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Even though she didn’t know what exactly had happened, Chi You never mentioned a word in front of her. Moreover, Chi You didn’t seem like someone who had just gone through a breakup, so she didn’t inquire.

But now, she knew who the seemingly heartbroken person was.

Adjusting the expression on her face, she gently pointed in a direction, “She’s in the dressing room.”

Gu Jingxu responded faintly, turned around, and headed towards the dressing room.

A slightly hurried sound of footsteps echoed.

The person in the dressing room lifted her head, saw Gu Jingxu’s brisk approach, and slightly lowered her eyes again.

Gu Jingxu stood dazed at the door.

Chi You spoke lightly, “What? Just because I cut my hair, you can’t recognize me anymore?”

The girl’s waist-length hair had been cut into a neat short style, just reaching her shoulders. A strand of hair hung behind her ear, giving her a very cool and elegant appearance.

When cutting, Director Wu was also present, deliberately having the stylist cut it slightly uneven, making it look more like Rong Yafan, who, in the movie, couldn’t afford to go to a barber shop and had to cut her hair at home.

After Chi You finished speaking, Gu Jingxu took a step forward, “It’s not…”


Lin Xi stood outside the dressing room, looking at Gu Jingxu appearing unexpectedly. She said with surprise, “Why are you here?”

Gu Jingxu lowered his eyes slightly.

After Chi You’s long hair was cut off, she suddenly exuded a more aloof temperament.

Perhaps this better suited her original appearance – the slightly upturned fox-like eyes, the cold expression. When she sat there reading the script, no one dared to approach her, except for Gu Jingxu.

Lin Xi glanced at Gu Jingxu, who stood still on the side like a punished child. Pausing for a moment, she ran over to Chi You.

“Why does he seem odd? I knew him when I was a child, but we haven’t seen each other in many years. I even got rejected when I approached him for cooperation before…” Lin Xi muttered for a while, then curiously asked, “Do you know him? I thought I heard you two talking just now.”

Chi You flipped her short hair; the hair around her forehead was cut too short and couldn’t be clipped.

Lin Xi rummaged through her bag to find a hairpin for her, and in the next instant, she heard Chi You say without lifting her head, “I know him. Ex-boyfriend.”

Lin Xi widened her eyes, looked at Chi You, and then at Gu Jingxu standing there. The astonishment on her face gradually turned into teasing.

“I didn’t see that… You’re really something.”

Lin Xi had been developing her career abroad for a long time, and her fans eagerly awaited her return to China. Therefore, they were quite invested in the movie she was currently filming.

For instance, on the first day of meeting, Lin Xi and Chi You followed each other on Weibo. Additionally, Lin Xi sneakily posted a picture on Weibo of the two of them holding hands.

As the two actresses got along well, the atmosphere on set also improved.

While Director Wu had rarely appeared in public in the past few decades, during the filming of this movie, several journalists contacted him.

Unfamiliar with marketing strategies, Director Wu focused solely on the filmmaking process. He had spent two years modifying the script, making it his most satisfactory story, and he held it in high regard.


“Lin Xi, something is not quite right here.”

Director Wu directed the crew to the side and walked over to show Lin Xi the script. “In this part, you need to convey a feeling of being afraid but wanting to get close to her. At this point, you still harbor doubts because you don’t know if Rong Yafan can be trusted.”

Lin Xi, lost in thought, nodded slightly.

Standing beside her with her newly shortened hair, Chi You was slightly taller than Lin Xi. She leaned over, resting on Lin Xi’s shoulder, and asked, “Do you have any other thoughts on this scene?”

Lin Xi, accustomed to their closeness, felt nothing as Chi You leaned in. She just furrowed her brows slightly and said, “I think, at this point, Tong Xinxue is no longer afraid of her.”

Lin Xi tilted her head to look at Chi You’s face, hesitated for a moment, and continued, “She seems like a very innocent girl, but in this narrow alley, with so many people around, she only talks to Rong Yafan voluntarily… I think, by being so proactive, she might subconsciously believe that Rong Yafan can be trusted… Did I say something wrong?” Lin Xi asked with some concern.

“No, I think you’re right.”

Chi You ruffled her head and also looked at Director Wu. “Director Wu, what do you think?”

Director Wu pondered for a moment. “Let’s try playing it this way for now.”

[The girl’s white dress had become dirty, and she held the hem of her skirt, trying not to let the sewage on the ground touch it.

Rong Yafan turned expressionless and looked at the girl stumbling behind her.

“Don’t follow me.”

Her voice was cold, paired with a somewhat ruthless expression. The girl in front of her was clearly frightened, but still bravely spoke in a trembling voice, “Sister… I’m not a bad person…”

A child abandoned by her parents, how could she be a bad person?

Rong Yafan knew that, but it didn’t mean she was a good person.

“It has nothing to do with me.”

Whether others lived or died had nothing to do with her.

After saying this, she was about to leave. Behind her, Tong Xinxue suddenly cried out, “Sister… Can you take me away? I don’t want to go home with the uncle from the convenience store…”

Rong Yafan paused her steps, turning to stare at the girl’s face.

The narrow alley had never been quiet. Arguments, the noise of an old TV, and the shouts from the alley entrance were always present. Amidst these sounds, Rong Yafan completely captured the tremors in the girl’s voice when she cried.

Narrowing her eyes slightly, Rong Yafan remained silent. It wasn’t until the girl couldn’t help wiping away her tears that she spoke faintly, “Follow me.”

Tong Xinxue’s eyes brightened, and without any hesitation, she followed.]

Lin Xi held Chi You’s hand, her eyes red from crying.


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