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[Help, is this Ye Xingyu?]

[Ye Xingyu looks surprisingly good in women’s clothing, but it’s really hilarious, hahaha.]

[Ye Xingyu: Thanks for the invitation. I am currently in the Imperial Palace, experiencing cross-dressing for the first time. It’s quite embarrassing.]

As Qi Yingying trotted away, Ye Xingyu heard the distant laughter, lifted the corners of his mouth, wanting to tell the person that he could still hear, but he didn’t want to endure a second round of mockery. He continues walking towards the Empress Dowager’s sleeping quarters.

For a moment, he suddenly didn’t want to be paired with Qi Yingying.

Ye Xingyu secretly thought that even if he didn’t get the attention or rewards for this episode, he couldn’t let others see him cross-dressing again.

He decided to stay honestly in the Empress Dowager’s sleeping quarters, not going anywhere, not even stepping out the door. He refused to believe that anyone else would see him.

Zhou Ping took Qi Yingying to the living quarters where she usually stayed as a court lady, informing her that the palace maids there were skilled in singing and dancing. Qi Yingying needed to teach them etiquette to avoid any mishaps during palace banquets.

After settling Qi Yingying, Zhou Ping went to find Eunuch Ruan. She took a deep breath at the entrance of the sleeping quarters and calmly asked, “Is Eunuch Ruan here?”

[Hahaha, Eunuch Ruan. Sorry, I couldn’t help but burst into laughter.]

Eunuch Ruan Qiu was inspecting the folding screen when she heard the words and walked out. Upon seeing Zhou Ping, she couldn’t resist raising her eyebrows and replied, “I’m here, what’s the matter?”

“The Empress Dowager asks you and the Emperor to come over,” Zhou Ping said, glancing behind Eunuch Ruan Qiu. “Where is the Emperor?”

Eunuch Ruan Qiu was about to shake her head, saying she hadn’t seen Xue Wu yet, when Xue Wu’s deep voice came from behind, “Here.”

Xue Wu flipped in through the wooden window on the other side of the wall, his long legs crossing the wooden frame. The black robe fluttered with the movement, and the twelve white jade strands on the black Imperial Crown swayed slightly, unable to conceal his handsome face and commanding presence.

He walked towards Eunuch Ruan Qiu and Zhou Ping, his steps steady but full of aura, as if he was born to be in charge, the ruler of the world.

[Dreaming back to “Dynasty,” this is the oppressive feeling of a top-notch actor!]

[Ah, he’s so handsome! I’m swooning!]

[Xue Wu and ancient costumes are a perfect match, please, Emperor Xue, act in another historical drama for the benefit of society!]

Amidst the barrage of screams in the comments, Xue Wu reached Eunuch Ruan Qiu’s side, took off the inconvenient Imperial Crown, and replaced it with the jade crown on the table. Eunuch Ruan Qiu blinked, suddenly realizing that she couldn’t look directly at Xue Wu in her current identity, and quickly bowed, “I…”

“No need,” Xue Wu reached out, gently lifting Eunuch Ruan Qiu, interrupting her words. “No need to call yourself a servant or bow. Look at me.”

Eunuch Ruan Qiu stood up and looked up, smiling at Xue Wu. “Yes, thank you, Your Majesty. I’ll remember.”

In the world of business, she knew what to do.

On the seemingly non-existent side, Zhou Ping:…

“Why did the Empress Dowager summon me?” Xue Wu turned to Zhou Ping.

Zhou Ping smiled, “The Empress Dowager did not specify. Please, Your Majesty and Eunuch Ruan, follow me. Don’t keep the Empress Dowager waiting.”

[Tsk, tsk, Xue Wu is so biased.]

[He says “I” informally to Eunuch Ruan Qiu, but formally to Zhou Ping! Who noticed this?!]

[Woo, this blatant favoritism! Sisters, let’s talk!]

[Although we can’t see the Empress, I’m totally okay with Eunuch Ruan serving Emperor Xue!]

[I feel like Zhou Ping is so bold. This is in front of the Emperor, is her way of speaking appropriate?]

[Is the person above not paying attention to Xue Wu’s status? Xue Wu is currently a puppet Emperor without real power, and the one truly in control is the Empress Dowager. So, as someone close to the Empress Dowager, Zhou Ping’s attitude towards the Emperor is normal.]

Zhou Ping took a few steps forward, remembered something, and turned back to Xue Wu, saying, “Forgive me, Your Majesty. The treasury is empty recently, and the silver has been used for disaster relief. So, all the items you like in the palace have been removed. Also, due to your previous bad mood, you have killed quite a few servants. The Empress Dowager specifically said not to let you ride a soft sedan chair, to prevent you from venting your anger again, and she wants you to go see her.”

Ruan Qiu and Xue Wu also obtained key information from that. Xue Wu’s current status as the Emperor was not only a puppet in the hands of the Empress Dowager, but the Emperor himself was a tyrant who was extravagant and liked to kill people.

In short, this time he was not a good person.

[Good guy, this time, they won’t all be villains again, right?]

[Although I’d like to say it’s a director’s routine, in the palace, there are probably very few good people. The truly kind-hearted ones have probably died long ago.]

Amidst the comments, Xue Wu and Ruan Qiu followed behind Zhou Ping, walking at a distance not too near or too far. Ruan Qiu turned her head, quietly asking Xue Wu, “Where did the Emperor go just now?”

Xue Wu lowered his head slightly, walking alongside Ruan Qiu, and answered her, “Went to catch someone.”

“Is it the murderer?” Ruan Qiu asked.

“Not sure,” Xue Wu said, “When I just arrived, I found a man in a black tight-fitting suit searching for something in my sleeping quarters, so I chased him out through the window. His hands were empty, but I’m not sure if he had something hidden in his clothes.”

“I chased him to the Imperial Garden, where there are many hills, and lost him there,” Xue Wu said.

Because the camera was following the guests, the audience in Xue Wu’s livestream room also didn’t know who the man in black was and where he went. They were anxious, stomping their feet, urging the director to reveal the plot quickly.

The chief director backstage revealed a satisfied smile.

In reality, the Empress Dowager’s sleeping quarters were not far from the Emperor’s sleeping quarters, so Ruan Qiu and Xue Wu arrived at the location in just a few minutes.


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