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Chi You had anticipated this, so instead of immediately diving into the script, she started reading the original novel.

After some time, a teaser for “Observing the Tides” was released.

Amidst a fast-paced musical backdrop, the main cast of “Observing the Tides” flashed across the screen. The male lead, played by Song Yan, was upright and righteous; the female lead, Qin Yi, was elegant and gentle; the second male lead, foolish but deeply affectionate; the second female lead, malicious and greedy but with a tragic ending. In the end, snowflakes fell all around as the main couple walked hand in hand out of the icy palace.

They exchanged a smile, and the camera slowly pulled back.

As the music stopped, Chi You removed her headphones and pressed the pause button. Upon exiting, she saw that many netizens were already discussing the teaser.

He Xing’s script had already generated high anticipation, and with the backing of the Gu family, the production quality was expected to be excellent. Most comments she glimpsed were eagerly anticipating the show, prompting Chi You to exit.

Just as she opened WeChat, she received a call from Yang Qirou.

Gu Jingxu was next to her, participating in a video meeting. She glanced at him, stood up, and went back to her room before answering the call.

“What happened?”

“Chi You, have you seen the hot search?!” Her tone was urgent, and Chi You’s heart skipped a beat.

“Go take a look, but don’t reply to anything. Gu Corporation’s PR is already handling it!”

Yang Qirou hung up, and Chi You once again opened Weibo. Glancing quickly, she noticed that the comments she had received had changed.

Frowning, she initially thought it might be an issue with the new drama, but the comments seemed to indicate otherwise.

In the next moment, she discovered what was going on.

The seventh trending topic: #ChiYouWesternRestaurant#

The first Weibo post under this hashtag featured pictures of Chi You, not clear images but seemingly taken without her knowledge.

In the pictures, she had a slight smile, looking at someone across the table, appearing pretty and gentle.

However, these y captured nine pictures didn’t include the person sitting opposite Chi You.

The accompanying title of this Weibo post was designed to grab attention.

[The reason why newcomer Chi You could play He Xing’s second female lead has been found.]

The comments section was chaotic, with Chi You’s recently gained fans clashing with another group of people.

[Fan 1: No wonder! If she didn’t get close to a sugar daddy, why would she deserve this role?]

[Fan 2: Is the one above crazy??? Look at whose drama this is before talking? He Xing is famous for being fair and just, okay?!!]

[Fan 3: She hasn’t even debuted yet, and she’s already getting so much attention from He Xing. Who believes there’s no one backing her up?]

Chi You was still a newcomer, and her only work, “Observing the Tides”, had just released a teaser. At such a critical moment, being involved in this kind of hot search could easily affect her public image.

She didn’t feel flustered, instead she felt a sense of familiarity.

Since arriving in this world, her life had been too stable, almost forgetting what it felt like to be at the center of public opinion.

She remembered this restaurant; it should have been the night she went out to eat with Qin Yi while filming. After replying to Yang Qirou’s message, telling her not to worry, she was about to contact Qin Yi. However, before she could do anything, the room’s door was pushed open the next moment.

Chi You instinctively looked up, and Gu Jingxu walked in wearing home slippers. His eyes carried clear concern. “Gu Corporation has already sent a legal letter.”

Chi You was somewhat surprised, “You knew?”

She thought Gu Corporation would be too busy to pay attention to such minor issues.

“Gu Corporation is responsible for every artist.”

The last incident happened suddenly, and Gu Corporation’s PR didn’t react quickly enough, causing the negative trending topic to linger. This time, with Chi You’s name involved, the PR department acted promptly. The manager had already taken note of Chi You’s name and reported it to Gu Jingxu as soon as possible.

During the recent meeting, he had already arranged to resolve the matter.

Chi You glanced at her phone and indeed saw a notification from the official Gu Corporation account she followed, posted just a minute ago, stating that they would sue the accounts spreading false rumors.

[Fan 1: Gu Corporation is indeed quick to act! I feel relieved when my baby is under Gu Corporation!]

[Fan 2: Those spreading rumors deserve to die!!]

[Fan 8: Everyone, go check it out! Qin Yi just posted on Weibo!]

Seeing this, Chi You remembered that she had just intended to communicate with Qin Yi.

Qin Yi’s Weibo post was simple and aligned with her usual style.

[@QinYi v: Change my name on your contact to ‘Sugar Daddy’ @ChiYou v. Also, those spreading rumors won’t be let off easily~]

The accompanying picture was a shot taken that night at the restaurant.

The picture, captured from Chi You’s perspective, showed the two of them sitting on opposite sides. Chi You was positioned closer to the camera, her beautiful face fully displayed, while Qin Yi, a bit behind, had a rare smile in the picture.

[Fan 1: Ahhh, my two wives! So sweet!]

[Fan 2: What?!! You two are this close?!]

[Fan 3: Don’t be surprised, everyone. Our Qin Yi just likes beautiful and well-behaved kids. Let’s all support the new drama “Watching the Tides” with these two beauties~ @QinYi v @ChiYou v]

After Qin Yi posted on Weibo, she tagged He Xing in their main cast chat group.

[Qin Yi: Someone’s not happy about your new drama.]

[He Xing: I finally caught a break!!! Don’t let me find out who it is!!!]

[Bao Yihong: You are scaring me!]

Chi You didn’t post anything in the group because everyone was reaching out to her privately.

After replying to messages, she went on to share the Weibos from Gu Corporation and Qin Yi.


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