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Gu Jingxu had been silently accompanying her all along. When the situation was resolved, he spoke softly, “These pictures were not acquired by Gu Corporation. No one leaked them before. It seems they were being kept to target the new drama.”

Chi You could somewhat guess why, but she hadn’t expected Gu Jingxu to know about these matters. She was about to say something when Gu Jingxu handed her his phone, saying, “However, someone is indeed targeting you.”

He continued to say with a gentle tone, “These were acquired by Gu Corporation this morning. Someone sent an anonymous email saying they will be released today.”

At the moment Chi You saw the pictures, she lightly frowned.

The pictures depicted her walking along a corridor resembling a hotel with a man. Judging by the background alone, there were no distinctive signs.

Her ability to assess scenes was strong; otherwise, she wouldn’t have immediately recalled the day she had dinner with Qin Yi upon seeing the pictures earlier. However, with the current picture, she hesitated slightly.

Observing her reaction, Gu Jingxu’s eyes deepened, making it unclear whether he was pleased or displeased. “July 18th.”

Chi You raised her eyebrows in surprise; she had actually forgotten. They had been out for meals several times, and it was challenging for her to remember every instance. Seeing Gu Jingxu’s expression, she couldn’t help but reach up and gently rub his cheek, “Sorry, I didn’t remember.”

Gu Jingxu leaned closer and touched her cheek, soothingly saying, “It’s okay.”



In the Chi family’s house, Mrs. Chi sat on the edge of the sofa, her smile on her face appearing quite standard. Holding Xu Xueyin’s hand, she turned to the lady seated on the opposite side and said, “Xueyin is a bit reserved. Since coming back, she has had limited opportunities to interact with her peers. By the way… I heard that Young Master Ling returned from overseas a while ago.”

The lady beside her covered her lips and chuckled, “That child has a carefree spirit. After returning to the country, he mentioned several times about coming to visit Chi You.”

Chi You, who used to be the Chi family’s daughter, was obedient and sensible. When she was the Chi family’s daughter, these ladies found her most pleasing. Almost every family had the intention of having her marry into their own, but they didn’t expect her not to be the Chi family’s daughter. As for the real daughter of the Chi family,  these ladies were still observing her.

The lady’s words made Mrs.Chi’s smile freeze for a moment, but she quickly adjusted and sighed, “Since leaving home, Chi You has not been in contact with the family. I don’t know if she harbors any resentment towards her mom and dad.”

The affairs of the Chi family were well-known in these affluent circles. Although that lady looked down on them in her heart, she still consoled Mrs. Chi with a smile.

Xu Xueyin’s hand was tightly grasped by Mrs. Chi. Sitting on the sofa, she felt uncomfortable all over. Finally finding an excuse to leave, the first thing she did after retreating to her room was to check the private investigation she had commissioned.

She sent the picture taken that night to a private investigator. As long as the investigator exposes Chi You, she will undoubtedly face severe criticism. Then, she could negotiate with her when the time came.

Xu Xueyin had planned everything very well, but unexpectedly, the first thing she saw when she opened her phone was a text message from Chi You.

[Don’t do unnecessary things.]

Xu Xueyin was suddenly shocked.

She knew?!

How could she know it was her?!!

Xu Xueyin’s eyes widened, unable to resist responding, only to find out that she had been blocked.

The private investigator she had contacted also sent her a message.

Someone from the Gu family found him and took away those pictures…

Xu Xueyin frantically tapped on the black screen, seeing the anxious and fearful expression on her face, she immediately closed her eyes.

No way… Chi You must have guessed. She couldn’t know what her intentions were…

Chi You became busy afterward, completely forgetting about the text she had sent to Xu Xueyin.

After the release of the trailer for “Watching the Tide”, interactions within the entire cast increased gradually. Just a moment ago in the group, He Xing suggested that everyone should interact more and promote the new drama. Then, the next moment, Chi You received a notification on Weibo that Song Yan had followed her.

Their contact information had been exchanged on the day the trailer was released, and they hadn’t communicated at all in these past few days. The official account posted content about the cut scenes between the two, but she had never liked or shared anything, afraid of causing unnecessary misunderstandings.

But Song Yan followed her, and she definitely had to follow back.

On the same day, the official account mentioned them in a Weibo post, announcing the confirmed broadcast time for “Watching the Tide.”

On the day of the first episode, the Gu Corporation also retweeted the promotion.

Gu Jingxu had more work to deal with, and he couldn’t work from home as he did before. However, for Chi You’s first drama, he had already arranged time to come back and watch it with her.

On his way home, he also stopped to pick up some groceries to make the dishes that Chi You loved. After changing his shoes at the entrance, he saw Chi You sleeping on the sofa by the French window.

He left the company at five, and it wasn’t even six yet. The sun was just about to set, casting warm orange light over the entire city. Through the French window, the sleeping girl by the window had a hint of orange on her snow-white face, creating a scene that was warm and cozy.

Gu Jingxu’s heart skipped a beat. He stared at Chi You’s face for quite a while, then moved quietly to put the groceries he was carrying into the kitchen.

Gu Jingxu had never entered the kitchen before. He ate his meals every day at the cafeteria, and the kitchen at home seemed more like decoration. It wasn’t until Chi You moved in that it started to feel like a normal person’s home.


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