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Ji Lingbai struggled frantically.

This woman had gone mad! Definitely mad!

“Don’t move, I’m not good with a knife. If you don’t move, you won’t suffer.” San Wu, with an expressionless face, pressed the blade against his neck.

How could he not move?

How could he make this crazy woman change her mind?

Ji Lingbai knew that those living in the post-apocalyptic world, anyone with sympathy had already died out.

Showing weakness to gain sympathy was impossible.

Didn’t this woman immediately turn hostile after realizing it might be a high-level mutant animal?

How could he make her spare his life?

Amidst the struggle, he noticed that the sluggish zombie had already reached the edge of the pot, staring blankly at the pile of firewood underneath.

San Yi was hungry, but he couldn’t cook, and couldn’t make a meal that even zombies could eat.

Ji Lingbai’s eyes lit up; in the apocalypse, proving one’s worth could ensure survival.

He opened his mouth and exerted all his strength, truly squeezing out the last bit of his ability.

With a ‘puff’, a small flame drifted down to the pile of firewood under the earthen stove.

This fire didn’t even need something easily flammable to ignite; it quickly burned on the large pieces of wood.

“Ugh,” he made a weak, submissive sound, and then he looked plaintively at San Wu.

He was too submissive!

He, Ji Lingbai, had never been this submissive in his life!

Displaying weakness in front of a woman—if this news got out, he wouldn’t need to stay in the fortress anymore.

Ji Lingbai’s inner resentment surged, but his soft paws gently patted San Wu’s hand without any aggression. He pitifully rubbed her fingers with his head.


 He could make fire, he could stay!

“Your fire is quite useful.” San Wu felt a bit tempted; the knife in her hand wasn’t held as steadily.

For starting a fire, she had a fire starter, which was okay, but finding things to ignite the fire was difficult. She needed easily flammable small wood or cotton-like materials to ignite those big pieces of wood.

With this mutant animal, she could let it specialize in starting fires.

But what if it started to recover gradually and refused to cooperate?

San Wu squinted at it, thinking that before it fully recovered, she could let San Yi break its neck.

“Alright, I can let you stay.”

San Wu put down the knife and gently patted its soft belly, “I know your mutant level is definitely not low, but you have to remember, I saved you.”

“Ow~” Ji Lingbai obediently responded.

But inside, he sneered.

Saved him? Once he recovered, the first thing he would do was grab this ignorant woman and take her to the fortress to be slaughtered.

San Wu casually placed Ji Lingbai on the ground in the corner.

She walked over and softly said to San Yi, “Keep an eye on it regularly. If you feel its recovering strength is about to surpass yours, chop it. We’ll sell it and exchange it for meat as an extra meal, understand?”

San Yi took a full minute to comprehend these words, then nodded vigorously.

Exchange for meat!


San Wu looked up at the sky; a faint light had cracked the eastern horizon. The sun was about to burst through the night’s skin in the early morning.

San Wu was exhausted, but her stomach was empty.

She reached over and grabbed Ji Lingbai, who was curled up and trying to reduce his presence.

She applied some medicinal powder to this winged cat so that it wouldn’t die.

When San Wu’s slender fingers gently wiped over his wound, Ji Lingbai shivered slightly.

From pushing aside the wings bit by bit to dealing with the front legs, Ji Lingbai could endure it all.

But when San Wu once again spread his legs to apply ointment beneath its belly, he involuntarily struggled.


Today, his dignity was almost completely trampled by San Wu!

“Don’t move!” San Wu pressed down on his head, meticulously applying medicinal powder to all his wounds.

Not sure if it was her imagination, but when she applied ointment to its belly, its cat ears kept trembling, and the tips of its ears drooped slightly, seemingly unable to bear it.

“A cat with so many issues.” San Wu patted its backside, saying, “Rest.”

Ji Lingbai’s tail fell to the ground, and the drooping tips of his ears couldn’t stand up.

With eyes revealing embarrassment, claws gripping the ground. he turned away from San Wu.

He didn’t want to see her!

Seeing it curled up in anger, San Wu couldn’t help but mutter, “White-eyed cat.”

It was only a matter of time before its skin was peeled off for meat.

With the cat taken care of, she was ready to start cooking breakfast.

She planned to keep the mutant duck and the remaining mutant cicadas to trade for some live animals to raise on her own.

Although mutated meat was delicious, she also wanted to eat fresh meat.

In the morning, a light meal would do; maybe a vegetable soup to start with.

San Wu yawned as she walked to the vegetable garden. However, upon reaching there, she froze in place.

Aside from vegetables, there were some different plants that she didn’t recognize at the time.

But after a night passed, she managed to identify one of the plants.

It grew a bit slower than vegetables, with long and slender leaves, revealing a small section of tender white root.

“Radish!” She exclaimed excitedly, squatting down to pull one out.

Although they weren’t very thick at the moment, they were indeed radishes!

“Radishes can be pickled into radish chunks, and the radish leaves can be made into pickles or stewed,” she said to herself, thinking about how radish leaves were not typically stewed in the past.

But now, as long as it was food, nothing could be wasted, especially these precious green vegetables.

Ever since discovering her ability, San Wu asked Ah Si to buy a lot of books related to plant cultivation.

However, the books weren’t complete, and they were expensive.

She couldn’t find any on planting, but she did manage to collect several books on the introduction of various vegetables and their processing methods.

She must first select the largest and best ones for seed preservation and the rest could be grown for consumption.

San Wu happily harvested the radishes, looking at the tender white radishes, she even wanted to lower her head and take a bite directly.

Unable to resist the temptation, she licked her lips and cut a piece with a knife, putting it into her mouth.

The radish was sweet with a slight spiciness, but the mild spiciness was negligible.

The sweetness, however, gave her the feeling of eating a low-budget pear.

Whether it was because she hadn’t eaten vegetables for too long or the taste had indeed improved after purification, she couldn’t stop eating.

She also gave San Yi a piece. After sniffing, confirming that it emitted a pleasant fragrance like the vegetable soup, San Yi began to bite into the radish without hesitation.

While eating the radish, San Wu’s ability core in the palm of her hand began to warm up again, making her sigh in comfort.

She and San Yi were comfortable.

But Ji Lingbai, who was sulking in the corner, widened his eyes.

Was this woman… eating radish?

But the soil was ruined, where did she get radish to plant?

San Wu felt Ji Lingbai’s gaze, turned her head, and met his surprised silver eyes.

Initially, she didn’t want to bother with it, but those beautiful eyes, with a strong presence, kept swaying in front of her.

“How about it? Little kitten, do you want some too?” San Wu smiled as she looked at it. “Alright, if you roll five times and wiggle your butt three times, I’ll give you a radish.”

Ji Lingbai clenched his teeth tightly.

Just when he thought his bottom line and dignity were trampled upon, San Wu’s actions told him otherwise.

Sorry, there was still room to step on.

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