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The girl was tall, and with the small high heels, she reached his shoulders. Gu Jingxu’s nose was surrounded by the fragrance emanating from the girl; he unconsciously held his breath, and his gaze involuntarily lowered.

He hadn’t observed carefully last time, but it turned out she had a teardrop mole at the corner of her eye.

It was just the right size and position, and as she half-raised her peach blossom eyes, her long, curly eyelashes resembled two small fans. She looked very focused, revealing a slender and fair piece of arm as she earnestly attached a badge to him.

In less than five seconds, the girl lifted her head again, revealing a polite smile towards him, and the slightly upturned corners of her eyes were quite enchanting.

After a slight nod from him, Chi You withdrew her hand, turned around, and followed the classmates in front of her to leave. The music gradually changed, and students performing songs took the stage.

Chi You did not immediately return to her position backstage.

She stood at the edge of the stage, seemingly interested in the male classmate singing on stage.

Her position was not conspicuous, and some junior students were applauding from that side. She moved slightly to the side, and heard a voice quietly calling her name.

She turned her head and saw a junior who had just gone on stage with her to present badges to the leaders.

The junior was tall, and when he looked down at her, he seemed a bit shy. “Senior Chi, can I get your contact information?”

The junior was tall, and when he looked down at her, he seemed a bit shy. “Senior Chi, can I add your contact information? I’ve liked you for a long time.”

Some people around noticed them, and there was some curiosity for a moment.

Her name wasn’t unfamiliar to them; she was the annual recipient of the highest scholarship in the school, and her photo was on the honor wall. She was beautiful, came from a good family, and was more diligent in her studies than anyone else.

Many senior and junior students liked her, but they heard that she got a boyfriend, so many gave up.

Some people didn’t know about her being a fake heiress of the Chi family before, but that day, at the graduation ceremony, they had gathered and figured it out.

What disgusted them the most was Chi You’s ex-boyfriend.

When he pursued Chi You, it was a big deal; the whole school knew about it. Now that he knew she was a fake heiress, he broke up with her without saying a word.

Some silently cursed, while others felt that their chance had come.

Chi You looked at the boy in front of her, and her smile remained unchanged as she shook her head. “Sorry, I currently don’t have any plans to date.”

After being rejected, the junior’s face turned even redder. He should have expected this result, but he persistently asked, “Then… if you ever want to date, can you consider me first?”

As he spoke, he felt that it seemed inappropriate. It sounded like he was morally pressuring Chi You. He regretfully bit his lip.

Chi You still smiled gently, saying, “Let’s talk about it when the time comes.”

After saying this, she didn’t look at the students on stage anymore, pretended not to notice the gaze that seemed to linger behind her, and went backstage.

The graduation ceremony wasn’t that strict; students could move around or change seats freely. However, A University’s students were well-mannered and wouldn’t disturb others watching the program. So, although there were quite a few students gathered in that area, no teacher asked them to leave.

After the girl’s figure disappeared, Gu Jingxu withdrew his gaze indifferently, and his silent eyes fell on the constantly changing background on the stage.

It wasn’t until the entire graduation ceremony ended that he suddenly came back to his senses.

The principal had finished his speech and left the stage. The applause of the students gradually faded from his ears, and Gu Jingxu subconsciously scanned the surroundings. Inattentively, he heard the principal saying, “Some graduates from the Finance Department want to discuss some issues with you. Do you have time?”

The Finance Department?

Gu Jingxu’s dark eyes sank, and he responded in a low voice, “I have time.”

When he entered the meeting room and didn’t see that familiar figure, Gu Jingxu suddenly felt a bit annoyed.

Some uncontrollable emotions seemed to be sprouting.

He didn’t know what he wanted to do.


These past two days, she had already appeared in front of Gu Jingxu. Chi You knew that some things couldn’t be rushed, so when the advisor asked her if she needed to discuss matters with Gu Jingxu, she obediently stated that she had already changed her career.

Although the advisor was surprised, she respected her decision.

After leaving the auditorium, she received a call from her mother.

She had already blocked her father’s number, hesitated for a moment, and still answered.

“Chi You, the Chi family has raised you for so many years, but you’re not as good as raising a white-eyed wolf.”

Words as sharp as a knife came through the phone, and with it, the suffocating feeling came again.

Chi You’s face instantly turned cold, “Madam Chi, do you want me to apologize to Miss Xu? I’ve already gone, didn’t she tell you?”

Upon hearing her unfamiliar address and tone, there was a moment of silence on the other end of the phone, followed by even more malicious words reaching Chi You’s ears.

“I want you to come and apologize to Xue Yin. I don’t want you to sneak around. You should clarify in front of everyone what you’ve done to Xue Yin! Over the years, you’ve stolen her identity. You owe her!”

A cold sensation rose in Chi You’s chest, and she laughed in anger. She said “Madam Chi, listening to you, someone who doesn’t know might think that I intentionally swapped myself with Miss Xu when I was born.”

Clearly, the original owner was also innocent, but just because she grew up in the Chi family, she became the scapegoat.

Upon hearing her words, Madam Chi choked for a moment. She sneered, “Now that you’ve left the Chi family, your true colors are exposed, right? It’s really pitiful how you pretended so well in front of us before.”

Chi You’s fingertips holding the phone turned slightly pale.

“What exactly do you want?”

“We will hold a banquet for Xue Yin in a while. When the time comes, you come back and apologize in front of everyone. I will arrange for your household registration to be moved out.”

Chi You smiled expressionlessly. “As you wish.”

She hung up the phone and pursed her lips, recalling the emotions just now.

The sadness of the original host, she could still feel it a bit.

The parents of the Chi family didn’t love their children, and their attitude towards the original owner over the years was like this.

Chi You forcefully suppressed the restlessness in her eyes and heard Shi Yue running towards her from behind.

When she turned around, the girl already had a smile on her face. “Senior, how was it?”

She was chosen to ask Gu Jingxu questions.

Shi Yue was excited, saying “Mr. Gu is really professional! I couldn’t articulate many questions, but he immediately knew what I was asking! He’s knowledgeable, experienced, and I’ve learned a lot!”

Watching her expression, Chi You’s smile deepened.

For a moment, she thought of the gaze he had cast on her face when she was putting the badge on for him.

Cold and distant, with a strong sense of boundaries, yet uncontrollably gentle, lightly falling on her.

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