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Although she was a few years older than Chi You, in front of her, she seemed like a younger sister. Even when acting as a younger girl in the movie, it didn’t feel out of place.

It wasn’t that Lin Xi looked particularly youthful, but when Chi You stood there, she exuded a calm and composed aura, as if nothing could make her flustered.

Thinking about this, Lin Xi suddenly felt there was nothing surprising.

After all, even someone like Gu Jingxu was her ex-boyfriend.

Chi You noticed Lin Xi zoning out after finishing the scene and couldn’t help but smile. She gently pinched Lin Xi’s cheek, saying, “What’s wrong? Haven’t snapped out of it yet?”

Lin Xi touched her hand, not pushing it away, but muttered, “Aren’t you afraid I’ll keep messing up this scene and drag you down?”

Chi You clicked her tongue. Since cutting her hair short, the cool and composed aura around her had become more apparent. Even now, while chatting with Lin Xi, a faint smile lingered at the corners of her mouth, captivating anyone who looked at her.

“Of course, I’m afraid. I’m afraid you’ll keep acting until evening, and then we won’t have time to pick out dresses.”

“Dresses?” Lin Xi was puzzled.

Chi You replied, “For the red carpet the day after tomorrow. It’s your first invitation since returning to the country. You won’t just wear anything, right? I’ve prepared a few suitable ones. You can take a look and pick one.”

Lin Xi originally had this plan.

Back when she was abroad, she didn’t pay much attention to these things…

Chi You bent down to get a drink of water when suddenly she was hugged from behind by Lin Xi.

Chi You took two steps forward, stumbling a bit, and reached out to steady her. “What’s with this sudden sentimentality?”

Lin Xi nodded fiercely, lifting her head from Chi You’s embrace. She said earnestly, “Don’t reconcile with Gu Jingxu. He’s not worthy of you.”

Unable to hold back, Chi You burst into laughter, ruffling Lin Xi’s hair without saying anything.

Compared to the previous red carpet, Chi You’s popularity was noticeably higher this time.

Many fans from other artists present at the venue couldn’t help but look over when they heard Chi You’s fans shouting her name at the entrance.

Chi You’s name appeared frequently at that time. Both of her historical dramas released after her debut had become popular. More importantly, her appearance perfectly matched the aesthetic preferences of the people. Even if someone wasn’t a fan of her dramas, just watching related videos would make them unable to resist looking a bit longer.

As fans at the venue paid attention, those in the live broadcast chat were also sending barrage comments.

[Let me guess, Youyuo will be with someone this time! It must be Xiao Hong! Go Xiao Hong!!]

[This time it must be Xiao Hong. They’ve cooperated in two dramas, hehehe. Let’s let the shipper fans have some fun!]

[Don’t be in a hurry, I can tell from the voice that she’s coming soon!]

The live broadcast camera focused on the entrance of the red carpet. In the next moment, the male and female second leads from the “Sailing Through a Thousand Waves” crew walked side by side.

[She’s almost here! She’s almost here!]

After the usual interviews with the first two, the camera once again turned to the entrance of the red carpet.

The next moment, with a wide grin, Bo Yihong walked alone.


[Why is he grinning like a fool by himself?]

[Well… in any case, both male and female leads have to walk separately, right? Where’s my Youyuo?!!]

[I can’t take it anymore if I don’t see my daughter…]

[Everyone, don’t worry, Youyou might be coming with Director He! It’s Director He’s first time on the red carpet as a pair…]

As this barrage was sent, after Bo Yihong left the stage, two people walked onto the red carpet together.

That day, Chi You wore a red suit. She was originally tall, and with a pair of thin high heels, her legs looked exceptionally long.

This was the first time she appeared in front of her fans after cutting her hair. Her makeup had a hint of heroism, accentuating every feature of her face, making her look cool and confident.

But none of this was the main point.

The main point was the person walking the red carpet with her.

The man was wearing a black suit, like every other male attendee. His legs were unbelievably long, and his tall figure, clad in the ironed black suit pants, wrapped around his long legs. As he walked forward with Chi You, he deliberately slowed down, waiting for her to catch up.

He didn’t greet the fans in the audience below, and there were no fans of his in the venue. Other than walking the red carpet, the only other interaction was lifting his hand to Chi You. As if aware of the presence of the cameras, he slightly raised his gaze, and his long and deep black eyes looked into the lens.

[So handsome, ahhhh!!!]

[I understand the logic, but why is it again Gu Jingxu walking with Youyou? Do you not have any other male celebrities in Gu Group? Does the boss have to personally escort her?]

[Can human legs really be this long…?]

[I can’t take it anymore! I’m howling first!! Youyou is rising again!!]

[They are really perfect together! No one mentioned this, but Youyou looks so cool with short hair! If she walks with Xiao Hong, will they be mistaken for siblings?]

[You guys don’t understand! It has to be a brother-sister relationship!]

[These two standing together are too pleasing to the eye… Give us more! After debuting and the boss walking the red carpet twice, other than our Youyou, who else is there?!]

As they commented, Gu Jingxu and Chi You had already arrived at the host section.

After all, being the owner of Gu Group, this part of the event would take longer, resulting in more camera time for Chi You.


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