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In Gu Corporation, Assistant Manager Wang returned to the office building after finishing external affairs for the company. As he passed the front desk, he was stopped by the receptionist.

“Assistant Manager Wang, Mr. Gu said today’s afternoon meeting is canceled.”

Assistant Manager Wang halted. “What happened?”

The receptionist shook her head and said, “Not sure. Mr. Gu left a while ago and, before leaving, asked me to tell you the meeting is canceled. I don’t know anything else, but he seemed a bit anxious. Do you think Mr. Gu might be in a romantic relationship?”

Assistant Manager Wang’s face stiffened, saying, “Don’t speculate. Mr. Gu doesn’t like people discussing his matters.”

The receptionist stuck out her tongue and obediently returned to her seat.

Back in the top-floor office, seeing that it was indeed empty, Assistant Manager Wang felt the growing unease in his heart.

Mr. Gu had been acting quite strangely these past few days.

Meanwhile, Gu Jingxu, whom he had been concerned about, was about to reach the filming set.

The numbers on the traffic light ahead were changing. Gu Jingxu’s face remained expressionless, but his hands on the steering wheel tightened slightly.

Those familiar with him would know that he was feeling a bit annoyed at the moment.

Even he himself didn’t know exactly what was bothering him.

Gu Jingxu considered himself a rational person. He disliked this feeling of losing control, the involuntary acceleration of his heartbeat accompanied by elusive unfamiliar emotions, making him vaguely uneasy every time.

He wanted to understand why he felt this way every time he saw her.

Gu Jingxu’s eyes deepened in color, and as the green light lit up, he pressed on the accelerator.

When he arrived at the filming set, the shooting was already in progress. He had been there at noon, left for a short while, and now returned. The staff who passed by couldn’t help turning their heads in surprise. Apparently, Mr. Gu was attaching great importance to this project.

The set was ready. From a distance, he could see Cheng You and Bo Yihong, both dressed in ancient costumes, standing by the bridge. The surrounding crew members remained silent, and a camera in front of He Xing quietly recorded everything.

As Gu Jingxu approached, his gaze remained fixed on Cheng You in ancient attire.

At first glance, he knew Cheng You was beautiful.

Her beauty was bold and striking. Even in a simple white dress, she exuded a strong impact. With vibrant makeup, this boldness was magnified to the extreme. Standing there, she appeared ethereal and beyond mortal beauty with every frown and smile.

He Xing had complained to him before. He regretted not writing the second female character differently because finding an actress suitable for close-ups was quite challenging.

Now, seeing it with his own eyes, he suddenly understood why He Xing had been so excited.

However, he also felt that the subtle throbbing in his heart seemed different from He Xing’s.

He stood there, staring at Cheng You, and from others’ perspective, an investor was inspecting the set. For a moment, those about to appear on stage became a bit nervous.

Cheng You and Bo Yihong finished their scene, and He Xing shouted through the megaphone, “Cut!” He had been focused on directing the scene and only now noticed that Gu Jingxu had returned.

“Are you free today? Nothing to do at the company?”

On the desk in Gu Jingxu’s office, there were still over a dozen documents to be reviewed that day. He pursed his lips and didn’t say anything, watching Cheng You approach with the hem of her dress.

The afternoon was a bit hot, especially after the outdoor scene just shot. Despite being under the shade of the trees, it was still warm. Cheng You’s face was already flushed as she walked over.

He Xing handed her a bottle of iced water, saying, “Hang in there a little longer, there are two more scenes to go.”

He contemplated whether to shoot the indoor scenes first. Cheng You took the water, her breathing a bit rapid. Bo Yihong had already taken a few gulps of water. She noticed Gu Jingxu looking at her, raised her eyebrows, and smiled at him before pressing the cold bottle against her face.

He Xing asked, “Feeling hot?”

Cheng You’s face cooled down after the ice, and she squinted, nodding. After recovering, she suddenly said, “Director, can I leave early after the afternoon scenes are finished?”

She looked hesitant, and He Xing was taken aback for a moment, not sure what she was thinking. “Sure, after shooting, you can leave. Take a break over there; the next scene will start soon.”

Gu Jingxu stood by as a background, and after He Xing finished speaking, Cheng You left with Bo Yihong, heading to another area to cool off.

He Xing adjusted the camera and glanced up at Cheng You’s back. Lowering his head, he muttered, “Poor girl.”

Gu Jingxu asked, “What?”

He Xing raised his head and said, “You don’t know, she is the daughter of the late comer family.”

After signing the contract with Cheng You, He Xing had checked her background to make sure she was safe to work with. Although he was satisfied with Cheng You, he was also afraid of signing someone untrustworthy. However, he found out that her background was quite decent.

But then the assistant director mentioned casually that Cheng You had initially come to audition for a minor role. Curious, He Xing did some additional research and found out that she was originally a misplaced child.

“The Chi family hasn’t released any official statements yet, but it should be within these two days. It’s said that the adopted daughter pushed the biological daughter down the stairs, resulting in the real daughter being hospitalized for several days. They are utterly disappointed and no longer want her.”

He Xing mumbled a series of words and, in the end, laughed mysteriously, “Who knows if it’s true or false? I don’t need to guess to understand the ins and outs of these family matters.”

Gu Jingxu remained silent, but He Xing was not surprised at all. After venting, he couldn’t help muttering, “It’s better for her to be my daughter.”

Gu Jingxu: “…”

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