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Gu Jingxu usually had a lot of work to handle. He stayed there for a while, but he left before the afternoon shooting began.

Chi You didn’t stay by his side all the time. She sat with Bao Yihong, looking at the script. An hour before the shoot, the male lead of “Watching the Tides” arrived late.

The actor playing the male lead was named Song Yan. He started his career as a child star and rose to fame quickly. Although he was only two years older than Bao Yihong, he was already a senior in the industry.

Despite He Xing’s dissatisfaction with his lateness on the first day of shooting, he still greeted him.

Many people in the crew went up to talk to him, and Chi You couldn’t avoid it. So she stood up and followed behind.

Song Yan had a very typical Asian appearance, with attractive facial features and smooth facial lines. However, he didn’t seem particularly easygoing.

As people in front spoke to him, he lowered his eyes and nodded..

While he might have been indifferent to others, his expression turned slightly displeased the moment he saw Chi You approaching.

Chi You was taken aback, meeting his gaze. Before she could say anything, Song Yan turned around and coldly said to a crew member, “Take me to the dressing room.”

Bao Yihong was somewhat puzzled. He frowned and leaned over to ask Chi You, “Does he know you?”

Chi You was also puzzled. “I don’t think so.”

There was no part related to Song Yan in the original owner’s memories.

She turned her head to look at Song Yan, who was being surrounded by people heading to the dressing room. It all seemed a bit strange.

But she was aware that some people in this industry were not easy to get along with, so she didn’t think much of it. Together with Bao Yihong, she went to the shared dressing room to get ready.

Although Bao Yihong was currently popular, he wasn’t the main character in this drama and didn’t have a dedicated dressing room. He brought his own makeup artist along. Seeing Chi You waiting on the side, he circled around in his chair, casually saying, “Start with her.”

The junior makeup artist looked a bit lost and cast a pleading glance at Chi You.

“Don’t cause trouble. The director said my makeup has to be done by Teacher Liu.”

Teacher Liu was Liu Manni, the makeup artist who had done Chi You’s makeup during the audition. There were several makeup artists on the crew, but she was a well-known figure in the industry. Some actors joined a project specifically for her to create a standout look. Bao Yihong glanced around and didn’t see Liu Manni, guessing she might be in the female lead’s dressing room.

Earlier, He Xing had mentioned that they would shoot the afternoon scenes first, featuring him and Chi You. If Chi You wasn’t ready by the appointed time, He Xing would probably be unhappy.

Bao Yihong had heard about conflicts between female actresses before, but he didn’t expect to encounter it before the shoot even began.

If it were someone else, he probably would have remained indifferent, but with Cheng You sitting beside him, he didn’t feel quite at ease.

He treasured the revolutionary friendship of these days.

He leaned over in front of the mirror and said, “My makeup artist is also quite skilled. Hey, show her your skills!”

The young makeup artist obviously had never been asked like this before. She hesitated, not daring to move. Cheng You shook her head at her, and before she could say anything, the door of the makeup room was pushed open, and Liu Manni came in with a smile, “What’s going on? Trying to make me unemployed?”

Bo Yihong didn’t expect her to arrive so quickly. “Is Senior Qin finished over there?”

Liu Manni glanced at him, saying, “The female lead heard that they were short-staffed here, so she brought her own makeup artist.”

Bo Yihong stood up straight, muttering, “I didn’t expect her to be so considerate.”

Cheng You didn’t participate in their conversation. She lowered her head to read the message she had just received and then put down her phone.

A message from her mother, instructing her not to be late for the next day’s banquet.

She fluttered her eyelashes twice, concealing the emotions in her eyes. Just as she lifted her head, she saw He Xing entering through the door.

He rushed in anxiously, and upon seeing Liu Manni, he showed a surprised expression but sighed in relief.

“I was still worried that you don’t have a makeup artist.”

He Xing pulled a chair and sat down, watching Liu Manni do Cheng You’s makeup.

The few people over there, including some actors playing minor roles, hesitated about whether to come over and say hello. However, He Xing waved his hand, indicating for them to prepare quickly. He took out his phone and snapped two pictures of Cheng You.

Bo Yihong, with sharp eyes, noticed and accused, “Are you only taking pictures of her?”

He Xing glanced at him and said, “Otherwise, should I take pictures of you?”

He thought about posting on Weibo or Moments, but he was afraid someone would ask who Cheng You was. He planned to introduce Cheng You later when the time was right; it was still too early at that moment.

After some contemplation, he opened the chat with Gu Jingxu.

This time, he was polite and first asked Cheng You, “Can I send your photos to my friend? It’s someone you also know; Gu Jingxu.”

Cheng You had already closed her eyes. After hearing He Xing’s words, Liu Manni mumbled something. Cheng You didn’t pay attention, but after hearing that name, everything around her seemed to quiet down for a moment.

The girl slowly opened her eyes, and her long, thick eyelashes trembled twice. She looked at He Xing in the mirror and smiled obediently.

“Of course, you can.”

She couldn’t be happier.


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