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Lin Xi smiled with curved eyebrows, said her words, turned around, and closed the door, leaving Gu Jingxu standing alone in the corridor.

Gu Jingxu, who had originally planned to knock on the door, also put down his hand. He pursed his lips, unmoving, preparing to knock on the door after Chi You replied to his message.

Inside the room, Chi You, who had just woken up, finished replying to Lin Xi’s message. She stood up, opened the room door, and met the gaze of Gu Jingxu standing blankly outside.

“Come in.”

Outside, the sky had already darkened, the night view was beautiful, but Chi You had already drawn the curtains.

As soon as she turned around, she fell into an eager embrace.

The man gently held her, bowed his head to nuzzle the skin of her neck with the tip of his nose, and then raised his head to kiss her lips. But Chi You blocked him with her hand.

Gu Jingxu’s eyes flickered, showing a hint of disappointment.

Chi You’s expression remained unchanged as she said, “Didn’t I tell you to wait for me at home?”

Gu Jingxu pursed his lips, saying, “I miss you so much.”

Chi You wasn’t fooled by his demeanor. She raised her hand and pinched Gu Jingxu’s chin, stating, “Just two hours. In two hours, I’ll be going out with Lin Xi.”

Gu Jingxu’s face flushed.

In the room with tightly closed doors and windows, a program with an unpronounceable name was playing on the TV screen.

Rain started falling inside the TV screen, and the sound was quite loud. Small animals ran across the screen.

The noise from the rain almost drowned out the sounds from outside the screen. At a moment when Gu Jingxu couldn’t help but straighten up, Chi You pressed him back down.

Her face was flushed, breathing hurried. After pushing Gu Jingxu away, she reached out and grabbed something from the side.

Gu Jingxu’s cheeks were rosy. His suit was still neatly worn, and the loosened belt was tossed on the carpet. His hair was slightly disheveled.

Chi You sat without moving. A bead of sweat rolled down his forehead as he couldn’t help but tilt his head back. Chi You watched and handed him the object she was holding.

“Handle it yourself.”

Gu Jingxu parted his lips, exhaling softly. He reached out and took it, his face reddening a bit more.

Being a regular gym-goer, his muscles were in their best condition in moments like this. Chi You touched them through the white shirt and was satisfied with the sensation in her palms.

Gu Jingxu slightly lowered his head and, through the layer of fabric, fastened the clips.

His obedient and compliant demeanor often pleased Chi You more than certain moments.

His brain, which had already lost much rationality, instantly tensed. Chi You’s knees pressed against his skin. After a while, as if Chi You had played enough, she finally shifted her gaze away.

Even though the two were pressed closely together, it was only Gu Jingxu who turned red.

Watching his expression, Chi You thought for a moment, then bent down to bury her face in his neck, whispering softly, “I’m tired, you take over.”

Given permission, Gu Jingxu’s eyes suddenly moistened.

The rain sounds on the TV grew louder, almost drowning out the noises in the room.

Chi You’s hair had grown longer. Gu Jingxu cradled her head, kissing her as their lips entwined for a while before their breath gradually eased.

In the chaos, someone seemingly turned off the TV. The room fell silent. After a while, Gu Jingxu suddenly asked, “Chi You, are we considered reconciled?”

Chi You glanced at him with indifference, “What else? If we’re not reconciled, what kind of relationship are we in?”

Gu Jingxu’s eyes gleamed as he gently cradled Chi You’s head and brushed his lips against hers.

After a while, Gu Jingxu’s alarm clock rang.

Chi You blinked in slight surprise, and Gu Jingxu didn’t rush to find his phone. Instead, he ruffled her head, “Happy birthday.”

It was Chi You’s birthday, which was why he had followed her despite her explicit instruction not to.

Indeed, it was Chi You’s birthday that day.

She was embraced by Gu Jingxu, and a smile formed on her lips, “Thank you.”

After a night of playfulness, Chi You and Lin Xi went out the next evening.

This outing with Lin Xi served as a celebration for Chi You’s birthday.

Fans in China had organized numerous support projects. After retweeting them one by one, Chi You opened a picture to take a look.

Once Lin Xi finished ordering, she handed the menu to the waiter and then leaned against Chi You’s shoulder, asking, “What are you looking at?”

Chi You didn’t avoid her, showing Lin Xi her phone, “Here.”

Lin Xi glanced, “A star?”

Chi You nodded.

He had bought a star with her name.

Lin Xi whispered in her ear, asking why he bought a star. Chi You smiled faintly, lifting her gaze to the sky. “Because there’s someone who loves a star.”

“Happy birthday, to the brightest star.”



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