legs covered more distance with each stride. Chi You didn’t pay much attention, but after withdrawing her gaze, she couldn’t contain the smile on her lips.

The student representative who gave the graduation speech was the president of their graduating class. After finishing his speech, everyone stood up.

Chi You, along with four other students wearing badges, entered from the side.

Gu Jingxu was in the front row of the audience.

Tall and with long legs, he stood out among the principal and others. Step by step, Chi You approached slowly.

Just before standing up, the principal whispered to him, smiling, that he was cooperative this year. Gu Jingxu politely responded, saying he had been too busy in previous years.

While waiting to be awarded the badge in front of the seat, Gu Jingxu’s eyes looked forward. His features were cold, whether at the corners of his eyes or lips, there was an expressionless coldness.

In the next moment, the girl in a white knee-length skirt approached.

Gu Jingxu did not shift his gaze to her.

However, the girl stood in front of him, hesitated for a moment, seeming somewhat awkward.

“Mr. Gu, could you please bend down?”

Gu Jingxu’s brows slightly moved, and as he lowered his eyes, he met a familiar face.

His eyes trembled for a moment, and in the next moment, under the girl’s hesitant and timid gaze, he slightly bent down.


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