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“Did the radish mutate?” Before San Wu finished speaking, she heard a scraping sound from the tunnel.

The next moment, a leafless, chubby white radish jumped out from the tunnel and landed on her head.

This radish was much larger than ordinary ones, and the tip of the radish below had split into two, resembling flexible legs. After jumping out, it started happily circling around San Wu.

“Luo Bo says those people are about to reach our door,” Kui Ku said excitedly, throwing punches in the air.

“Do you want me to drive them away, Master?”

“No need, neither you nor Luo Bo should go out,” San Wu patted the radish’s head.

It would bring a lot of trouble if others saw the plants in her house, mutated or not. At least, if the people inside the fortress knew, they wouldn’t let her off easily. They would definitely find a way to capture her.

San Wu lay at the gate, listening to the commotion outside.

“Why are there so many wandering zombies in this small abandoned village?” She heard a man saying.

“This area belongs to Fortress Eighteen. Do you think that scum from the fortress would come out to clear the zombie horde?” Another, older-sounding man said.

“Enough, stop arguing. Do you want to attract more zombies?”

“Huh! There’s even a big mansion here, this yard is probably not small.”

Hearing this, San Wu’s heart sank.

Sure enough, the house she chose was also likely to attract attention from others.

“Go inside and take a look.”

Outside, four individuals were about to push the door open.

“San Yi, come with me to take a look outside,” San wu opened the door, saying.

The woman who was about to push the door open was startled, as if she had seen a monster, immediately turned and shrank behind the man.

Outside stood four people, three men and one woman. The oldest one had a full beard, a fierce expression on his face, carrying large and small bags, with a long knife hanging from his waist.

On his left and right stood two men, with dull expressions, as skinny as skeletons.

As for the woman hiding behind the three of them, she was plump and very beautiful, in her thirties but still charming. In the apocalypse, women had a hard time surviving due to inherent physical differences. Those who had awakened abilities were somewhat better off, but those who hadn’t and were also beautiful basically lived a very miserable life in the apocalypse.

So after she grew up, Ah Si made her wear dirty and smelly clothes, reducing the chances of attracting unwanted attention.

“There are people here.” San Wu’s mind instantly shifted, her gaze coldly fixed on the four individuals in front of her. “Leave!”

Among the survivors, there was an unwritten rule.

Invading private residential areas was considered an act of war, and even more so, a provocation to the homeowner. Once they didn’t retreat, it meant a fight to the death.

The bearded man glanced at her, seeing that although she was tall, she didn’t have much flesh on her body.

It’s obvious at a glance that she hasn’t been well-nourished before and lacks strength. Probably wouldn’t be able to get much food in the apocalypse either.

Moreover, she was only one person… even though there was a zombie by her side.

But he was not afraid of higher-level zombies.

He himself was a high-level fire ability holder, and he had two brothers beside him who were intermediate-level. Just in terms of numbers, they could overpower her.

Thinking of this, he smirked and said, “There are people here? You’re alone, living in such a big house, must be wasting resources.”

“Having the courage with just one high-level zombie by your side?” The thin man beside him sneered, saying, “Hurry up, we don’t want to shed blood, pack up your things and get lost.”

“Both brothers don’t want to shed blood, but I don’t mind. It just so happens that one woman isn’t enough for us, one more is better. I just don’t know if this one can withstand the three of us taking turns?”

That was the end of the discussion.

The atmosphere immediately became tense and oppressive.

Kui Ku had already begun to clamor in her mind, “Master told me to smash their heads!”

Seeing San Wu hesitating to act, the bearded man snorted coldly and conjured a ball of flame in his palm, aiming it at San Wu’s head and then striking down.

The scorching heat distorted the space in front of her as San Yi grabbed the man’s hand, engaging with him in a fight without feeling any pain.

“Having only one zombie, but dares to boast.” The two thin men glanced at each other, then rushed towards Sanwu.

San Wu was about to let Kui Ku out.

But suddenly, there was an additional small figure behind them.

The braided hair swayed in front of San Wu, and the thin man who rushed forward first hadn’t reacted yet.

With a “bang”, a figure flew out and heavily hit a tree, screaming in pain.

“What’s going on?” The bearded man immediately distanced himself from San Yi.

But he found another human being… No!

Being lifted high by a child… No, a small zombie.

He struggled to smash the fireball on the small zombie, but it was of no use.

“A child? How is this possible!” Even the woman watching from afar couldn’t help but exclaim in astonishment.

Among all zombies, small ones were the weakest.

But how could this…?

The small zombie held up the man, turned hwe head to look at San Wu with confusion, as if not understanding why she hadn’t given any orders yet.

“Knock him out,” San Wu smiled knowingly.

The small zombie immediately became happy, fiercely knocked the man unconscious and dragged him to the door, then sat on his face.

She happily pointed at herself to take credit, “Great!”


She even remembered to ask for food.


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