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Yang Qirou straightened up and casually opened the door, then immediately felt guilty when she saw Assistant Wang standing outside.

When Chi You burst into laughter, she turned and gave her a glare.

Assistant Wang didn’t know what they were laughing about. After entering, he stood beside Chi You and looked at her reflection in the mirror. “What do you want to eat?”

Chi You said, “Anything, I’m not picky.”

Assistant Wang thought for a moment, then took out his phone to contact someone.

Obviously, someone like Assistant Wang wouldn’t know that when a girl says “anything”, it doesn’t actually mean anything.

But Assistant Wang was different.

After receiving the address and bringing Chi You to the location, she looked up at the splendid facade of the hotel, and a “?” seemed to appear above her head.

Gu Jingxu explained, “Assistant Wang mentioned that some dishes at this place are very delicious.”

Indeed, the fact proved that Assistant Wang’s recommendation was quite appropriate. After sitting down, Gu Yuzhou glanced at the menu. Chi You leisurely rested her chin on her hand, listening to Gu Jingxu mention a few dish names.

Although the two hadn’t been together for a long time, Gu Jingxu had already understood her taste preferences quite well.

Even someone not picky about food would have one or two preferred dishes.

Seeing that the dishes she wanted were ordered, Chi You also ordered two cups of yogurt. When the waiter left the private room, she suddenly said, “Do you want to come over here?”

Gu Jingxu was slightly stunned, “Huh?”

She glanced out of the window and said, “You can see the lights outside from here; it’s very beautiful.”

The window in this private room wasn’t particularly large, and Gu Jingxu couldn’t see it from his side.

He wasn’t particularly interested in lights, but since Chi You mentioned it, he stood up instinctively, took a step with his long legs, and sat down next to Chi You.

He subconsciously looked outside.

Immediately, his cheek was gently kissed by the girl as she tilted her head up.

Chi You showed a playful smile on her face. It was in moments like these that reminded people she was a recent graduate.

Gu Jingxu was momentarily stunned, and she said, “It’s the reward for President Gu for taking me out to dinner.”

A faint smile appeared at the corner of Gu Jingxu’s mouth. The girl added nonchalantly, “You have to finish the yogurt later.”

With that, the man’s expression froze for a moment.

In the same hotel.

Seated at the edge of the table, Xu Xueyin was listening as the elderly man, with graying hair and wrinkles covering his face, continuously criticizing the confused Chi parents, “I said it back then, just arrange her engagement directly, don’t bother asking for her opinion. Now, look what happened. After so many years of raising her, she’s turned into an ungrateful child, cutting off ties with her family now that she has some wings!”

The elderly man was aged, and the Chi parents didn’t dare to argue. They could only admit their mistakes, “It was our oversight, but we never expected that Chi You would be so heartless…”

The elderly man snorted, “It’s your confusion. You said you wanted a real daughter, not a fake one. Look at the biological daughter you’ve got now!”

Although he didn’t say much, there was disdain in his words when he mentioned Xu Xueyin.

Feeling embarrassed by his words, Xu Xueyin kept her head down in silence and stood up, “Dad, Mom, Grandpa, I’ll go to the restroom for a moment.”

Watching the girl leave with cold eyes, the elderly man’s expression became even more scornful, “Can’t endure this, huh? Weak character, not suitable for the upper class! I said it years ago; that child Chi You doesn’t resemble our Chi family at all. Can’t do anything right, cries and hides whenever anyone says a couple of words. People even saw her crying and spread rumors that our Chi family abused the child!”

As he spoke, anger rose in him. After taking a sip of tea to calm down, he continued, “I said back then, send her to a foreign school for a few years. She’d come out obedient, and there would be no more trouble like this! Now, we’ve raised her for so many years, and she’s run away, replaced by an ill-mannered girl!”

Standing outside the door, Xu Xueyin bit her lower lip and left. Her confused mind could ease for a moment, trying not to think about the Chi family members who found fault with her everywhere.

After returning to the Chi family, every day felt oppressive for her.

Although material conditions were met, she felt more exhausted than when she worked five jobs to support herself in the past.

Around three or four in the morning, Mrs. Chi would have someone wake her up for body exercises, learning the manners of an affluent young lady, and understanding what the young ladies of the upper class were interested in lately. All this was to help her integrate into high society and then marry a suitable business partner.

That was her primary use.

Whenever there was something displeasing, the oppressive and suffocating feeling gradually invaded her whole body.

She couldn’t help but wonder if all of this should be blamed on Chi You.

If she hadn’t appeared in the Chi family, if she hadn’t used such means to frame Chi You and make her push her down the stairs, then at the moment, enduring all of this would still be Chi You.

She also thought about the vibrant and lively Chi You she had seen on the internet some time ago.

She was completely different from when she first met her.

After suppressing it in the Chi family for so many years, would a short period of leaving result in such a change?

Xu Xueyin looked absentmindedly at the decorative painting on the hotel corridor. In the next moment, a figure entered her line of sight.


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