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Song Yan stood outside the dressing room, his expression revealing a hint of confusion.

After a while, he grabbed a passing crew member, and asked, “Hello, has Chi You left?”

The person looked puzzled, “She hasn’t come back after finishing the shoot. She should be talking to Director He.”

He nodded and thanked him, taking strides toward the set.

His steps were slightly faster, heart pounding. While passing a certain spot, he heard a suggestive sound.

Song Yan paused, subconsciously looking in the direction of the sound, but instantly froze in place.

The two people over there, he had seen them not long ago.

The white dress on the girl, he had touched it up close, and the texture was excellent.

The man lowered his head slightly to allow the person in his arms to kiss him, revealing a half of his cold and sharp profile. At a glance, it was clear that he was the investor who had spent a long time on the set that day.

The girl in the ancient costume, still in the man’s tight embrace, was firmly held by the man’s arm around her slender waist, her whole body buried in Gu Jingxu’s arms.

The man’s other hand cradled the girl’s head. Despite his clearly reserved and cold face, he showed a completely indulgent obsession in the kiss.

It seemed that neither of them had noticed the arrival of the third person, lost in their passionate kiss.

Song Yan’s body stiffened. He knew he should leave, but he struggled with the desire to know if the person being kissed in Gu Jingxu’s arms was Chi You.

In the next instant, the tall man lifted his indifferent gaze, casting a cold and dark look at Song Yan’s face. At the same time, the arm around Chi You’s waist tightened slightly, carrying an undeniable possessiveness.

It was as if telling Song Yan— 

Chi You belonged to him.



Chi You was quite satisfied with Gu Jingxu’s advances. Her eyes and the corners of her lips were slightly red. Lifting her gaze in the dim light, she noticed that Gu Jingxu’s lips were also conspicuously red.

The man’s complexion was cold and pale, appearing even fairer under the lights, with a face that exuded a sense of coldness and restraint.

She inexplicably chuckled, “Your face is a waste if you don’t enter the entertainment industry.”

Gu Jingxu understood that she was complimenting his looks. During their kisses, she would always gaze at his face for a while before closing her eyes with satisfaction.

Gu Jingxu couldn’t quite express his feelings. He reached up and rubbed Chi You’s cheek, “Go change, I’ll take you out for dinner.”

He had waited at the film set for so long today, mainly to accompany Chi You, whether it was visiting the set or having a meal together.

Watching Chi You leave first, Gu Jingxu waited in place for a while. The tall man emanated a strong sense of dominance. He looked coldly at Song Yan emerging from the darkness.

Song Yan dared to make a move only after Chi You had walked away. At this moment, he was shocked.

One was the renowned head of the Gu Corporation, while the other was a newcomer actress who had just entered the entertainment industry.

Seeing these two together, Song Yan didn’t need to think too much to understand what their relationship might be.

When Chi You got involved with a person like Gu Jingxu, in the end… it would undoubtedly be her who got hurt.

Gu Jingxu’s expression had returned to its usual indifference. He coldly looked at the stiff-faced man, showing impatience but refraining from speaking.

In the next moment, only the hoarse voice of Song Yan was heard, “Is she… doing this voluntarily?”

Being in such a place, a newcomer without any background faced difficulties far beyond what outsiders could see.

As soon as Song Yan’s words fell, Gu Jingxu’s eyebrows and eyes slightly pressed down.

He didn’t know what emotions he was subconsciously feeling, but the male actor in front of him, who had scenes with Chi You, made him very uncomfortable.

Whether it was the care for Chi You that he couldn’t conceal, or the gaze he had on Chi You during filming.

Gu Jingxu had never experienced feelings of jealousy in his life, so he was somewhat at a loss.

However, he didn’t show the slightest bit of it.

He knew that Chi You didn’t like this person.

Apart from during the filming, Chi You’s gaze wouldn’t linger on his face for more than a second.

Although Gu Jingxu himself didn’t know why he observed so attentively, this discovery eased the subtle emotions in his heart slightly.

“Go ask her yourself.”

With a tone devoid of any emotion, Gu Jingxu left, striding toward the direction Chi You had just walked.

Song Yan turned his face away, but it seemed as if he could still smell the faint fragrance of Chi You on Gu Jingxu.

The rich and sweet scent, usually only detectable when one was very close, now seemed to linger on every inch of Gu Jingxu’s skin, persistently sweet and alluring.

Chi You was unaware of Song Yan’s appearance. She sat in front of the dressing mirror, removing her makeup.

The faint lipstick on her lips was long gone, and her lips were swollen from the friction. She touched them with her fingertips, feeling a slight tingling sensation and frowned slightly, not too pleased.

“Now you realize it was too much? Why didn’t you think about it when kissing?” Yang Qirou complained while tidying up Chi You’s things. “Mr. Gu is the same. You still have scenes to shoot tomorrow, even though it’s in the afternoon, you can’t be so unrestrained.”

There was no one else in the dressing room, so Yang Qirou relaxed a bit when speaking.

After Yang Qirou finished speaking, Chi You had yet to respond when there was a light knock on the door.


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