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The gorgeously dressed Qin Shuangyu wore heavy makeup, and the bright red corners of her eyes made her look very sharp, which perfectly matched the status of the “Empress Dowager in Power”. She was beautiful and indifferent, making it impossible to see that she was almost forty years old. It made people feel that she wasn’t filming a variety show. At this moment, she was the ruthless Empress Dowager, who controlled the puppet Emperor and was very ambitious.

In the later period, it was specially stated that Qin Shuangyu did not participate in the love field, but existed as an important character to promote the plot.

[Is this the acting of a top actress…]

[Empress Qin can’t form CPs? Pity.]

[Let’s team up quietly, it’s okay, let’s see who can stop our CP squad!]

[I heard before that Qin Shuangyu was originally going to make a movie, but the heroine of that movie is now officially announced as Cheng Tianya.]  

[Why is she everywhere? She is a bad omen, don’t mention her.]

Many shocked viewers ran to the official Weibo account of the show team and asked them how they invited Qin Shuangyu.

The popularity of “Please fall in love with me” skyrocketed again, making the directors of other variety shows jealous. They didn’t understand how it could attract Xue Wu and Qin Shuangyu.

The chief director looked at the questions of the audience and colleagues, and remained silent.

He didn’t know why Xue Wu agreed at that time, but Qin Shuangyu…

Qin Shuangyu on the live screen called the palace maid Ping’er. Many people recognized her as the head maid in the previous episode. Before the audience could start shouting, they saw Qin Shuangyu suddenly hold Ping’er’s hand, she said to her with bright eyes, “Call Xue… I mean the Emperor and eunuch. I have something to say to them.”

She had just learned from the director about the identities of Xue Wu and Ruan Qiu this time, and she couldn’t wait to see how the two of them stood together.

Zhou Ping: “…Yes, Empress Dowager.”

[Why did she ask for Xue Wu and Ruan Qiu to come over?]

[Is it my illusion? I feel that Qin Shuangyu just smiled.]

[That smile looks like an aunt’s smile…]

The chief director backstage looked up at the sky again. He really wanted to tell them, yes, Qin Shuangyu was smiling like an aunt! She came over to find him just to be able to eat Xue Wu and Ruan Qiu’s CP in person, and said she wanted to participate in that episode.

CP fans were terrible!

It wasn’t until Zhou Ping walked in front of Qi Yingying and whispered to remind her to follow her out that she regained her senses, put away her shock when she saw the childhood Goddess Qin Shuangyu, and followed Zhou Ping out.

The camera installed on the palace wall moved with them. Because Zhou Ping was in a hurry to find Xue Wu and Ruan Qiu, she spoke to Qi Yingying at a faster rate, “Ms. Qi, please remember, the Empress Dowager said, you have done well before, Queen Wan has gone crazy in the cold palace, and Concubine Liu Gui drank the medicine you gave, and there is no chance of having children in this life… In short, the Empress Dowager will not treat you badly. If you want to go out of the palace, I will help you arrange it.”

Qi Yingying frowned.

How could she be a bad person this time?

[Qi Yingying is absolutely crazy, the entire harem doomed.]

[It should be that the Empress Dowager is crazy, Qi Yingying is just a knife in her hand.]

[The Harem · Qin Shuangyu’s story!]

[Hahah!! Why are the netizens so weird? Haha!]

[Does Xue Wu actually have a harem? He is not clean!]

[Should the focus be on that?]

Just as Qi Yingying followed Zhou Ping out, Ye Xingyu also went to the Empress Dowager’s bedroom under the guidance of the palace maid.

He knew from the palace maid that he was the “daughter” of the fourth prince, but he was raised under the Empress Dowager’s lap since he was a child, so he was not close to the fourth prince, and usually lived with the Empress Dowager, and his activities were limited to the imperial garden.

Ye Xingyu was thinking about how to meet with Qi Yingying, otherwise it would be difficult to continue to fry CP with Qi Yingying. He was trying to find a way when he saw two people approaching from the opposite side.

When Ye Xingyu saw Qi Yingying, his eyes lit up, and he immediately waved at the other party and asked her to come over.

Qi Yingying saw a tall “woman” waving at her from a distance, squinted her eyes, and got closer. The more she looked at the other party, the more familiar she felt.

The warm pink dress, the flowing hair, the broad palms, the familiar looks…

Wasn’t this Ye Xingyu?!

Qi Yingying: “Pfft.”

Hearing Qi Yingying’s laughter, he realized that he was still wearing women’s clothes and a wig, so Ye Xingyu silently retracted his hand: …Let him die.

Zhou Ping was also shocked, but her acting skills made her calm down quickly. Holding back her laugh, she reminded Qi Yingying, “Miss Qi, this is Princess Xingyu.”

Qi Yingying laughed so much that her shoulders could not stop shaking. She couldn’t open her mouth at all, because if she opened her mouth, she would burst out laughing. She had to cover her mouth and bend over to Ye Xingyu, pretending that she had already greeted him, then she pushed Zhou Ping, motioning her to leave quickly with her. Otherwise, she would really laugh.


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