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The staff took her around the main hall and continued to walk forward. Ruan Qiu saw a wooden building covering an area of ​​at least a hundred square meters. She was admiring this modern building full of ancient charm, when she heard the staff say, “This is the Emperor’s bedroom, and it is also where you will live.”

Ruan Qiu walked into the bedroom according to the guidance of the staff, and found a small cubicle without a camera to change clothes.

When Ruan Qiu, who was wearing a dark red eunuch uniform, came out, the staff was slightly amazed again.

The crimson clothes made Ruan Qiu look even more good. She carefully twisted her long hair up, then put on a hat of the same color, tied the hat strap to her chin, and looked at the person in front of her. She obviously did not wear make-up, but her slightly raised eyes were full of light, as if she was not playing as an eunuch in the deep palace, but an official girl who wanted to be naughty on a whim.

[Help, I thought at first that Ruan Qiu would not look good as an eunuch, but now I realize that I was wrong!]

[But how can Ruan Qiu fall in love as an eunuch…]

[In other words, have you ever thought that the eunuch played by Ruan Qiu was originally a female, but was discovered by Emperor Xue Wu, and Xue Wu directly promoted her to be the chief eunuch and let her stay by his side all the time?]

[The pen is given to you, I beg you to write the plot!]

[Golden house hidden beauty! I am directly in the golden house!]

The staff recovered and left with a smile. When she passed Ruan Qiu, she whispered to Ruan Qiu, “Do your best!”

Ruan Qiu nodded slightly, then walked around the palace slowly, checking every item carefully.

While she was checking the items, the remaining two guests also came to the recording site.

Bai Jinyao and Ye Xingyu arrived almost at the same time, so the staff simply asked them both to draw their identities together.

Bai Jinyao narrowed her eyes slowly, and read out the content of the note she had drawn, “The Emperor’s guard?!”

Ye Xingyu looked at his note and his pupils shook, “The princess who has been raised by the Empress Dowager since childhood?!”

Bai Jinyao and Ye Xingyu looked at each other and said in unison, “How about we exchange?”

The staff next to them received instructions from the chief director and said to them with a smile, “You can’t change. Please change your clothes.”

Bai Jinyao and Ye Xingyu: …

The audience was about to go crazy.

[Hahahaha, I now believe that the director didn’t decide their identities!]

[Ye Xingyu in women’s clothes? Great, I want to see it!]

[Their expressions are so painful, I am so happy, hahaha.]

When Bai Jinyao and Ye Xingyu finished changing their clothes, the audience laughed even more.

[Help, Bai Jinyao is so short. She is still the boss of the guards. It’s really funny imagining her raised head when she talks to her subordinates, hahaha!]

[Come and see Ye Xingyu, hahaha.]

[Ye Xingyu in women’s clothing… Can you still watch it? He dyed his yellow hair black, so it didn’t violate the environment, but his bones are too big and it is a little awkward when he walks.]

[He is a bit taller than the palace maid next to him, hahaha, I remembered that emoji bag (it is bigger than you).]

[Hahaha, I can already imagine the Empress Dowager’s expression when she sees Ye Xingyu.]

[The two of them, a woman dressed as a man and a man as a woman, how are they going to fall in love? Haha!]

[This episode must be very good, their identities are too wonderful.]

The barrage was very lively, and the program team quickly announced the identities of the guests in this episode of the program on the official Weibo. While attracting traffic, they also released a heavy news——

In this episode, there was a temporary guest.

[A temporary guest in a love variety show? Director, are you all right?]

[Sao is still director Sao, his way has shocked me for a hundred years.]

[So who is the guest? Why is it only announced now?]

The audience was gearing up, some of them scolded the director to vent their anger, while preparing to complain about the upcoming temporary guest, and resolutely not letting this temporary guest join the team of CPs, but some people were more excited. A temporary guest would make the Shura field even bigger.

The camera followed Qi Yingying, who was wearing a female official’s costume, to the Empress Dowager’s palace. When Qi Yingying saw the group acting on the road, they would squat down and salute her slightly.

Fortunately, the palace maid who followed her was said to be her subordinate, and she had been successfully leading her into the Empress Dowager’s bedroom before she stopped in front of the door and let her go in alone.

The director made preparations to announce the temporary guest at the later stage in a timely manner——

Qin Shuangyu leaned lazily on the soft couch and said to Qi Yingying, who was standing in the center of the room, looking at her with a shocked expression, “Aijia is tired today, let Ping’er take you out.”

(Note: aijia meaning: āi jiā I, me, a self-referring by a widowed Empress etc, used in historical novels and operas.)


[I’m blind, right? She must not be Empress Qin, right?]

[Why did Queen Qin come to participate in this love show?! It’s her first time participating in a variety show!]

Whether it was the ones who were going to scold the temporary guest or those who welcomed it, they were all stunned.

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