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[The Crown Prince, overwhelmed by alcohol, tried to return to the palace to find the Crown Princess. As he pushed open the door, his steps were slightly unsteady.

He looked at the woman in the white dress sitting beside the bed, her face elegant. Although his vision was somewhat blurry, in his sleeping chamber, only the Crown Princess would wear such a pure color.

His face felt slightly warm at the thought, realizing that despite being married for many days, they had not consummated their marriage. He closed the door, walked slowly closer, and, before sitting down, spoke, “I drank today, and you may find fault with me.”

The Crown Prince and Crown Princess were close, never using complicated titles when talking. Song Anying lowered her head, and the hand hidden in the oversized sleeves trembled slightly.

She suddenly thought that her husband was also like this.

Clearly a high-ranking prince, but from the very first meeting, he treated her…

Song Anying’s thoughts were interrupted because the slightly drunk Crown Prince patted her hand. His cheeks were slightly red as he leaned in and softly called the Crown Princess’s name.

Song Anying’s gaze was cold, but a smile appeared on her lips, “Your Highness…”

Her voice was gentle, and the crown prince immediately stopped.

Song Anying sensed trouble, and the next moment, she saw him abruptly standing up, forcefully grabbing her arm to make her stand. Under the bright candlelight, he looked at her face and suddenly sobered up.

He became furious, “You’re audacious! Guards!”

After a chaotic scene, the woman in the white dress couldn’t stand and fell to the ground, curling up in a vulnerable manner. However, the Crown Prince showed no pity, swinging his sleeves and coldly saying, “Escort the Princess back to the royal residence. Tell the Prince that if there’s a next time, she won’t be let off so easily!”

The Crown Prince left in a huff, while the woman with ink-black hair remained motionless on the ground, evoking a sense of pity.

But the pair of eyes hidden beneath her dark hair were filled with resentment.]

After smoothly finishing the scene, Director He couldn’t help but give Chi You several close-up shots, praising, “My treasure acting is really powerful!”

Gu Jingxu agreed to his statement, looking at Chi You, who was already walking over with her skirt lifted.

Having invested in so many dramas, Gu Group’s familiarity with this script was unparalleled.

He thought Chi You performed very well.

Without uttering a word, just by eye contact, Chi You could guess what he wanted to say.

A big smile adorned her face, completely unrelated to the malicious character she portrayed in the previous scene. “Finally I’m done shooting.”

Heaping praises on her, Director He suddenly whispered to her, “Babe, do you have plans to take on a new drama recently?”

“As ‘Watching the Tides’ is coming to an end, Yang Qirou has already started helping me find other projects.” Chi You didn’t immediately answer him but instead asked, “Do you have a new drama to film?”

He waved his hand, saying, “Yes, I bought the rights to an IP.”

Chi You raised an eyebrow slightly but tilted her head directly to look at Gu Jingxu beside her, “Is it President Gu’s idea?”

Gu Jingxu’s eyes flickered slightly, not expecting her to guess it right away.

“Yes, he suggested it, but I picked the novel!”

Director He said, “I think you’d be suitable for the female lead.”

Director He had a keen eye for casting, but Chi You didn’t immediately agree.

“I need to read the script before confirming. Let’s wait a bit.”

Director He wasn’t in a hurry either; there were still many things to wrap up at the end of “Watching the Tides”. He said, “Sure, I’ll find you later.”

Chi You agreed, “I’ll go remove my makeup first.”

She glanced at the expressionless Gu Jingxu and turned to leave.

While adjusting the cameras, Gu Jingxu said, “I’m leaving too.”

She didn’t have time to pay attention to him and just responded.

Chi You walked towards the rest area at an unhurried pace. As she walked, a man approached from behind, quickening his steps, reaching out to pull her into a corner.

A sturdy and powerful arm tightly wrapped around the girl’s waist, steadying her. Before she could stand firmly, the hot breath fell on the side of her face.

Gu Jingxu kissed her at the corner of her mouth.

As the actors went to remove their makeup and the crew was cleaning up the set, this corner of the studio became exceptionally quiet.

Gu Jingxu pressed his lips against Chi You’s, thinking about the actor who had been close to her during the shoot.

Chi You noticed his distraction and frowned, reaching out to gently grab Gu Jingxu’s hair, her tone displeased, “What are you thinking about?”

Gu Jingxu didn’t understand why she suddenly seemed unhappy, but seeing the girl’s cold and focused face in the dimly lit corner of the studio, he couldn’t help but get closer, gently capturing Chi You’s lips. He didn’t dare to rub against them forcefully, just lightly grinding them twice.

In the dressing room on the other side, Song Yan, who had changed clothes and removed his makeup, sat in front of the mirror. His agent, who had just returned and mentioned Chi You again, said, “Finally, you won’t have any involvement with her. You don’t know, every time I see you two filming together, I’m afraid she’ll drag you into the hot search the next day!”

In the makeup room, there was no response. The agent was about to continue speaking when he suddenly heard Song Yan’s unpleasant tone, “She won’t do such a thing.”

The agent widened his eyes, and the assistant who was removing Song Yan’s makeup shivered. Although surprised, they didn’t dare to make a sound.

Song Yan’s cold temperament in the entertainment circle was well-known, and it was the first time they had seen him speak up for someone.

Moreover, it was someone he rarely interacted with, especially outside of filming.

The agent said in annoyance, “What do you mean by that?! I’m doing it for your own good!”

The voice of the middle-aged person’s anger disturbed everyone, and with a stern expression, Song Yan suddenly stood up and left the dressing room without saying a word.

Leaving the agent’s sharp voice behind, Song Yan looked up at the night sky and gradually calmed down.

He admitted that he did have prejudice against Chi You at the beginning. His initial avoidance was too obvious, leading to the labeling of everything he did afterward as hating Chi You.

But did he really hate her?


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