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Because ordinary people encountering a talking zombie would almost certainly not survive.

As an advanced zombie, the King Zombie, while powerful, couldn’t communicate verbally much.

This little zombie was at least of a high level, and San Wu wasn’t sure which level it was.

The atmosphere in the entire yard suddenly became tense, with Ji Lingbai being the only one still sitting in his place, eating slowly.

He calmly glanced at the little zombie, which stared at the pot without any intention of attacking.

This little one should be at the level of a quasi-level King Zombie.

And it was a very talented zombie, meaning that once it evolved into one, it would be among the elites.

But there was no guarantee this little zombie could survive until then.

It might be killed and have its crystal taken at any time.

Unlike San Wu’s nervousness, Ji Lingbai had fought countless battles against such zombies.

Seeing the little zombie staring at him, he calmly returned the gaze.

Unexpectedly, as the little zombie kept staring, it started trembling all over. Although its eyes were lifeless, the shivering clearly showed fear.

Even Ji Lingbai was surprised this time.

This little zombie’s talent exceeded his expectations; the higher the sensitivity to crisis, the greater the potential.

Perhaps being a high-level zombie with keen crisis perception indicated significant potential.

She quickly ran behind San Wu, peeking out to look at Ji Lingbai.

This action made Ji Lingbai feel insulted.

What was the meaning of hiding behind that woman? Did it think that woman was stronger than him and could protect it?

San Wu took a moment to accept the fact that this little zombie could speak.

It seemed that what those people in the fortress said was true.

Some higher-level, talented zombies could speak simple words.

This kind of thing, whether heard or seen, made people’s scalps tingle.

“Do you want to eat something?” Since the zombie before was attracted by the food, maybe this little one was too.

Sure enough, hearing this, the little zombie immediately repeated it, this time with a slightly louder voice, “Eat!”

San Wu had a good understanding now; she took out another empty bowl and served her a large portion.

The zombie girl seemed a bit unhappy, holding the bowl and staring at its own feet.

Another one for the feast!

Originally, San Wu had said it could have another bowl.

The little zombie ate like a pig, burying her entire face in the bowl. San Wu couldn’t help but marvel at how much the zombie resembled a little pig, and even among zombies, little zombies seemed more pleasant than big zombies.

After finishing a bowl, the little zombie immediately reached out her hand, “Eat!”

“I don’t have more left. I will let you eat again tomorrow. We need to hunt mutated animals to exchange for food. Understand?” Unlike normal zombies, who took a while to react when San Wu spoke, the little zombie nodded immediately.

“Wait, eat.”

She stood up, looked around, and when her gaze fell on Ji Lingbai, she shrank a bit.

She followed San Wu closely, saying another word, “Stay!”

“Do you want to stay here?” This wasn’t hard to understand.

She nodded, “Stay, eat!”

“Then you have to listen to me afterward, okay?”


San Wu always thought she was already quite powerful, but she underestimated her ability.

These purified foods and the vegetables she grew seemed to have such an attractive appeal to these high-level zombies.

If Ji Lingbai knew her current thoughts, he would undoubtedly affirm that it was indeed this appealing. Even zombies, not to mention ability users, found it hard to resist.

In every fortress, regenerative ability users were treasures, especially in more civilized and strictly regulated fortresses. Such individuals were highly valued.

The recovery of abilities was something even the best doctors in the fortress were helpless with.

Moreover, San Wu’s ability was not just about recovery; even without injuries, these things could continuously nourish the energy core, accelerating the advancement of abilities.

This kind of ability was hard to believe even if spoken aloud.

Even the testing stone couldn’t identify it.

Similar to Ji Lingbai’s ability to transform into an animal, these were types of abilities that the testing stone couldn’t detect.

Besides his trusted teammates, even the others in Fortress One didn’t know that his most powerful attacking ability was the animal transformation; they only knew him as a dual-ability user in lightning and fire.

As the small courtyard became more lively, if this were inside a fortress, there would probably be a big problem with room allocation.

Fortunately, this house had a particularly large number of rooms.

San Wu let the little zombie and the others choose their rooms while she took out some unidentified vegetable seeds she had left behind and planted another batch.

The first batch of vegetables she planted had some rapidly growing ones that had already sprouted tender green buds. In a few days, they would likely start producing seeds.

She had to save all the seeds then.

Considering the excessively vigorous vitality of these plants under her care, she sowed the seeds casually.

Kui Ku was squatting in the corner by the wall, deeply embedding its roots into the soil, raising its flower disk to catch the sunlight of the setting sun.

San Wu noticed a faint flame flickering on its flower disk.

Feeling San Wu’s gaze, it suddenly lifted its leaves and scratched its large flower plate a couple of times.

The next moment, a seed, several times larger than a regular melon seed, fell into her hand.

San Wu held the seed, puzzled, asking, “Do you want me to help you plant it?”

It shook its head and pointed to San Wu’s mouth with its leaves.


Kui Ku immediately moved happily.

San Wu peeled the seed open, revealing a golden kernel inside. When she ate it, threw was no distinct taste, but the next moment, a burning sensation spread through her palm.

A sharp piercing pain echoed in her mind.

For a moment, San Wu thought she had been poisoned by Kui Ku.

Until the next moment, a childish voice, like that of a three-year-old, echoes in her mind, “Master!”

“It’s me, Kui Ku.”

It happily twirled around San Wu.

“After eating the seed, the master can hear me speak, and my seeds can also be used as medicine. I’ll give them all to you,” it said, waving a big leaf towards San Wu’s head.

“No need, you keep them.” San Wu was afraid that it would strip the seeds and end up losing its life. “I don’t need medicine right now. Protect your seeds and don’t let others take them, understand?”

“I understand.”

It happily turned in place, bringing down quite a bit of soil with its roots.

“I’m going to eat now.” It tilted its head back, absorbing sunlight.

San Wu smiled and was about to turn around to rest when suddenly, Kui Ku said, “Someone is coming within a hundred meters, four people, three men and one woman, no zombies, they are walking towards us.”

San Wu’s expression changes. “How do you know?”

If there were so many people, she needed to prepare in advance. Among drifters, because of their freedom, there are too many instances of food snatching and killing.

Kuiku held its own flower disk, saying, “Radish told me. It crawled out to take a look and told me.”

“Radish, radish?” San Wu suddenly looked at the rows of radishes she planted.

As the saying goes, one radish, one hole.

(m. It emphasizes the idea that every choice or decision has its own outcome or result, similar to the English saying “you reap what you sow” or “as you sow, so shall you reap.”)

And on the far left, she saw an empty hole without a radish, but with an entrance leading to a dark tunnel.


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