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The host was still the same as the previous time. She looked at the two standing beside her and smiled as she first asked Chi You, “Since your debut, you have walked the red carpet with Mr. Gu twice. Do you have any thoughts now?”

Gu Jingxu’s eyes showed a hint of something as he silently lowered his gaze to Chi You.

Chi You smiled and raised her lips slightly, “As for my thoughts… I still feel honored. Walking with him makes me less nervous.”

[Ah, babe, what are you saying? At least add some respect. Ah, I’m worried someone might spread rumors…]

[No… Why is she less nervous to walk with Mr. Gu? Isn’t it usually uncomfortable to be with the boss??]

The host chuckled and then looked at Gu Jingxu, saying, “So, Mr. Gu, do you have any feelings?”

Gu Jingxu finally looked up, his expression indifferent, “No feelings.”

The host already knew his personality, and the organizers had reminded her that no matter what Mr. Gu said, just smile.

She was about to smile when Gu Jingxu added, “Very happy.”

Host: “…?”

Barrage: […………….??????]

[Can someone translate for me?]

[Sister, Mr. Gu means he wants all of you to come and chat!]

[You guys have had enough chatting, all about CP, and you are the most flamboyant!]

After Gu Jingxu said that, Chi You gently lifted her eyes.

Gu Jingxu felt her gaze, turned his head to meet her eyes.

The host suddenly felt a bit weird.

As the interview segment ended, Chi You turned and left, naturally followed by Gu Jingxu. The two disappeared from the camera, and in the next moment, a staff member hurriedly ran over.

In the live stream room, fans only heard a few sounds, followed by a burst of screams.

[What happened? What happened? Let us see too!!!]

[What happened? Someone tell me!]

[D*mn! My friend at the scene said Chi You and Mr. Gu went in the wrong direction just now. Someone reminded them, and then Mr. Gu directly held Chi You’s hand and came over!!!]

[D*mn!!! Ah, ah, ah, ah!!! Is it true?!]

[Holding hands, so what?! Maybe just a polite gesture!]

[Quick, check the hot search! Someone at the scene posted pictures, it’s more than just holding hands!]

Fans in the live stream immediately shifted to the hot search and found the trending topic #ChiYouGuJingxuHoldingHands#.

Clicking in, they saw a few slightly blurry red carpet pictures.

In the dim background, a tall man in a black suit naturally held Chi You’s hand, stepping forward in front of the staff.

In the dim corner, Gu Jingxu held Chi You, turned slightly upon hearing a sound, lightly clasped her fingertips, tucked them into his palm after a moment, then turned back and walked, his palm subtly supporting Chi You’s lower back.

Although the two seemed unfamiliar, when they performed such intimate and ambiguous actions, it appeared exceptionally natural.

[It’s over… Why does it feel like it’s for real?]


When Director Wu’s movie was officially released, Chi You and Lin Xi took a flight abroad together.

They had agreed to go out and have fun after finishing the movie, but due to various reasons, including Lin Xi having some work handovers, they ended up being delayed.

When they arrived overseas, it was raining. After settling down at the hotel, they had dinner while reading feedback about the movie from back home.

Director Wu’s movie essentially told the story of Rong Yafan and Tong Xinxue.

Tong Xinxue suffered from leukemia, and the cost of treatment overwhelmed her family. After much hesitation, on her seventeenth birthday, her parents decided to leave her in an alley.

Waking up in a strange place, Tong Xinxue, although scared, didn’t leave with just anyone. In the end, she followed the solitary Rong Yafan back home.

Her parents couldn’t be contacted no matter what, and the police, after reporting, only asked her to go back and wait. So, she ended up living in the rundown alley with Rong Yafan.

[Oh, it’s really heartbreaking… Just by looking at the older sister’s appearance, you can tell she must have been hurt since childhood. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have agreed to let her sister stay after hearing that someone wanted to take her away… Maybe she’s afraid her sister will experience what she went through.]

[In the second half of the movie, I cried so much in the cinema… Director Wu’s visual storytelling is really amazing. When someone broke into the house and tried to harm the younger sister, I was genuinely afraid and cried. Later, when the older sister came in time, I kept crying… Ah, the two sisters will definitely be fine…]

[Watched the movie alone, cried my eyes out, and then realized the guy next to me was crying even harder. Handed him a tissue and found out it was Xiao Hong… He sneakily went to watch Chi You’s movie alone, I’m speechless!]

[Hahaha, he’s a super fan!! But be careful, someone might get jealous!]

[Mr. Gu, don’t be as petty as us!]

[D*mn… We were crying our hearts out in the cinema, and these two went out to play without telling us?]

After the plane landed, Lin Xi posted a picture of her and Chi You at the airport.

Seeing this, Lin Xi put down her phone with a guilty conscience.

They had freed up almost half a month to go on vacation, so there was no rush to go out. After eating at the hotel, both of them took a nap.

As the night fell, Lin Xi got up, preparing to go to Chi You’s room to invite her to go shopping. When she opened the room door, she unexpectedly saw Gu Jingxu in the corridor for some reason. He stood in front of the room door, lost in thought.

Lin Xi’s mouth twitched, but she quickly put on a smile, saying “Mr. Gu, what a coincidence.”

Gu Jingxu, who was originally about to knock on the door, was slightly taken aback upon hearing Lin Xi’s voice. Then, without changing her expression, she said, “Chi You should be sleeping. Please wait for a while.”


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