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Though it was a small space, when the two of them stood inside, it gave him the same feeling as a while ago, a full and warm feeling.

He didn’t understand what it was, but he liked it a lot.

Gu Jingxu took off his suit jacket, put yogurt in the fridge, and then skillfully prepared the shrimp.

When Chi You woke up, she heard faint sounds coming from the kitchen.

Her eyes were still half closed. In the afternoon, she had been reading the original novel of “Sailing Through a Thousand Waves” while leaning on the sofa, and her eyes were sore from crying. She didn’t even know when she fell asleep.

The sky had nearly plunged into complete darkness, with the final hint of light on the verge of being engulfed by the night. In her line of sight, city lights sparkled amidst the bustling traffic. Chi You couldn’t help but shake off her daze upon hearing the sound of the kitchen door being pushed open.

The man remained clad in a white suit, with the black shirt sleeve snugly embracing his robust muscles. Advancing a few steps, he stood before Chi You.

Chi You’s gaze settled on the dishes he was holding, saying “Are we having dinner in the living room tonight?”

Gu Jingxu set the dishes down, stood up straight, and subtly tilted his head, “Tonight is the first episode of Watching the Tides’, and it’s almost time. Let’s eat and watch it together.”

Chi You, who just woke up, almost forgot.

Gu Jingxu turned to the kitchen to fetch the remaining dishes. Chi You washed her face; she had cried before sleeping, and her eyes were slightly swollen.

When she returned to the living room, Gu Jingxu had already prepared dinner.

Chi You walked over and sat beside him. The cotton slippers made a soft sound on the carpet.

The man handed her the yogurt but moved slightly away, explaining with his eyes downcast, “I have the smell of cooking oil on me.”

Chi You took a sip of the yogurt, saying, “It’s okay.”

She smiled, “Mr. Gu, you look so handsome.”

Gu Jingxu’s eyes involuntarily brightened a bit.

He knew Chi You liked it when he did these things.

Although handling ingredients and cooking were unfamiliar to him, his learning ability was strong. He had already mastered a few signature dishes, and every time he saw Chi You unconsciously expressing joy, he felt happy too.

As they chatted, it was already time for the first episode. Gu Jingxu, bowing his head while peeling shrimp, heard the end of the advertisement.

The first two episodes had few scenes featuring Chi You; the main focus was on the male and female leads’ storyline. Only towards the end, when the Prince and Princess appeared, did the camera turn to her.

The Emperor personally led the army to expedition and had now triumphantly returned. A feast was set in the palace, attended by all officials, including Li Yuanming, who held the title of Prince.

Li Yuanming got off the carriage and softly instructed the young eunuch kneeling beside the carriage. He extended his hand towards the open curtain of the carriage, speaking gently, “Yinger, come down.”

The camera then shifted to a delicate hand lightly resting on the curtain. The fingers were fragile, seemingly boneless, fair and slender. It gently emerged and placed itself in the large hand of the man. The contrast between the two hands was evident. In the next moment, the camera moved upward, revealing the striking and flamboyant face of the woman.

With that, the first two episodes concluded, and their dinner was also finished.

Shifting his gaze from the screen to the girl beside him, Gu Jingxu pondered for a moment, considering what he should say.

This was Chi You’s first drama, and she acted so well. What should he say…

“You acted very well.”

Chi You had already lowered her head, looking at the reactions of the online audience. Upon hearing his words, she glanced at him, smiling, “I know.”

Gu Jingxu pursed his lips, his expression somewhat conflicted.

Before he could think of the next sentence, Chi You had already lowered her head again, saying, “When you don’t know what to say, just compliment me on being beautiful.”

Gu Jingxu obediently replied, “You are the most beautiful.”

No one disliked receiving compliments, and Chi You was no exception. She squinted her eyes, leaned towards Gu Jingxu’s shoulder. Sensing that he wanted to move away, she said, “I also have the smell of food on me. Let me lean on you.”

Gu Jingxu had never heard Chi You speak in such a tone.

Chi You sometimes displayed an unusually calm demeanor, not fitting her age. Although she liked to act cute, when facing him, she always preferred to smile with her eyes slightly narrowed.

It was more like a playful smile one would use with a pet.

For a brief moment, Gu Jingxu’s ears felt warm. He turned his head away and calmly uttered a sound of agreement.


Chi You didn’t notice his amusing reaction. She leaned against Gu Jingxu’s chest, scrolling through the trending topics for the night.

“Watching the Tides” premiered, and it was expected to trend.

Sure enough, it didn’t take long for her to see it.

In addition to the official Weibo posts, many viewers were also sharing their thoughts.

Chi You casually opened a highly commented post.

[1st comment: Chi You has such a beautiful face! I’ve been waiting for someone like her for eight hundred years!!]

[2nd comment: The plot is really impactful, Director He’s skill is still top-notch. Thanks for presenting such a perfect Song Yan (Rose).]

[5th comment: Am I the only one who thinks our villain couple is so well-matched? I didn’t feel it before, but seeing Xiao Hong standing with Chi You, suddenly I find their body sizes complement each other so well!]

[6th comment: Hahaha, the one above, Xiao Hong said not to call him Xiao Hong! Be careful, he might argue with you during a live stream!]

[7th comment: Ahhh, me too! They even gave a special shot of them holding hands! Ahhh, I’m so excited!]

[8th comment: From today, I’m officially a member of the Hongyou army!]


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