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Ruan Qiu and Xue Wu looked at each other silently. They were both thinking wildly.

Finally, Xue Wu said, “Let’s talk in another place.”

It was very easy to be photographed there, so it was safer to talk in another place, and the most important reason was that Xue Wu wanted to leave this trouble to his agent. He really couldn’t understand the other party’s brain circuit , as if nothing was right.

Ruan Qiu also felt that the concealment there was not high, so she agreed to the request of the other party, followed behind Xue Wu, and walked into another private room.

Lin Hong, who was eating a lot in the private room, saw Xue Wu came back, and was about to beckon him to sit down to eat with him. But when he saw Ruan Qiu who was following behind Xue Wu, a piece of pork ribs was immediately stuck in his throat. He coughed violently, and asked Xue Wu shiveringly, “She, she, she…”

Xue Wu felt that Ruan Qiu was familiar, but did not recognize who she was, but Lin Hong, a professional agent, was different. He recognized her at a glance as Ruan Qiu, an actress who could no longer be in the entertainment circle. Although he, an industry insider, could see that most of the black materials were deliberately made, that did not mean that he would believe that Ruan Qiu was completely clean.

Lin Hong finally spat out the bones in his mouth. He said to Xue Wu in horror, “Ancestor, what is her relationship with you?”

He hoped that they weren’t boyfriend and girlfriend, or he would hit the wall now.

Xue Wu answered very honestly, “I don’t know her.”

Lin Hong just wanted to say that he didn’t know her but still brought her into the private room? But when he heard Xue Wu’s next sentence, his eyes widened immediately.

Xue Wu lowered his voice and said in Lin Hong’s ear, “She seems to know about my anorexia.”

Lin Hong understood.

Ruan Qiu came there to ask for benefits and hush money.

He rolled his eyes, put on a fake smile, and said to Ruan Qiu, who had been standing quietly at the table since entering the door, “Miss Ruan, sit down, my name is Lin Hong, I’m Xue Wu’s manager, let’s talk slowly.”

Ruan Qiuyi sat down and said before the other party spoke, “His illness cannot be delayed, you must treat it as soon as possible. ”

Lin Hong, who was ready to meet the lion’s big mouth for blackmail: “?”

“This disease will slowly erode people’s body and will.” Ruan Qiu continued to say solemnly, “If you can’t survive it, you will turn into a monster that has a human shell, but has completely lost the human spirit. If you can’t control it well, it will cause great harm to the society and make many people sad and desperate.”

The zombie virus was really scary. It would turn people into zombies, only the desire and instinct to eat, attack and bite other people, if not controlled, within a week, the whole world would become a zombie amusement field.

At that time, the survivors would be in grief for their relatives who turned into zombies. After being besieged by zombies and losing hope of life, they would be extremely desperate. It was a hell scene that Ruan Qiu never wanted to experience again.

After hearing Ruan Qiu’s words, Lin Hong across the table stayed quiet for a few seconds. He pondered the other party’s strange words, and felt that Ruan Qiu should mean that if Xue Wu’s illness did not improve, then his health would gradually deteriorate, his will would gradually decrease, and finally he would become as thin as a wood.

If it was not controlled and Xue Wu’s condition worsened and he died, then he would no longer be able to leave more excellent movies and TV shows for the society, and his fans would be extremely sad.

…Did Ruan Qiu care so much about Xue Wu?

When Ruan Qiu saw that Lin Hong was lost in thought, she thought that he should have listened to her words, nodded with satisfaction, and then continued, “But this disease is not hopeless. If he can survive it, he will definitely have a better and brighter future!”

Ruan Qiu glanced at the man sitting on the other side, this man named Xue Wu, he was obviously still in the early stage of infection and had great potential. After being infected with the zombie virus, there would be two results. The first was to become a zombie, and the second was to become an ability holder.

If he was fortunate enough to be able to become an ability holder, he may become a hegemon in the future, and his future would be very bright.

Lin Hong, whose brain was about to shut down, “…Thank you, thank you for your blessing?”

“You’re welcome,“ Ruan Qiu smiled at him, “By the way, this is my phone number. If his situation is really bad, you can call me for help.”

She didn’t say the second half of the sentence. She could help Xue Wu walk easier and not be in so much pain.

Lin Hong mechanically looked at the newly added phone number on his phone, and fell into deep doubt.

So why on earth did things become like this?

Ruan Qiu, who consciously explained everything, stood up and was about to leave when she heard Lin Hong yell, “Wait!”

Lin Hong finally remembered the purpose of his conversation with Ruan Qiu, and resumed his usual calm appearance as an agent, and asked her, “What do we need to give you, so that you won’t tell anyone about Xue Wu’s illness?”

Ruan Qiu was stunned for a moment, then said, “Ah, you don’t need to give me anything…”

“No!” Lin Hong was firm. He knew that free was the most expensive, so he would be at ease if Ruan Qiu asked for something. 

“Tell me, as long as we can give it, we will give it.”

“Do you need resources?” Lin Hong quickly searched for the resources he could give Ruan Qiu in his mind, “There is a travel variety show…”

“No need!” Ruan Qiu said, “I’m going to quit the entertainment industry soon, I don’t want these things.”

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