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After returning home, Chi You received the banquet time sent by Madam Chi. She glanced at it and, since her mother didn’t send any more messages, she didn’t block her.

The original owner had already graduated, completely leaving university and family. Friends were busy finding jobs, leaving her with some leisure time. So, she stayed at home and spent a few days reading the script.

During these days, He Xing had already set up a group chat for the “Watching the Tides” crew. Apart from a few senior actors, the main cast members were relatively close in age.

Chi You took the time to learn about the information of the male and female leads. She had already contacted Bao Yihong, who played the second male lead, through the group chat.

On the second day of creating the group, He Xing set the filming date.

On the day she joined the crew, she woke up early, didn’t take the bus, and instead took a taxi to the filming location. 

She had read the overall story of “Watching the Tide” at least ten times. The characterizations of the male and female leads were clear and intriguing. Based on this, she estimated that this drama would be popular.

During the audition, she liked the character of the second female lead. At that time, she only knew partial content. Although He Xing’s reaction indicated that he was satisfied with her performance, Chi You wasn’t sure.

It wasn’t until she finished reading all the content related to the second female lead that she understood why He Xing had been unable to decide on the actress for this role.

Hurt before, ruthless afterward, making people hate and pity her at the same time.

[He Xing: Baby is here today too. Look, she’s so serious. She must be satisfied with my script!]

[He Xing: Video.]

Gu Jingxu’s gaze stopped on the word “Baby”, and his brow subtly twitched. Without much thought, he had already opened the video.

The background was a bit noisy. The girl was wearing a short top and long pants that day, her curly hair cascading down her back, shining like a halo. She sat with good posture, completely unaware of being filmed, focused on writing something in the script.

The familiar peach blossom eyes slightly trembled, and Gu Jingxu’s gaze lingered for a moment on the teardrop mole.

As the video ended, he returned to the chat with He Xing.

[Gu Jingxu: Let’s meet for lunch.]

[Gu Jingxu: Don’t call her that way.]

Seeing the first reply, He Xing was surprised, “Huh?” After all, Gu Jingxu was known for his slow responses to messages. Not only did he reply quickly this time, but he even sent two messages.

He Xing found the second message somewhat confusing, but thinking about it, Chi You was already halfway into the entertainment industry. Being too familiar might easily lead to misunderstandings.

He sent Gu Jingxu an okay gesture and then put away his phone to chat with Chi You.

He was quite satisfied with her. He Xing was only twenty five years old this year, with a lively personality and quick emotional changes. However, he actually preferred being with emotionally stable people. That was why he had been friends with Gu Jingxu for so many years.

Being with such people felt comfortable, without much emotional burden. Although Gu Jingxu was quiet, reserved, and didn’t like replying to messages, he was, in fact, a good listener.

Back when He Xing encountered obstacles during his first drama, he was depressed for a whole month. During that time, he poured his heart out to Gu Jingxu, who, while listening to his complaints, also went out to find inspiration for him.

If it were him, with someone complaining in his ear all day, he would have already been fed up.

Chi You gave him a feeling similar to Gu Jingxu. When he arrived at the set, several unfamiliar actors approached him, introducing themselves openly. He found it annoying.

But when Chi You arrived, he asked her to sit, and she obediently did.

Observing her face, He Xing felt satisfied.

Chi You and He Xing chatted briefly and then continued quietly reading the script. She was fully immersed, completely unaware that He Xing’s gaze had taken on a paternal glow. When the surrounding noise grew louder, He Xing gently patted her, “Stop reading; people are here.”

Chi You instinctively looked up and saw a group of over a dozen people surrounding a woman in a black dress walking over.

It was the female lead of this drama, Qin Yi, a popular actress who had won several Best Actress awards.

Qin Yi wore elegant makeup on her face. Although the morning sun wasn’t glaring, she had sunglasses on, almost covering half of her face. Accompanied by her assistant and manager, she greeted He Xing.

This was her first time acting in He Xing’s drama. After exchanging pleasantries, she glanced at Chi You beside He Xing.

Chi You, acting obediently, greeted, “Senior Qin.”

Qin Yi lifted her chin coldly, turned, and went to the dressing room.

He Xing shook his head at Chi You and mouthed, “Don’t mind her.”

Chi You genuinely smiled this time and silently said, “Okay.”

The next to arrive was Bao Yihong, who had acted with Chi You that day. They had exchanged contact information, so Chi You was somewhat familiar with him. He hurried over, grabbed a bottle of water, drank it down tiredly, and wiped his mouth. “Chi You, why are you here so early? Wasn’t there traffic?”

He Xing, standing nearby, said sarcastically, “Thought everyone was rushing to the morning shift like you?”

Bao Yihong avoided eye contact and fell silent.

But his silence didn’t mean He Xing would let him off the hook.

The crew didn’t start shooting in the morning; instead, they rehearsed the scenes. The actor playing the male lead had something to attend to in the morning, so he would only arrive in the afternoon.

Chi You had a lot of scenes with Bao Yihong, so she had been rehearsing with him for most of the morning.

Just a few lines into the scene, his face would turn red, infuriating He Xing to the point of wanting to use the script as a hammer on his head.

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