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San Wu soon arrived outside the small courtyard.

Just as she reached the entrance, Wang Cheng couldn’t bear it anymore and shot ice spikes toward her.

“San Yi!”

Upon San Wu’s command, the somewhat dazed San Yi abruptly intervened and slapped away the ice spikes.

San Yi, being a strength-type zombie, may not be good at speed, but it was much better than Wang Cheng, a low-level ice ability user.

“San Yi, capture him alive!”

San Yi, now raised by her, only listened to her orders. Also, it was unclear whether her purification ability had any influence, but she felt that San Yi is more obedient compared to other blood-fed zombies.

But just as San Yi was about to grab Wang Cheng’s neck, a golden figure swiftly passed by.

With a crisp sound, Wang Cheng was slapped away. He crashed onto the ground, and the sound of his hand bones breaking could be heard.

“High-level zombie!” Wang Cheng was terrified. There were two high level zombies; one strength-type and one speed-type.

How was that possible? San Wu, this beggar, was just an ordinary person.

He couldn’t believe it, and San Wu was also puzzled.

Where did the second zombie come from?

Standing in front of Wang Cheng now was the zombie who had slapped him away.

It had a large golden disc flower, slender plant stems, and below it, thick white roots intertwined and spread out, firmly stabilizing its figure. It was also stomping restlessly on the ground as if in annoyance.

Its two large leaves were even longer than its flower disc, and a slap could probably cover a distance of three meters.

When the flower turned around and saw San Wu, it immediately trembled in an attempt to be friendly.

San Wu: “Sunflower?”

Yes, it was a sunflower.

To be precise, it’s a mutated sunflower, probably hearing San Wu’s voice, the sunflower pulled its legs and ran towards her.

San Wu: “I didn’t expect you to grow up.”

The sunflower seemed to understand her words, and it happily rubbed against San Wu’s arm.

San Wu: “It seems that you really are my creation.”

“Conspiring woman! You plotted against me!” Wang Cheng’s voice brought San Wu’s thoughts back.

She hadn’t said anything yet, and the sunflower was angry.

San Wu only saw flames burning on its large golden disc, and its two leaves were also covered in flames.

The two leaves alternated like boxing, resembling a boxing match.

A left hook hit Wang Cheng’s face, and flames instantly spread over his body, conveniently restraining his ice ability.

Wang Cheng screamed, rolling and crawling away from this monster.

Mutated plant? And a high-level zombie on top of that. Why did San Wu have these monsters? Where did the plant come from? Could it be that she was a plant-type ability user?

He must get back to the fortress and bring some people to capture this begging wretch, and interrogate her properly.

“Capture him alive,” San Wu instructed again, and San Yi immediately rushed forward. Wang Cheng gritted his teeth, raised his hand, and instantly created layers of ice spikes.

San Yi kicked away those ice spikes. Its skin was tough, and these low-level ice spikes couldn’t do anything to it.

With a swift kick, he sent Wang Cheng flying. When he spat a mouthful of blood, San Wu was about to attack when a dark figure emerged from the thorny bushes nearby.

The shadow flashed by, and its fierce jaws bit into Wang Cheng’s neck, ending his life.

As the unexpected turn of events unfolded, San Wu grabbed San Yi, who was about to charge.

It was a massive mutated black panther with jet-black fur, a perfect camouflage in the darkness. Its blue eyes radiated a fierce glint.

“I didn’t expect this,” San Wu squinted.

The mutated black panther was swift, faster than San Yi and Sunflower. They couldn’t catch it.

Moreover, San Wu glanced at the lifeless Wang Cheng, and thought that there was no need to leave him alive.

The panther cautiously dragged Wang Cheng’s body backward until it reached the thorny bushes. Only then did it turn and dash away.

Its large body moved gracefully, skillfully avoiding the thorns.

“If only I could have a black panther to help me carry things. It’s so fast.” San Wu sighed inwardly.

She had planned to extract some fortress-related information from Wang Cheng, but he ended up dead.

“What a pity.”

San Wu turned to look at San Yi, “Is this really something I grew?”

The sunflower shyly wiggled its roots, gently rubbing against San Wu’s head.

The owner’s presence made it feel close.

However, as it rubbed, it became agitated.

Why was there an ugly cat on the owner’s shoulder?

Furious, it immediately unfurled its leaves. Ji Lingbai was astonished that this woman not only grew plants but also mutated them.

This was fundamentally different from the abilities of plant-based users.

Lost in thought, feeling the large leaf coming towards him, Ji Lingbai effortlessly leaped off San Wu’s shoulder, staring coldly at the giant flower.

Finally getting rid of the annoying sight, Sunflower happily rested its big head on San Wu’s shoulder.

“Alright, alright, stop being cute, Kui Ku, I’ll water you when we get home,” San Wu affectionately stroked its flower and gave it a cute name.

With one hand embracing the new addition, Kui Ku, and the other hand holding the simple San Yi, San Wu entered the house.

Watching them happily go inside, Ji Lingbai, left behind, swayed his tail unhappily.

“San Yi, go pull radishes. We’ll stew radish and chicken soup tonight.” San Wu turned to Ji Lingbai and said, “Come in.”

Ji Lingbai arrogantly turned his head. Did she really think he had no temper?

“Come in, we’ll have dinner together tonight,” San Wu smiled with an unusual kindness towards him.

Ji Lingbai cast a disdainful glance at her with his cold cat eyes and lifted one of his paws.

He wanted her to carry him.

He was carried out by her, so he should be carried back in the same way.

Ji Lingbai’s pride couldn’t tolerate being trampled by this ugly sunflower.


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