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A girl dressed in a simple white dress, black hair flowing down, exuding elegance. With a delicate and exquisite profile, fair skin, and slightly raised red lips, she came out of one of the private rooms and looked in the direction of the restroom at the end of the corridor.

Xu Xueyin was standing in a blind spot on this side, so Chi You didn’t notice her.

It wasn’t until the girl’s figure disappeared around the corner that Xu Xueyin gradually returned to her senses.

Was that… Chi You?

How could she be here?

Did she know that Grandpa Chi returned to the country that day and wanted her to return to the Chi family?

No… that was not it…

Chi You had already made up her mind to sever ties with the Chi family. During dinner that night, Xu Xueyin also sensed that Grandpa Chi disliked Chi You. She didn’t think Chi You would come back to ask him for anything.


Who did she come here with?

In a hotel like this, specially reserved by Mr. and Mrs. Chi to welcome Grandpa Chi back, even booking a table required reservations days in advance. In such a place, how could Chi You, someone still living in rented accommodation, afford it?

Various speculations gradually formed in Xu Xueyin’s mind.

She waited in place without moving. After a while, she saw the girl coming out from the end of the corridor. With her beautiful face, Xu Xueyin couldn’t even blink her eyes.

As she thought, not long after returning to the private room, Chi You came out with a man.

The man had a tall and slender figure, his long and powerful arm wrapped around Chi You’s waist. As they walked towards the elevator together, he lowered his head, his expression gentle, listening to what she was saying.

Unconsciously, Xu Xueyin raised her phone. As she looked at the intimate couple on the screen, she couldn’t help but swallow a mouthful of saliva. Suddenly, a thought emerged in a certain corner of her mind.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Chi, as well as Grandpa Chi, preferred Chi You. What if… Chi You were the one to negotiate the marriage for the Chi family?

Then she wouldn’t need to do those things anymore.

The video was saved, and Xu Xueyin looked at the backs of the two people. A sense of secret joy emerged in her chest, and she slowly revealed a smile.

Chi You, just this once. In the future, she would definitely not trouble her again.



That day was the last day of filming for Chi You.

She arrived at the set early in the morning, only to be greeted by the pale face of Song Yan.

Bo Yihong hadn’t arrived yet, and she sat on a small stool with Yang Qirou. Occasionally, she could feel Song Yan’s gaze on her.

But when she looked over again, all she saw was him sitting there in silence.

She blinked in confusion, unable to help but wonder if her words from the previous day were too harsh.

Song Yan’s expression remained indifferent, but there was something different about him, making many crew members hesitate to approach him, waiting for Director He Xing to arrive.

Yang Qirou leaned over and whispered, “What’s wrong with him? Looks like he’s been dumped.”

Chi You felt the same way, but she shook her head without saying anything.

He Xing and Qin Yi arrived together. Seeing Song Yan’s expression, Qin Yi furrowed her brows, “Where did you go last night?”

In the later stages of filming, the actors’ state for each scene was crucial. Song Yan’s appearance made Qin Yi worry about whether he could perform well that day.

Fortunately, he only seemed a bit out of sorts. When the actual shooting began, he quickly got into character.

It was already the final scene, and almost everyone on the set was holding their breath, hoping that everyone would perform well, ideally passing in one take.

However, the first scene shot that way plunged the crew into a dilemma for no particular reason.

The first scene was Chi You’s farewell scene, but after shooting it several times, Director He Xing was still not satisfied.

It wasn’t a problem with Chi You’s acting. What made it challenging was that Director He Xing couldn’t pinpoint the issue.

The two of them sat in front of the playback, both wearing heavy expressions.

Other crew members stood by, watching them repeatedly review the footage Chi You had just shot.

In the end, Director He Xing sighed, “Right?”

Chi You’s expression also soured, “Yeah.”

Crew members: “???”

“Wait a moment!” He Xing quickly pressed pause, and Chi You stared thoughtfully at herself on the screen. After a moment, she said, “There seems to be an issue here.”

He Xing and the nearby crew members were just as puzzled. He hesitated for a moment and suddenly realized, “Oh! I got it!”

Excitedly, he shifted his gaze to Bo Yihong not far away, who noticed his look and grinned warmly.

He Xing turned to Chi You, “Is this what you mean?”

Chi You smiled, “Yes.”

Crew members: “????”

Initially, they didn’t quite understand, but when the modified part was officially shot, they all knew what Chi You meant.

Originally, the ending for the second female lead, Song Anying, was that she attempted to poison the Crown Princess but failed, got caught, reported by the Crown Prince to the Emperor, and was angrily sentenced to death. She died without closing her eyes, staring at the Empress’s throne until the end.

As for the antagonist, upon hearing the news, he rushed over and only saw her lifeless body. In grief, he unsheathed his sword to assassinate the Crown Prince and the Emperor. Eventually, he was sentenced to exile on the border and forbidden from entering the capital for life.

The scene Chi You noticed was the moment before Song Anying’s death when she looked towards the Empress’s throne.


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