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Chi You was busy sending messages to someone. The pure black profile picture that flashed on the phone screen was very familiar to He Xing, but he didn’t think much about it. Instead, he said, “You should open Weibo today.”

During that period, whenever He Xing made a move, fans would leave comments asking her to open Weibo. However, He Xing always pretended not to see it. In his words, what they couldn’t get was the best. So, this matter kept getting delayed.

It seems he wanted to wait until the filming was over.

After Chi You downloaded the app and verified the information, He Xing didn’t ask her to post on Weibo immediately. Instead, he called over Bo Yihong, who was talking to some young staff on the side.

Bo Yihong hurriedly ran over, and He Xing said, “I sent you a picture. Post it on Weibo.”

Bao Yihong subconsciously looked at his phone, “Huh? Why is there a picture of Chi You?”

Chi You also glanced at his phone and realized that He Xing had sent her picture to Bao Yihong.

She said to Bao Yihong, “Yes, post it, and make sure to mention me.”

This meant that Bao Yihong was to introduce her.

Bao Yihong was thrilled, eager for everyone to know that he had found a good friend on the set. He immediately saved the picture, followed Chi You, and then posted a Weibo.

[Bao Yihong v: Happy wrap-up! (Cake) (Rose) (Kiss) (Image) @Chi You]

At the same time, Chi You also posted her first Weibo.

[Chi You: Happy wrap-up! @Bao Yihong v]

Although Chi You’s account was new, Bao Yihong had a considerable number of fans. In almost an instant, Chi You’s followers began to grow.

[1st fan: I’m the first fan!]

[2nd fan: Didn’t you see the verified badge is what matters!]

[3rd fan: Waaah, the wrap-up feels like an official announcement for you two!]

[4th fan: Sister, you’re so beautiful! Mwah!]

[288th fan: Director He’s little schemes can’t stay hidden anymore. Folks, it’s time to start shipping the villain couple in advance!]



Although she had opened an account, Chi You hadn’t posted anything other than retweeting content from the official account of “Watching the Tides”.

Yang Qirou gave her a lot of advice, and she replied to all the comments that she could respond to.

Many of her fans were fans of her appearance or followed her from Bao Yihong’s Weibo. Knowing what kind of comments she would reply to, they occasionally came to her Weibo to chat.

[Fan 763: Good afternoon, sister! Have you had lunch?]

[Chi You v: Good afternoon! Just had lunch~ made some fried shrimp! (Image)]

[Fan 944: Sister, please when will you post a selfie? I want to see beauty! Director He’s pictures aren’t enough!]

[Chi You v: Director He said I can’t post for now. I’ll get scolded if I do! (Chat screenshot)]

The finishing touches for “Watching the Tides” would take some time. He Xing was extremely busy, and it usually took him several hours to reply to messages. Chi You, being a newcomer without much fame, didn’t have job offers coming to her. Yang Qirou used her connections to find two decent opportunities, but after some consideration, Chi You decided not to take them.

She knew that after the airing of “Watching the Tides”, she would receive even better job offers. Consequently, Chi You decided to take a complete break.

She stayed at home, and as a result, Gu Jingxu rarely went to the company.

For lunch that day, Chi You personally prepared the meal.

Gu Jingxu wore disposable gloves and sat beside Chi You, peeling shrimp for her.

At home, he didn’t dress so formally. Instead, he wore a simple casual outfit with a soft and well-textured upper garment that had a loose fit. Despite the relaxed style, the powerful muscles of his arms were still evident.

Earlier, when they were making lunch, Gu Jingxu had been watching. Chi You taught him to prepare soup. After responding to fans’ comments, she was now sipping the soup.

A small bowl beside her held several shrimp. Gu Jingxu lowered his gaze; his long, thick eyelashes didn’t resemble those of an ordinary person. He concentrated on peeling the shrimp, and he heard Chi You let out a small yawn.

Gu Jingxu raised his eyes, asking, “Tired?”

Chi You touched the corner of her eye and shook her head, “Not really.”

She looked genuinely comfortable, and Gu Jingxu wanted to massage her back. However, he was still wearing gloves, so he could only ask, “Is your back still sore?”

This time, Chi You nodded.

These days at home, Gu Jingxu could be described as very unrestrained, as if trying to make up for the time they hadn’t spent together due to her busy work schedule.

Although he usually appeared silent and obedient, he was a different person in bed.

Chi You asked him to wait for a moment, and he softly agreed. He continued to massage her waist without stopping, only when she furrowed her brows and said she didn’t want it anymore, did Gu Jingxu bury his face in her neck, give her a gentle kiss, and then pull back.

During this period, the compatibility between the two had become exceptionally high. Gu Jingxu was no longer as inexperienced as he was initially, but Chi You felt that it couldn’t continue like this. After the news of wrapping up “Watching the Tides” spread, she asked He Xing for the script of the new drama.

In no time, she received it in the email.

Adapted from the original novel and retaining the renowned title “Sailing Through a Thousand Waves”, the original work had gained significant popularity. There had been rumors online about the sale of the adaptation rights, but as of that moment, no one had released any concrete information. Fans of the book were flooding He Xing’s comment section, asking if he had acquired the rights to “Sailing Through a Thousand Waves”.

He Xing was known for not making drastic changes after acquiring the rights, and book fans hoped fervently that he was the one who had purchased the adaptation rights.

Although He Xing had sent the script to Chi You, he advised her not to rush.

“Observing the Tides” was still in the final stages, and it would take some time for the editing to be completed. He Xing could only take a breath once the show started. Currently, the start date for “Sailing Through a Thousand Waves” couldn’t be confirmed.


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