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Two days had passed since the announcement of the clarification.

However, the earthquake in the entertainment industry that netizens expected did not happen, and Cheng Tianya was not actually affected. Most of the capital and film and television parties were still waiting and watching. After all, compared with those legal professionals, Cheng Tianya did not make a big mistake on the surface, but passers-by’s perception of her was a little worse, but the purchasing power of her fans could fully make up for that part of the loss, so they did not cancel their cooperation with Cheng Tianya.

At the same time, the recording time for the second episode of “Please fall in love with me” had arrived.

Xue Wu originally wanted to take a car with Ruan Qiu to the recording scene, but was persuaded by Lin Hong, “People will mistakenly think you’re living together!”

Better not to behave that way while doing “business”! 

Xue Wu also knew that this matter had to be done step by step. Although his fans did not respond much to it, such rumors were not good for Ruan Qiu after all, so he arrived at the recording site by himself. The chief director backstage didn’t expect him to come so early, and hurriedly asked the cameraman to follow him to extract the identity this time.

[This is Hengdian. I remember that many large-scale costume dramas were filmed here. Xue Wu’s “Dynasty” was filmed here.]

[Did the director see our comments and wanted to make Ruan Qiu an Emperor? Hahaha!]

[Great! I want to see Empress Xue serve Emperor Ruan!]

[Help, I can’t handle it! Hahaha!]

[Is there a prototype? Which dynasty is it borrowed from?]

When the chief director saw that, he shivered, and hurriedly told the audience that it was an alternative background, and it must not be researched. It was only for entertainment. He can’t afford for other people to scold him for historical nihilism.

Even in the previous episode, someone reported that their variety show had a tendency of national nihilism, saying that they worshiped foreign things, and the chief director was confused at that time.

Could that be reported?

The audience was amused by the later explanation, and they all said that the director was too strict. The chief director thought silently, he was afraid anyway, and it was better to explain than to be reported off the shelves inexplicably.

[By the way, why hasn’t Ruan Qiu come yet? Qi Yingying and Jiang Yan are here, she won’t be angry with Cheng Tianya, right?]

[Bah, bah, Ruan Qiu is here! Don’t mention the unlucky person, just concentrate on watching the show.]

Ruan Qiu was deliberately late this time.

She wondered, if the order in which the people arrived were different, would the identities they draw still be the same as the plot in the original book?

The staff took the small suitcase from her, then handed her a wooden box and asked her to extract her identity this time. Ruan Qiu rubbed her hands nervously, and then drew out a small note under the smiling eyes of the staff and the nervous eyes of the director and the audience.

She opened it slowly and saw her identity this time——

[The chief eunuch beside the Emperor]

Seeing the identity this time, Ruan Qiu showed a smile. It seems that the original plot was still in effect, and everyone’s identities had not changed, so the death triggers she concluded before should have not changed, and there was no new danger, she was still safe.

But the audience and her reaction were completely different.

[Eunuch? Is what I’m seeing right?]

[Chief eunuch?]

[Why does Ruan Qiu always get to be a servant, did the director really not do that on purpose ?]

[Actually, this identity is much better than the maid… Ruan Qiu is in power, she needs to control the Emperor, and establish herself as a king!]

[Don’t change the love variety show into a plot variety show without Translatorization!]

[Wait, I remember that Xue Wu’s identity is an Emperor.]

[Exactly! Ruan Qiu’s role this time makes it easy for her to be with Xue Wu all time, so it’s super easy to see their interaction! Thank you director!]

The chief director backstage thought aggrievedly that he really didn’t operate in the dark this time, and it was Ruan Qiu who drew that identity on her own.

He looked at Xue Wu, who had drawn the identity of the Emperor and had already changed into a black dragon robe, and then looked at Jiang Yan, who had drawn an imperial physician identity and had already started decoction, and at the exclusive female official who was heading to the Empress Dowager. Qi Yingying in the bedroom thought that this time their identities were restricted to such a degree that they should not be able to act as demons… right?

The chief director turned his attention to Ruan Qiu, stared at her closely, and decided to pay attention to her throughout the whole process, to see how she would ruin his script and end the recording ahead of time.

Ruan Qiu on the other side did not know that she was labeled as a high-risk person by the chief director, and she had already entered the shooting location. Ruan Qiu followed the staff inside while observing the surrounding environment.

The place there should be an ancient palace, even if it was a reduced version, the area was not small, and the cost was not cheap.

They came in from outside the palace. At the gate stood a group of guards in armor, with long swords at their waist, guarding the palace gate. After entering the palace, there was a long flagstone road. There were several intersections in the way, but the staff did not lead her to turn around. Instead, they walked straight to the hall above the steps and told her, “This is where you usually go to court.”

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