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In the end, Chi You did not change her clothes. She wasn’t invited by the Chi family, nor did she willingly attend the banquet. However, Gu Jingxu’s reaction was quite amusing. In the latter half of the journey, she remained silent, focused on her phone, indifferent to what Gu Jingxu might be thinking.

Meanwhile, at the Chi family residence, the entire first floor was brightly lit. Numerous people with smiles on their faces stood beneath crystal chandeliers, engaging in conversations with Mr. and Mrs. Chi.

Mrs. Chi, in a long dress and holding a tall glass, lightly clinked glasses with a lady beside her. The lady expressed regret, saying, “Before, Chi You got along well with our daughter. We never expected her to do something like this.”

Mrs. Chi wore a suitably disappointed expression on her face. Another lady added, “We never expected that, after raising her for so many years, she would turn out to be such a child.”

Mrs. Chi sighed, turning her attention to the stiff Xu Xueyin standing beside her. She frowned at her for a moment, then quickly regained her composure.

Originally, they intended to continue supporting Chi You, given the many years of emotional investment. However, after she pushed Xu Xueyin down the stairs, Mrs. Chi expressed genuine concern, “Fortunately, Xueyin’s injuries aren’t severe; otherwise, I would feel guilty.”

Several ladies displayed relieved expressions, but their authenticity remained known only to themselves.

Xu Xueyin, standing there, felt a moment of dizziness. She hadn’t eaten anything the whole day. Mrs. Chi criticized her lack of grace and made her practice posture for several days, but she had never encountered such things before. How could she master them in just a few days?

Before the banquet, she overheard Mr. and Mrs. Chi saying that once Chi You behaved, they would bring her back. This time, she suffered the consequences, and she would obediently accept the arranged marriage.

She originally thought her plan had successfully placed her in the Chi family, successfully driving away Chi You. However, everything had been arranged by Mr. and Mrs. Chi. They just wanted Chi You to compromise. Who their biological daughter was irrelevant.

Xu Xueyin’s face turned somewhat pale. Hearing Mrs. Chi talking and laughing with those ladies, even though she hadn’t eaten anything, she inexplicably felt a desire to vomit.

One lady noticed her pale face and asked with concern, “Xueyin, are you feeling unwell?”

Mrs. Chi turned to look at her, and she forced a pale smile, saying, “Mom, I’m fine.”

Mrs. Chi wasn’t satisfied with her performance, and she didn’t want to make her dislike her even more. She patted Xu Xueyin’s hand gently and said, “Go sit for a while.”

Xu Xueyin lowered her head, forced a smile, and turned to leave.

Even after leaving, she could still hear the central topic of the conversation among the people at the banquet, which was still the fake heiress of the Chi family, Chi You.

No one cared about who the main character of that day’s banquet was.

Holding the wine glass with a bit of force, in the next moment, she heard some commotion outside.

Everyone turned to look. The door of the hall was pushed open, and two figures walked in side by side.

The man in the black suit was tall, walking calmly and exuding an aristocratic aura. His eyes were cold and sharp.

The person beside him, Xu Xueyin knew too well.

One second before turning around, she had heard her name from the mouths of those noble ladies.

Chi You, she’s here.

She had anticipated seeing her at the banquet, and showing her a triumphant smile. However, as she sat on the sofa, her legs seemed unable to move due to weakness.

Chi You clearly didn’t care about this banquet.

Compared to the expensive gown she was wearing, Chi You’s outfit could be considered cheap.

However, in Xu Xueyin’s heart, there was no sense of victory.

The girl’s face was still beautiful, and she walked beside the tall and handsome man, immediately capturing everyone’s attention.

Many of those attending the banquet that day were there to witness the Chi family’s embarrassment. Events like the fake and real heiress were only brought up by the Chi family during such grand banquets. They had ambiguous motives, wanting to see the fake heiress make a fool of herself or witness the real heiress display her power.

But before anything had even started, they were surprised to see an unexpected person.

The expressions of the crowd were in shock as they looked at Gu Jingxu, who had come with Chi You.

Most of the people there had never had the chance to see Gu Jingxu in person. As the only child of the Gu family, he had occupied a position that many could never reach since birth.

The majority of the Gu family’s industries were overseas, and Gu Jingxu was responsible for pioneering the domestic market. In just a few years, he had risen to the top position. Now, almost everyone present depended on Gu Corporation to survive.

Observing their expressions, Chi You walked with leisurely steps with a playful smile on her face. She tilted her head slightly towards Gu Jingxu and said, “Aren’t you curious why they are reacting like this?”

Gu Jingxu, slightly taller than her, had to lean down to hear her clearly. In the eyes of the onlookers, it seemed like the man was taking the initiative to get closer to the girl.

Chi You chuckled lightly. “Because they didn’t expect that I would come with you.”

At her words, a momentary blank expression flickered on Gu Jingxu’s face. Before he could react, Mr. and Mrs. Chi approached.

Chi You had no intention of saying anything to them. The Chi parents were confident that she would return to the Chi family, so they had already moved her household registration a couple of days ago. Did they think that by forcing her a bit, she would beg them to let her return that day?

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