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Shortly after the Fourth Prince took his seat, Qi Yingying, supporting Qin Shuangyu, entered the hall. Qin Shuangyu sat beside the Emperor, while Qi Yingying crouched next to her.

The young eunuch reminded Xue Wu, “Your Majesty, it’s time to enter.”

Following Xue Wu, Ruan Qiu walked into the hall. Listening to the sounds of the ministers rising and bowing, she felt a bit surreal and discreetly raised her eyes to glance at Xue Wu’s tall figure in front of her.

Walking with Xue Wu to the highest position, she watched him take his seat. Standing behind him, Ruan Qiu leaned against the edge of the chair, stealing a moment of relaxation, not feeling too tired.

Once everyone was seated, the envoys from foreign land entered through the hall doors. There were just ten of them, dressed in attire resembling foreign customs. They appeared proud, offering a brief salute to Xue Wu, then taking their seats on the opposite long table alongside the local ministers, leaving a vacant area in the middle.

As soon as the foreign envoys were seated, one of them eagerly spoke to Xue Wu, “Emperor of Great Zhou, we sincerely come to seek peace…” 

Qin Shuangyu, following the script, slowly spoke up and interrupted the envoy, “Welcome, friends from afar. Both Her Majesty and His Majesty are aware of your desire for peace. However, our Great Zhou has always emphasized courtesy. Let’s discuss the peace talks after the banquet. For now, please enjoy the most beautiful dance performances of Great Zhou.”

Qi Yingying quickly and carefully gestured for the palace maids at the door to bring in the dancing girls.

These dancers were specifically chosen by the director for their expertise in classical dance. Their graceful and elegant movements quickly captivated everyone present, creating a harmonious atmosphere in the hall.

[Grand scene! This show is really rich.]

[Wow, so beautiful! Those legs, that waist—I can’t handle it!]

[Sorry for digressing, but that roast duck looks really delicious.]

[Darn it, I should compete for a role in the next storyline!]

Ruan Qiu stared intently at the beautiful dancers swirling in the hall. She looked relaxed, leaning against the back of Xue Wu’s chair. Suddenly, her hand touched something cold.

Instinctively, she lowered her head and saw a plate of delicacies placed in front of her.

Xue Wu, still sitting upright, withdrew his gaze from the foreign envoys and discreetly turned to Ruan Qiu, whispering, “Don’t like it? I’ll get another plate.”

Ruan Qiu slid the plate down a bit and picked up a piece of the delicacy, putting it in her mouth. She whispered to Xue Wu, “Delicious.”

With a slight curve of his lips, Xue Wu replied, “If it’s delicious, have more.”

His large embroidered robe covered his actions. Taking advantage of everyone watching the dance, Xue Wu fed Ruan Qiu all the dishes on the table and even handed her a pair of chopsticks, allowing her to openly squat and eat.

On the other side, Qi Yingying unintentionally turned her head and noticed Xue Wu and Ruan Qiu’s actions. Her expression became complex as she withdrew her gaze.

They really look so genuine.

Seated nearby, Qin Shuangyu pretended to watch the performance while secretly observing Xue Wu and Ruan Qiu. Her lips involuntarily curled upwards.

Having just finished the last piece of dessert, Ruan Qiu raised her head and met the angry and accusing eyes of Prime Minister Yuan.

Ruan Qiu almost choked: …

Prime Minister Yuan glanced at Xue Wu beside Ruan Qiu, who was nonchalantly eating the leftovers. He gazed at Ruan Qiu with a gentle look, asking her softly if she had eaten enough. It was a complete appearance of someone enchanted.

Prime Minister Yuan snorted disdainfully, turned his head away, and continued watching the performance.

[Who got me addicted again? It’s me!! Feeding her so openly is too pampering!]

[I take back what I said before. This is not mutual manipulation; it’s clearly two fools in love who are oblivious to it all!!]

[Haha, Prime Minister Yuan’s expression! It’s like he’s looking at some beauty haunting the nation, haha!]

[Qin Shuangyu is definitely shipping Xue Wu and Ruan Qiu’s CP. There’s evidence with pictures.]

[Please, director, don’t throw any more trouble. I just want to see a sweet romance (wiping tears).]


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