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Ji Lingbai’s fur stood in anger.

No way!

This woman had no chance to see that!

“Not doing it? Then I won’t give you anything to eat.” San Wu smiled as she put away the radish chunks in her hand.

She didn’t believe this cat wasn’t tempted.

This was vegetables, vegetables unseen for ten years.

But unexpectedly, Ji Lingbai curled his tail and completely ignored her.

Though surprised, as the top ability user of Fortress One, many people tried to please him.

Among them were a few plant-based ability users, and he had tasted several mutant plants they produced, even if the taste wasn’t that great.

But his self-control was much better than others.

This woman actually thought of making him do that kind of thing?

Seeing him curled up into a ball again, San Wu ignored him.

“San Yi, let’s eat.” They bit into the fresh and juicy crispy radishes.

Ji Lingbai was furious, but with an empty stomach and the crispy sound, he closed his eyes to avoid seeing it.

After finishing the radishes, San Wu picked up the mutant duck and cicadas.

“San Yi, let’s go out.” San Wu turned her head, picking up the half-asleep Ji Lingbai, and said, “You come with me too, so you don’t secretly eat my radishes.”

Ji Lingbai’s cat face turned pale with anger, although San Wu couldn’t see it.

Who did she think he was? A thief? Huh!

Ji Lingbai angrily rested his head on San Wu’s shoulder and rubbed against her forcefully.

Ignorant woman!

San Wu, accompanied by San Yi and Ji Lingbai, arrived at the exchange point.

“Hey, little beggar, you’re still alive?”

San Wu raised her head, and the scarred man’s scar on his face wriggled with a mocking grin.

This was the scarred man that threw her out before she left the fortress.

When she was in the fortress, the shack she and the Ah Si lived in was under the control of this scarred man.

When she was fifteen, after rejecting this man’s request to sleep with him, he had been targeting them openly and covertly.

“Mutant ducks? Mutant cicadas?” The scarred man sneered, casting a disgusting look at her. “What? Found yourself a good man outside as a backer?”

The man glanced at San Yi, who didn’t seem human or zombie with his back turned.

“It seems you’re serving others quite well.”

Full of foul language, he tapped the table in front of him with a finger. “What do you want to exchange?”

“These things. I want to exchange them for two small fish, a fresh chicken skeleton, and a packet of salt,” San Wu stated, proposing a reasonable exchange ratio.

The scarred man laughed mockingly, displaying yellow teeth. “Huh, are you crazy to negotiate with me like this? You, who got kicked out, dare to bargain with me? I can bring you back inside. Take advantage of the fact that I’m willing to give you a way back, hurry up and kneel down.”

People’s rooted mentality was challenging to change.

Even though he knew San Wu had brought someone with her, he subconsciously looked down on her, thinking he could manipulate her.

Ji Lingbai lay on Sanwu’s shoulder, frowning as he watched the man’s hand approaching.

Couldn’t this woman do something about it?

San Wu’s eyes turned ice-cold, and she was about to call San Yi.

“Wang Cheng, what are you doing?” A tall and sturdy man walked out from inside, looking at the scarred man, Wang Cheng, with narrowed eyes. “Conflicts are not allowed at the exchange point. Is this your first time on guard duty?”

Although most residents looked down on drifters, there were still formidable individuals among them.

For example, those big shots who lived a comfortable life on their own.

And the exchange point was the only place where drifters and residents interacted. Even in notorious places like Fortress Eighteen, conflicts with drifters at the exchange point were not allowed.

Wang Cheng’s face changed. How did this person come out? He had caught him red-handed.

“I’ll report this to Brother Gao. You broke the rules. Don’t think about coming out on guard duty again.” The tall man, Hao Dashan, touched the mutant duck’s feathers. “These feathers are not bad. I’ll exchange what you want.”

“Thanks, Big Brother Dashan.” San Wu knew him.

“Equal exchange, no need to thank me.” Hao Dashan tightened his brows, looking at San Yi, who had his back turned to them. “Even if you have to find a man to live with, don’t pick someone so spineless. He can’t protect you.”

For him to give such advice was already showing kindness.

San Wu took two small fish, a chicken skeleton, and a packet of salt from Hao Dashan.

“I got it, Big Brother Dashan.” She didn’t mention that San Yi was a zombie. “I’ll leave first.”

After returning, San Wu planned to raise the young fish in the fish pond. Although it became challenging to raise livestock after the apocalypse, the bluefish was the easiest fish to keep in the fortress. As long as she found earthworms underground and chopped them up for feeding, they would grow quickly.

“San Yi, when we get back, I will stew radishes with the chicken skeleton.” San Wu sniffed the chicken skeleton in her hand; it smelled very fresh.

At that moment, she decided to let San Yi hunt for some mutated animals. She might even be able to raise chickens.

Chickens could be fed with earthworms, and in the post-apocalyptic era, mutated earthworms provide high nutritional value for chickens, making them the preferred choice to feed them.

She was excited about the idea, and so was San Yi.

However, Ji Lingbai, perched on her shoulder, suddenly perked up his ears. He opened his eyes and looked back.


This woman, lacking any sense of alertness, was being followed by that scoundrel named Wang Cheng, and she was completely oblivious.

Wang Cheng stared at San Wu’s figure and sneered coldly.

“A lowly person dares to make me lose face. Watch how I deal with you. How audacious!”

Even if she found a man outside, he seemed useless. Even if he killed her right in front of that man, what difference did it make?

Moreover, she might have some valuable items. Engaging in theft and murder was not new to him; he was quite experienced.

But if San Wu served him well and made him feel comfortable, he might consider sparing her life and keeping her as a female slave.

In this current world, it was quite normal for capable individuals to keep a few male and female slaves.

Ji Lingbai, lying on San Wu’s shoulder for a while, suddenly perked up his ears. In his current state, if he attracted people from Fortress Eighteen, he would be in danger.

The relationship between the fortresses was not that good.

“Ah!” With reluctance, he reluctantly used his paw to step on San Wu’s face, and his long tail subtly pointed in the direction of Wang Cheng.

This woman really had no sense of alertness.

San Wu saw the direction pointed by its tail, secretly surprised but showed a rare smile in her eyes.

“I thought you couldn’t wait for me to die so you can enjoy the thrill of escaping. I didn’t expect you to remind me.” San Wu pressed down its tail and said in a low voice, “Don’t worry, I know it all. Let him follow us.”

She had lived in the fortress for so many years, struggling to survive in the apocalypse. How could she lack such keen sensitivity?

Wang Cheng’s intention to follow was exactly what she wanted.

For her, it was finally time for the new and old hatreds to be settled together.

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